U-Pick Sewing Project Success – My Car Trash Bin!

It’s time for you to see my version of the sewing project that won this month’s U-Pick Sewing Vote.

This is a project that I really need in my life! You may already be familiar with my Car Diddy Bag pattern, which has been a lifesaver with all the pockets, but I don’t like putting trash in it because it’s just too pretty on the inside.

But this little bin (see the inspiration one) is specifically designed for trash!

There are easy to sew snap tabs on both sides, which actually snap securely right through the bag to hold it in place!

It will work with lots of different plastic bags. You can use plastic grocery bags. I have these 1.2 gallon biodegradable trash bags that I use for my small bathroom trash can – they fit perfectly!

And of course with the adjustable strap there are lots of different places that you can use this little trash bin. Like behind a head rest.

Or behind the center console, or hooked onto one of the door handles. There was an uproar when I suggested looping the Car Diddy Bag around the gear shifter, so I won’t show that, lol.

Quilted Purse Details

The finished size of this little bin is approximately 9” x 9” x 5” deep.

When I made this one I was in a bit of a hurry so the only stabilizer I used was double sided fusible Peltex 72F. I had intended to use more interfacing than that, but it turned out great without it.

I will make one more bin using interfacing in the straps and in the wrap-around side (middle) piece and show you the difference.

The free pattern is coming soon…

I’ll write up a sewing pattern for the Car Trash Bin as soon as I can. Sign up for my free newsletter so you don’t miss it (and the free PDF on the day that it is featured in the newsletter)! Plus as soon as it’s ready, I’ll put the PDF in my library of All Sewcanshe Printable Blog Tutorials.

If you want to gather supplies to be ready for the free pattern and tutorial, I used:

  • 1/2 yard of cotton fabric for the exterior and the straps
  • 1/2 yard of coordinating cotton fabric for the lining and binding
  • 1/4 yard of Peltex 72F double sided fusible stabilizer
  • a 1” rectangle ring
  • 5” or more of 3/4” wide or 1” wide sew in hook and loop tape (velcro)
  • 3 plastic Kam snaps
  • Maybe – about 1 yard of medium weight fusible interfacing for the interior and straps (we’ll see how that turns out – I’m not sure if it needs it yet)

Happy Sewing,

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