want, need or greed?

Tuesday 15th October 2019
Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

Thankfully I went to bed early because mom had another rough night, I wake up every time she goes to the bathroom but I have slept so I'm ready for the day ahead.

--------- fast forward 10 minutes -----------

I'd just written the sentence above when mom said, "Bev, Bev I've spilt my tea", oh yeah she'd fell asleep with it in her hands and it'd gone all over the bed and poor Alfie, thankfully it wasn't still hot, so I've just been changing her bedding and finding our spare quilt.  Can you believe it, I only changed her bedding yesterday, now I have a house full of bedding to wash and dry - yay!  Can quilts even be washed at home or are they dry clean only.

Anyway, what's done is done, I'm still ready for my day, I've already got some leftover trout for dinner today, hadn't realised how much was in the packet when I froze it so had to cook it all and mom didn't want any, so yesterday I had it with rice and cabbage (using what's in the fridge, that cabbage had lasted 2 weeks, had it from Aldi), there's enough of both to have exactly the same meal, or I might do something else with it, we'll see, I fancy that cabbage fried up with some mash (it'll have to be Smash though as I'm all out of spud, ooo I do have frozen chips though or maybe spaghetti  that would be nice with the trout flaked into it with a bit of a sauce.  Still want a can of mushroom soup, they hadn't got any in the Tesco garage on Saturday, mushroom soup and a small packet of KP salted peanuts are on my to eat list, I'll get them at some point.  Not using my credit card am I this month so if I haven't got the cash in my purse, I can't have it, I used all my Co-op points yesterday to pay for a few bits for mom.  I think I have some Tesco ones too, need to have a mooch through my desk, usually spend them online but I could spend in store.  We shall see.  I like being thrifty and frugal, it makes me appreciate the value of money more, but even more so the value of time!

Yeah every penny we spend is time we've spent working, so in theory the less we spend, the less we need to work, it really makes you think about what's actually worth buying when you ask yourself that question.  For example, I needed a size 1.75mm crochet hook to do a project, if I wanted to order one online for prime delivery, I either had to pay delivery as well or spend £20 on Amazon as it was an add on item.   The other option was of course to wait a few days for delivery but we were still looking at a couple of quid, so instead I asked if I could loan one from a friend.  It'll probably be the only time I'll use it so I don't need one permanently.  Saved myself at least 2 quid there, even at minimum wage that's 15 minutes work.  Not to mention the cost of sending it to me, if you're interested in carbon footprint etc.

Yeah I think if you stop and look at the stuff in your house and work out the true cost of it, you might not think it was worth it.   I started to think about this after being sent a link to a website from work about my pension, let's just say, I'm going to be a very poor pensioner because I will only have the basic and I'll have to wait till I'm 67 to even stop working, that's ridiculous.   Hence I want to learn to live on less now to prepare me for the future, if it becomes my norm, it won't be such a culture shock.  I can already live on less, I can just be a bit careless when it comes to spending.  Anyway you don't want to listen to me go on about my finances on a Tuesday morning, but maybe it'll encourage you to consider your own.  What have you spent money on already this month that you maybe didn't need.  It's a bit like food, simply as yourself the following question in either circumstance,

Do you want, need or is it greed?

That simple question will get you thinking about your food choices and your spending habits.

I'll leave you there as I'm running behind thanks to the tea on quilt situation ;)

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x