Wealth of Geeks’ Annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide


By Maggie Lovitt

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, you may be starting to panic about what to get your mother. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of thoughtful gifts that will be a surefire way to pay homage to the special mothers in your life. Whether you’re looking to gift her with a new cookbook to help her discover new recipes, or you’re looking to help improve her next dinner party with new table linens, or you’re looking to help her embrace her love for Netflix’s Bridgerton, we’ve got something for everyone.

Gifts For Bridgerton Lovers

Bridgerton Two Tea Custom Gift

With the second season of Bridgerton arriving on Netflix last month, fans have been flocking to all of the fun and creative merchandise being marketed alongside the show. Why not treat your mother to this gorgeous custom tea set from The Republic of Tea. Choose from blends dedicated to Anthony and Kate, Simon and Daphne, and Mrs. Whistledown herself Penelope Featherington, or even grab some Bridgerton-themed honey.

$32 | The Republic of Tea

Bridgerton Divine Blush + Glow Trio: Love at First Blush

Does your mother love make-up? Does she love Bridgerton? Then perhaps she might be interested in this Bridgerton-themed blush trio from Sephora entitled “Love at First Blush.” It’s cute and practical and the perfect way to add a dash of Bridgerton flare to her life.

$52 | Sephora

La Rue 1680 Bridgerton Collection

If The Republic of Tea blends aren’t what you’re looking for this Mother’s Day, perhaps La Rue 1680’s Bridgerton Collection is the right pick for your mother. The kit features four of their bestselling flavors which are inspired by the fan-favorite Netflix series, including India Street Vanilla Chai, Italian Cream Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, and Spring Berry Punch. La Rue 1680 has a variety of other blends, that might be the perfect addition alongside other teatime gifts.

$60 | La Rue 1680

The Bridgerton Series

If your mother just got into Bridgerton without reading the books, then perhaps this gorgeous collection of books is exactly what you need to grab for her! In fact, Lady Whistledown demands that you gift her this collection so she can prep for the highly anticipated third season. Provide her with the Vitamin String Quartet playlist featuring all of the best tracks from the series, and let her get swept up in Julia Quinn’s delectable period drama.
$43 | Amazon

Gifts For Cocktail Lovers

NEFT Vodka

If you have a mother who loves a good cocktail, rest assured that our NEFT Vodka recommendation is taste-tested and Mom Approved. Not only is NEFT Vodka delicious, but the presentation of this Austrian-made liquor is unlike any other vodka on the market currently. It’s delivered in a barrel that is somehow very chic.

$37 | NEFT Vodka

The Sip Society

If the mother you’re shopping for is more of a wine connoisseur, then perhaps she might like The Sip Society, which is a luxury bi-monthly subscription box that features delicious sparkling wine. For just $60 every other month, you can treat your mother to a year-long experience to show her just how much you care about her! The subscription includes either one 375ml bottle or two 1845 ml bottles of sparkling wine. The Sip Society is a great way to test out new brands, explore different taste profiles, and discover a variety of new champagnes and sparkling wines.

$60 | The Sip Society

Savino Wine Carafe

Now that your mother is getting fancy with Sip Society every other month, perhaps you should improve her wine storage and preservation by picking up a Savino Wine Carafe for her. This wine carafe will help to limit how much oxygen gets into the wine and it will also prevent the wine from getting contaminated by odors from her refrigerator. What could be better than having a pretty presentation for your wine and a convenient tool for keeping your wine fresh? This is perfect for the woman who loves to entertain herself and her friends with a nice glass of wine. Not sure if the Savino Wine Carafe is right for you? Check out the full review here.

$50 | Savino Wine Carafe |

VinoAir Wine Aerator

With all of these wine-related gift options for mom, we would be remiss not to include this wine aerator that is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The VinoAir Wine Aerator does everything: it delivers the perfect pour, eliminates frustrating wine drips, and completely aerates and oxidates your wine to maximize the flavor. This would also be the perfect bring-along on a Mother’s Day picnic or the next dinner party she hosts. There’s no need for fancy decanters when you can simply pour the wine and decant it in the process. We tested the VinoAir Wine Aerator to ensure it’s the right gift for you!

$17 | VinoAir Wine Aerator

Raising the Bar

If your mom isn’t big on drinking, perhaps Raising the Bar’s subscription box is the right gift for her. Besides, who doesn’t love getting an entire gift set in one parcel? Born out of frustration with the wildly limited mocktail options out there, Raising the Bar is a fantastic subscription box that caters to the alcohol-free lifestyle. If you don’t want to send a full-year subscription, they also have a one-time box to purchase. This is the perfect gift kit to start discovering delicious new zero-proof products with a sophisticated flavor profile.

$55 | Raising the Bar

Drinkmate Home Carbonation System

In the same vein as Raising the Bar, Drinkmate is a great gift for anyone, whether they love carbonated beverages like La Croix, Bubbly, or sparkling wine. The Drinkmate Home Carbonation System makes it easy to add carbonation to water, juice, liquor, and so much more with just the touch of a button! The design is sleek, light, and easy to store on a countertop and it’s battery-free and cordless, so you can start making carbonated beverages within seconds of setting up the machine! If you’re not sold on this pitch, check out our full review of the Drinkmate Home Carbonation System.

$110 |  Amazon

Gifts For The Home

Betty Crocker Snacks Cookbook

You can’t go wrong with Betty Crocker. Whether your mom is looking for fun snacks to try out at her next brunch or she’s looking for new treats for her grandkids, Betty Crocker’s Snacks Cookbook is filled with quick and delicious recipes. Betty Crocker Snacks: Easy Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings is a delightful cookbook that provides scrumptious easy-to-make snacks that anyone can create! From fancy appetizers to kid-friendly snacks, your mother is bound to find a new favorite in this cookbook! Read our full review.

$18 | Amazon

Jew-ish Cookbook

Jake Cohen’s Jew-ish: A Cookbook: Reinvented Recipes from a Modern Mensch is filled with so many delicious treats. If your mother loves to try out new recipes, then this is the perfect gift for her, especially since Cohen has packed the book full of Ashkenazi and Persian-Iraqi recipes! Whether you’re Jewish or a goy, this is a fun cookbook to explore and test our new twists on traditional dishes! Check out our taste-tested review of Jew-ish.

$24 | Amazon

Cheese, Wine, and Bread Cookbook

This is the perfect gift for a mother that loves good cheese, good wine, and good bread. The book reads like a whimsical story, crafting an engaging narrative that reads like a travel log exploring these three exquisite staples. If she’s looking for new ways to enjoy her favorite dishes, help her out with this gem of a cookbook.

$24 | Amazon

Braid & Wood Plant Hanger

If the mom you’re shopping for has a green thumb, then she’s bound to love everything Braid & Wood has to offer. The brand delivers high-quality modern indoor plant decor, that will brighten up any room, with unique and beautiful designs. These plant hangers range in size and style, but they won’t break the bank. The plant shelves, which come with different colored pots, are only $59, and the smaller v-shaped hangers range from $44 to $54, depending on the size.

Prices Vary |Braid & Wood

Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max

If you have someone on your holiday gift list that managed to make it through the past two years without buying an air fryer, then now is the perfect opportunity to gift them with everyone’s favorite trendy fryer. We love the Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max because it has a compact design that is perfect for someone who doesn’t have space for another big appliance on their countertop. The easy-to-read menu comes with several preset options including fries, poultry, steak, seafood, bacon, and vegetable; in addition to shortcuts for air fry, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, and preheat. Give some a practical holiday gift this year!

$120 | Amazon

Reisfields No. 1 Candle

Who can beat classic design like Reisfields’ No. 1? Crafted with a unique blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, citrus fruits, and basil, it’s sure to make your mom feel like she’s in paradise. The wax is poured into a reusable thick glass vessel and can burn for up to  60 hours.

$38 | Reisfields NYC

Reisfields DIY Candle Making Kit

Does your mom love candles? Whether she’s up early for Bath & Body Works sales or someone picking up the latest candle unveiled at Target, she might be intrigued by the idea of making her own candle. It might even be a great gift to bond over! If she’s a fan of the other Reisfields candle on this gift guide list, then you may want to pick up the DIY Candle Making Kit to bring a little fun to Mother’s Day this year.

$40 | Reisfields NYC

Mise en Scènt Candles

Mise en Scènt candles are the perfect gift for the movie lover mother in your life. The candles are uniquely based on film genres—from Mystery to Fantasy and French New Wave to Rom-Com. The founder combined her own love for films with her passion for candle-making and has created a must-have holiday gift for the holidays. Make the next movie night at mom’s special with an Old Hollywood candle to pair with a classic film.

$36 | Mise en Scènt

Loom & Table Linens

If your mother is the type to have a gorgeous table cloth for every occasion or has a habit of throwing lavish brunches and dinner parties, then you may want to treat her to a luxurious new table cloth and table linens to match. Loom & Table lines are crafted using only the finest materials, packed in eco-friendly material, and made direct-to-consumer. Help her embrace the modern or the traditional with this beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Prices Vary | Loom & Table

Geek Out!

Family game night is about to get a lot more fun if you pick up Geek Out! The 80s Edition for your mother. If you have a mother who lives and breaths the 1980s, then she is bound to get a kick out of this 80s-themed game. There are a lot of different board games on the market right now, but Geek Out! The 80s Edition is a lot of fun — so much fun, we just had to try it out for ourselves! You can read our full review here.

$12 | Amazon

Gifts For Adventures

Solo New York

The Re:vive Mini Backpack by Solo New York is the perfect gift for a Mom on the go. Each backpack is made from ocean-bound PET bottles, including the recycled biodegradable hangtags and stuffing. The light, durable heather grey material is both eco-friendly and trendy! The best part of this purchase, aside from treating your mother to a sweet gift, every bag purchased from the Re:cycled Collection will help Solo plant trees in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. You can check out our full review of this street smart backpack here.

$25 | Amazon

Nocs Prosivions Binoculars

If your mother enjoys going on nature walks, then this is the perfect gift to give her this year. The Nocs Provisions binoculars are a sleek and charming re-envisioning of what most think of when they picture binoculars. They come in an array of beautiful colors, which guarantees you’ll find your mother’s favorite color. The binoculars are also light — weighing only 13 ounces, which makes them perfect for quick nature walks or lengthy mountain hikes. Find out why these binoculars are the perfect gift for mom this year!

$95 | Nocs Provisions

Nocs Zoom Tube Monocular

If your giftee already has binoculars, perhaps a Zoom Tube Monocular will be a one-of-a-kind gift for them this year. This monocular is designed to easily slide into a pocket, purse, or backpack. Like the binocular, the Nocs Zoom Tube comes in a wide variety of colors.

$75 | Nocs Provisions

ADD ON: If you’re picking up a Nocs binocular or monocular for someone this holiday season, consider also purchasing them the Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter for an additional $27. This will make a Nocs gift that much sweeter.

Nomadiq Portable Grill

It’s never too early to start thinking about next summer and there’s no better way to start preparing than with a grill. The Nomadiq Portable Grill is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to take with you, so whether you’re shopping for someone who loves grilling that has decided to take up the van life or you need to find a gift for someone living without a backyard, look no further than this portable grill. We’ve tested this grill out and we’re big fans!

$300 | Amazon


Do you have someone on your holiday gift list that loves sunglasses? Or perhaps someone who finds it frustrating that their sunglasses constantly slide down their nose? Then the Ombraz sunglasses are going to be game-changers! These armless sunglasses come in three frame styles, two frame colors, and three lens shades (polarized and non-polarized) and you can even view RX options for the lenses. Ombraz sunglasses are smudge-resistant, scratch-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about sidearms breaking off.

$140 | Ombraz

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