The Ultimate 150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, Women, Teens & Kids!

Is there anything more satisfying than finding the perfect, unique stocking stuffers for your family? Sometimes stocking stuffers are an afterthought, and things are grabbed at the last minute just to “fill the stocking”. Don’t miss this Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Ideas list!

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I have been there, too, but my goal is to be more intentional in finding unique things! In fact, throughout the year, I have a running list in the notes section of my phone called “Stocking Stuffer Ideas” and I add to it whenever inspiration strikes!!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I love shopping for unique things ahead of time on Amazon, having everything sent right to my door, and being so excited to see the surprise on my family’s faces when they go through their stockings on Christmas morning! I’m going to share all my ideas with you!! I have ideas for men, women, girls, boys, teen guys, and teen girls, too!

Men Stocking Stuffer IdeasMen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Baitowel Microfiber Fishing Towel with Clip 

2. Magical Flames Colorful Bonfire Pouch 

3. Brittle Brothers Bacon Brittle 

4. California Goods Stainless Steel Taco Holders

5. LED Headlamp 

6. Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws During Home Improvement 

7. Pizza Cutter Wheel 

8. Keyboard Cleaning Gel 

9. Earbud Holder Organizer

10. Leather Bookmarks Trio 

11. Bamboo Garden Labels  

12. Stanley Keychain Tape Measure 

13. Family Handyman Magazine 

14. Lavely I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks 

15. Cinnamon Flavored Toothpicks 

16. Bear Claw Back Scratcher 

17. Beard Balm 

18. Glakco Sandalwood Comb 

19. Desktop Tetherball  

20. Ecbio Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush  

21. Cedar Grilling Planks  

22. Quiet Time Prayer Journal 

23. Timberland Touch Screen Gloves 

24. Every Man Jack Face Scrub 

25. ONME 15 pcs Nail Grooming Kit 

Women Stocking Stuffer IdeasWomen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Floral Recipe Cards 

2. Lulusilk Silk Sleep Mask 

3. TeaBloom Flowering Green Tea Balls  

4. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Lip Balm 

5. Crystal Mint Green Glass Nail File with Case 

6. Mini Vegetable Cutters 

7. Norpro Perfect Egg Timer  

8. Leather Passport Holder 

9. Leather Tassel Keychain 

10. Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws 

11. Leather Luggage Tags 

12. Flower Coffee Stirring Spoons  

13. LaBellefee Travel Candle Set  

14. C. O. Bigelow Mentha Magenta Lip Shine 

15. Worth Gardening Gloves  

16. Home – X Floral Hammer and Screwdriver Tool  

17. Leopard Print Belt 

18. Tortoiseshell Resin Cuff Bracelet 

19. Hawaiian Coconut Water Packets  

20. Travel Size Detangler Brush  

21. Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Black Tea Chocolate Mint  

22. One Line a Day Memory Book  

23. AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit  

24. Jot & Mark Shopping List Pads  

25. Personalized Bar Necklace  


Boys Stocking Stuffer IdeasBoys Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. World’s Smallest Transformer

2. Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game

3. Fred Kids Shark Training Chopsticks  

4. Melissa & Doug Sticker Book 

5. Blank Flip Books 

6. No Tie Shoe Laces 

7. Superhero bifold Wallet

8. Fartime Kazoo 

9. Magnetic Checkers 

10. Paper Airplane For Kids 

11. Dinosaur Pull Back Cars 

12. Jofan Light Up LED Gloves 

13. Mark-My-Time Digital Timer Reading Bookmark 

14. Harmonica 

15. Spokester Bicycle Noise Maker 

16. Melissa & Doug Paint Your Own Monster Truck 

17. 3D Horse Puzzle

18. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 

19. Plaid Wallet

20. Monster Temporary Tattoos 

21. Wander Agio Kids Buffalo Check Scarf 

22. Melissa & Doug Superhero Mask Craft Set

23. World’s Smallest Hot Wheels Stunt Action Set

24. Haribo Color Rado Gummies 

25. Folding Shark Brush and Comb 


Girls Stocking Stuffer IdeasGirls Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Mattel Games UNO Barbie Card Game 

2. ScentCo Holiday Smencils Scented Pencils  

3. Color In Greeting Cards 

4. Unicorn Bath Sponge

5. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Notes 

6. Gummy Noodles Takeout Container

7. Flip Sequin Pencil Case 

8. Butterfly Catching Net 

9. Schylling Twirling Baton 

10. Unicorn Pop Purse Coin Wallet

11. LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pet 

12. JOJO Rhinestone Bow  

13. Unicorn Doorknob Hanger 

14. Birthday Cake Bubble Bath Bomb

15. Pink Sleep Mask  

16. Ribbon Dancer Wand 

17. The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Puzzles

18. Lip Smacker Lip Balm 

19. Animal Hair Barrettes 

20. Disney Princess Peel off Polish

21. Girls Bracelet Set

22. Girls Nail Art Decals

23. Furry Heart Backpack Charm 

24. Stick-On Earrings 

25. Milk Magic Strawberry Milk Straws 


Teen Guy Stocking Stuffer IdeasTeen Guy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Evelots Snowman Decorating Kit 

2. Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Guitar Strings 

3. ScentCo Smencils Pencil Pack 

4. Dipr Ultimate Sandwich Cookie Dunking Spoon 

5. Nerf Over The Door Basketball Hoop with Ball

6. Ramen Notes Ramen Noodle Sticky Note Pad

7. Pizza Slice Pocket  

8. Rugged and Dapper Lip Balm 

9. Wooden Slingshot Toy  

10. Camping Cutlery Set 

11. Knot Tying Kit 

12. Brain Teaser Puzzles 

13. Toilet Light Up Night Light  

14. Sasquatch Soap 

15. Gaming Socks  

16. Waterproof Playing Cards 

17. Anker Wireless Charger

18. Adidas 3 in 1 Shampoo, Face Wash, Body Wash 

19. Sportneer Military Hiking Compass 

20. Magic Makers Snapping Gum Prank 

21. Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster 

22. Slim Aluminum RFID Wallet 

23. Dude Face Wipes 

24. Stainless Steel Quote Keychain 

25. 3 Minute Devotionals for Teen Guys 

Teen Girls Stocking StuffersTeen Girls Stocking Stuffers

1. Scentco Smens Scented Glitter Pens 

2. BeHeSo Colorful Nail Files 

3. Metallic Scrunchies 

4. Pastel Highlighter

5. Glam Up Sheet Mask Set 

6. 3 Minute Devotions for Teen Girls Book 

7. Rhinestone Bobbie Pins 

8. Leopard Print Magnetic Bobbie Pin Wrist Holder 

9. Scratch and Sniff Washi Tape 

10. Rose Gold Scissors 

11. Novelty Memo Board Thumbtacks

12. One Year Girls Journal 

13. Ivory Tortoiseshell Hoop Earrings 

14. LED Photo Clip Photo Clip String Lights 

15. Mermaid Scales Composition Notebook 

16. Essie Nail Polish 

17. Goody Magnetic Locker Mirror 

18. Textbook Cover 

19. Leather Tassel Keychain 

20. Ganssia Mechanical Pencils 

21. Broadway Vitaclear Lip Gloss 

22. Cindiy 20 Pc Makeup Brush Set 

23. Pantone Postcard Box Set 

24. Hot / Cold Eye Mask  

25. Bible Highlighter Set 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas