Well, Dang It

I just did a stupid thing.  I was cropping the photos I was going to put on here, highlighted them, and deleted them instead of copying them.  @$#%&!  I have one photo left, one of a Downy Woodpecker that I don't know how it escaped getting deleted so I'm putting it on.

I took a nice picture of one of Dad's rosebuds, not as nice as this one, but nice.

And I had an especially nice orange day lily photo.  This isn't it.

The Hummingbird didn't hold still long enough for me to take its picture today so you're spared a substitute one of those.

Today's toss was a bottle of brown shoe polish.  I don't have any brown leather shoes or a brown leather purse.  Out!

The prompt today asked what mindfulness means to you.  Huh.  I guess it means taking care of myself, being aware of my needs, and being gentle with myself.  I think.

This evening we had the first indoor, in-person Knitting Guild meeting in a year and a half.  There were ten people in attendance and five on Zoom.  Our president didn't feel well so I got to run the meeting.  I was nervous because I had to take my laptop and hook it up to the church's internet so that the Zoom would work and it did work except for me not being able to hear the Zoomies.  They could hear us and each other so it worked okay, I guess.  I got through the agenda okay and we settled down to an hour's social knitting.  It was nice.