This Pen is Out of this World!


This is a pen for adults, not children, and yet...

I have decided to use this pen for children and I have great expectations! First off let me tell you about the pen. It is a space pen!! Last month marked the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo Space landing, and I thought luxury gift emporium Pen Heaven offered a great way to celebrate, in featuring their pens that would work in outer space.  After checking out the selections available, paying particular attention to the intergalactic vibe, I ordered the Fisher Space Pen that was designed for use by astronauts. My students are going to love this!



This pen can write in the most extreme environments (including underwater!!!) and at any angle. What more of an extreme environment here on Earth, than in a classroom??!? LOL! Just kidding...sort of. But one thing that is for sure fact is that the students are tough on pens.

For adult use, there are some things you should know. This pen has a sealed pressurized ink cartridge. It works in extreme conditions (so it would be a wonderful gift idea for anyone in emergency career positions, military, or those who have to work outside). It even writes underwater or in the rain. I'm thinking this will go in the Holiday Gift Guide as the perfect stocking stuffer for those who work in such conditions, for teachers, astronauts (haha, not many of know an astronaut, and if you do, yay! that is very cool!), for those who have to write at odd angles, or anyone who appreciates an awesome pen.

Back to my classroom though, students lose pens a lot. You'd think having it right next to the door with a sheet of paper, they'd be fine and the pen would stay put, but no. I can't count the number of times I have to put a replacement pen up in a week. It's not optional either because we have to have a sign-out sheet for contact tracing purposes.  We are accountable for knowing where each and every child is at all times. This pen comes with its own lanyard (what?!) so that will prevent my problem of lost pens (hurrah!) and that helps me make sure my sign-out log is 100% accurate without me having to stop a lesson to find a writing utensil. The lanyard comes in black or pink. The pen comes in black or chrome.

I've already hung a hook on my door. I did this once before actually, with a string, but it didn't work out because the kids couldn't write vertically with pen I had up. This one writes in any direction it is held, including upside down, so it's going to be just fine.

It's a nice looking pen too. AND it's smaller in size, which I really appreciate. My favorite thing if I wasn't going to use it in my classroom is I bet this kind of pen wouldn't explode in my purse or car (two things that do happen and that ruin more than the pen). 

Does the Pen Sound Good to You?
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