We’ve come a long way, from sharing What’s in my purse to now giving you the scoop on what’s in my cloth diaper bag

Who knew, I’m still kind of in shock that I’m a mom now. It’s been a wild ride but I’m absolutely loving it!

I’m beyond excited to share the brand new Bambino Mio diaper bag and Bug’s Life collection have officially launched TODAY! I was fortunate enough to receive this diaper bag a few weeks ago to test out and share my feedback. Of course, all opinions are my own. Hopefully you’ll find this post helpful. Whether you’re considering purchasing your own bag or you’re a parent on-the-go that cloth diapers. I’m sharing all of the exciting new features in this bag as well as what I keep it stocked up with at all times. Of course this bag isn’t exclusive to those who cloth diaper, but it does come with perks if you do! Like the wet bag for dirty clothes or used diapers and the side zip pocket that also works as a wet bag to keep any wet/soiled items away from everything else.

A little disclaimer, I do believe that cloth diapering is a privilege. One that takes extra time to implement and follow consistently but is beyond gratifying once you stick to it. Knowing how many single-use diapers I’ve saved from going into a landfill makes me proud of my commitment to cloth diapering. I promise, it’s not as hard as it may look/sound. It’s all about creating a routine that works for you. You can read more about our cloth diapering routine here if you’re curious. I answered a ton of questions in that post as well on getting started, what we use and the initial cost.

But back to this glorious bag – I wasn’t sure how I’d like it since all bags seem to be very similar. But after a couple of days using it, I was convinced it truly was the most versatile diaper bag on the market. Storage alone is huge! You have unlimited pockets & pouches to organize to your heart’s content. The real kicker are those side pouches. One is actually insulated and lined to hold a bottle or freshly pumped or frozen milk. The other pouch is lined to act as a wet bag, giving you a space to keep any soiled clothing or diapers while on the go. It’s super easy to wipe clean! I also can’t get enough of the adorable print, I love ladybugs and the pop of color is a fun addition.

Some other key features include the removable straps. You have a set that can hook on-to a stroller handle as well as a set that transform this bag into a backpack. The great thing about both is if you’re not using it, they simply clip on and off. Meaning you can carry this bag in over 3 different ways (stroller handlebar, handheld strap, double straps over the arm and backpack style). I definitely prefer the backpack straps because it keeps it hands-free and it’s very comfortable.

There are pockets for just about any and everything you could possibly need to take with you. I love the large outside pocket to store a book and the front zip pocket to hold my keys, wallet and cell phone. Everything has a place and that makes me a very happy mama!

I keep a collection of items in my bag and usually rotate a few depending on where we are going/what we plan on doing. However the core items always stay the same. You will find the following items in my bag:

– Bambino Mio All-in-One Diapers
– Diaper Booster Pads
– Changing Wallet + Wet Bag
– Cloth Wipes + Wipe Spray
– Multi-Purpose Balm
– Muslim Blankets
– Change of clothes/PJs
– Favorite Toy
– Favorite Book

The Bambino Mio Diaper Bag retails for $199.99 USD. I believe it’s the one and only bag you will ever need for you and your baby. It’s husband approved, easy to carry in a number of different ways, neutral in color so it matches everything and the perfect size with tons of storage. I highly recommend this diaper bag! I think it would make such a sweet baby shower gift for any new parents.

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