The “Home for Peculiar Artists” Facebook Page Shares 125 Pics From Artists All Over The World

Creating unique art can be fulfilling for several reasons. For one, it allows an artist to express themselves in a way that is truly authentic and personal. The act of creating something that is special can be a form of self-expression and self-discovery.

Additionally, creating peculiar art can be fulfilling because it allows an artist to challenge themselves to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is possible.

The Facebook group "Home for Peculiar Artists" is a vibrant community of people who share a passion for the unique and unusual. Here, members showcase their one-of-a-kind creations, ranging from sculptures made of found or recycled materials to digital art with a surreal twist.

The group is also a marketplace for these said creations, with many artists offering their pieces for sale. It's a great opportunity for art lovers to discover new and exciting artists and to own a piece of art that is truly unique.


Romance on the River, a 4” thread painting.

Image credits: etuaembroidery


I created this stained glass art piece from a doodle my nephew did. I named it, “I’m So Happy I Could Puke.” I gifted it to my nephew when he bought his first home several years ago. I no longer do stained glass due to health reasons.

Image credits: Andrea Wilkins


I’m obsessed! Artist: me Medium: glass, foil, solder

Image credits: Jami Waller


Hi everyone! Here's a new balloon oil painting! ...does this count as a self portrait?

Image credits: ianbstudio


Hi! Im Talia I make suncatchers and jewelry for the last 5 years or so I wanted to show off my newest catcher in requested Silver. I get asked a lot about silver options! My triple moon goddess catchers are some of my by far most popular designs. Im restocking my website on Feb 1st 7pm CST Id love to share my socials with you

Image credits: maymoonco


The Rainbow Raccoons!

Image credits: Elissa Baltzer


Creator: Mykaela Havva Description: We don't talk about Bruno but, we can talk about these amazing earrings ☀️☀️ I just finished watching Disney's Encanto and I'm in love with Pepa's earrings. Hence, for my first project of the year I decided to create a replica of Pepa's earrings. I love the overall outcome and I'm happy to produce more in the future.

Image credits: havva.mykaela


Hi guys. I'm a fiber artist from NC. Here is one of my favorite creations.

Image credits: show.donttel


"Pickle Purse" built around a high quality Italian leather purse, insulation foam board, latex, vinyl fabric and two part epoxy

Image credits: Travis Mullins


Wildflower and fern backgammon board that I made.

Image credits: botanicalanarchist


Creator: me? Medium: yarn? Just finished this custom order!! I’m very excited to send him off to his new home!! ?? I love making these guys! It’s so much fun? I’m in the process of making a rainbow one and a tiny one? can’t wait to show you guys

Image credits: The Crafty Witch 7


I’ve seen someone post their cat tree and it inspired me to post mine! My fiancé and I made this together, our boy (Gryphon, the cat) LOVES IT!

Image credits: Lindsey Pack


Abandoned church miniature, made from scratch.

Image credits: my.madly


creator: me medium: thermoplastic ???? ?????? ????? ? Made these dragon claws and I'm so in love with them. They're a part of a full jade costume. Hope you like it!

Image credits: candymakeupartist


Artist: me Medium: basswood and woodburning and acrylic paint and foil Description: elongated slices of password with nature and fungus vignette illustrations Pattern: I've designed all of this myself and freehanded these illustrations. I post process content on my instagram. @courtneyburkeart on social media.

Image credits: courtneyburkeart


Creator: me a couple of years ago! Materials: felt, embroidery thread, hand dyed silk, wool locks, and poly clay. A little forest creature that serves you tea and then dissolves into a pile of leaves. I'm making another very inspired by her, but space themed!

Image credits: dentreedolls


One of my handpainted jacket commissions, a little mystical moon with florals. Painted on faux leather with leather paint.

Image credits: Sam Astill-Blackburn


Hello Everyone, Love seeing the huge talent here from all over the world. I make stained glass lamps. Began glass work to help rehab after a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, now I just love working with glass.

Image credits: Kayt Primmer


Creator: Me! Medium: metal fridge, paint, wood, magnets, white board, stickers Recently painted my cheap fridge to look like BMO from Adventure Time! I used paint with primer for metal, cut out sticker letters, and attached magnets to some shape blocks to create the look of his buttons. For his face I attached a magnetic white board so we can change his expression!

Image credits: Han Whitaker


New work from Ghosts of the Earth.

Image credits: Adrienne DeLoe


Charcoal pencils on paper 100x70cm Zebras are my favorite I enjoy drawing them

Image credits: Ricky Dampers


Creator: Me! Medium: Fabric! Mostly fleece, some felt. I made a small army of giant Lemongrabs! All around 3 1/2 feet tall!

Image credits: loveandasandwich


Creator: Me Medium: Crochet Wow once again the followers of this page have blown me away with their support. Thank you all so much for your lovely words. If you want to see more of my work check out my page Not Just For Nanas or my Instagram. I’ll be posting there as I have new pieces available and when I am able to ship internationally but for now I’ll just be sharing photos of crochet things that I love to make. I’m a UK based crochet maker. I love to use vintage doily patterns and create modern wall art but sometimes I go off piste and turn them into these parasols. They are a perfect festival accessory or wedding photo prop. Although I like to take one just to walk the dog.

Image credits: notjustfornanas


Creators: Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler Medium: Recycled cardboard boxes, paper bags, wood and glue. Like many of you, we accumulate tons of boxes from shipments of online purchases. The forms are all made from cut boxes and the surface is covered with torn bits of paper bags. This sculpture was created without making paper pulp. It's all just cut cardboard assembled using hot glue and Elmer's glue. It was built from the inside out starting with basic forms made from cardboard and layering on the musculature and then the fur.

Image credits: Andy Gertler


My very first leaded stained glass panel has been installed into a door and delivered to New Hampshire!! What an absolute thrill when you get to see months of hard work come together and light up the room. Original design, over 400 pieces, 5/32" lead came, 35.5" x 27". Took about 8 months from starting the concept drawing to delivery. This was my first time working with lead, first installation piece, and first time making anything anywhere near this big!

Image credits: knofferglassworks


Creator: Myself ? Medium: Sea Urchins & Air Plants. Hi, my name is Kim and I’m a plant addict. I create these free hanging Sea Urchin Jellyfish with LIVE air plants. These beautiful shells are one of a kind with their unique markings and coloring. Shells range in size from 1.5” to 4.5. Plants from 2” to 12” plus! Each plant is hand picked to fit just perfectly. Gravity does the rest.

Image credits: JellyfishAirPlants


Creator: Me! Medium: Oil on panel Description: Finally got around to taking some photos of this piece “In This Hallowed Place” to show the size comparison! It’s rather large, and the frame only adds to it ?✨ I love seeing artists with their pieces, I hope you do too!

Image credits: tinafigartist


Creator/artist. Me Medium. Real leaf . Cut by hand Description. This was 4 real leaves that I dried and pressed and then hand cut using a knife. It was then mounted and framed

Image credits: Aasen Stephenson


Creator : Me Medium : Small rock engraving Description : I can turn a rocks into a unique pieces.

Image credits: fouadkebdani


I made Animal a while back and was pleasantly surprised at just how satisfying crocheting Muppets seemed to be. Next thing I knew I had made the Band and well then I just kind of kept going and made Kermit and Gonzo and... well Muppets just seem to be what I do now. ? I crocheted myself into a bad flare up of tennis elbow so having to lay low right now but I'm on FB and Insta as Out of the Hope Chest

Image credits: Barbara Smith


I made this reclaimed oak herringbone bench last year. I used a jade wood stain on the mountains after it was all glued up and taped off to make them pop a bit.

Image credits: South Sound Woodworking


The Cuterus is back and it's [mad]!! Valentine's white to red ombre for all the feels. The cysts are pink and mad about it. I write my own patterns for them, so I can make any changes, additions, subtraction, bicornuate shape, scars, different faces, etc!! Message me for customs or visit my shop at

Image credits: macabrochet


creator: me, medium: crochet velvet yarn, glitter safety eyes description: Strawberry Dino pattern: based off Tanner the Triceratops by Nicole Chase, with freehanded adjustments

Image credits: hookedonhandmadeus


Creator - me Medium - sewing ? Some Fruit Bats! ? Available on my shop update this Saturday ? scented options of ??? and raspberry

Image credits: plusheon


I thought you all might enjoy this super unique dress I recently made. ??✨ Creator: Me // Ashes & Embers Medium: Fabric Description: Specialty dresses made size adjustable to fit all sizes small-XXL Size: small-XXL Credit: Design and pattern by me/free handed

Image credits: Jessica Whitaker


Creator: me Medium: grapevine base and faux floral I'm in love with this one. Might have to keep it for myself.

Image credits: JessMadeDesign


Creator: myself (Casting Hues) Medium: opalite, brass ?☁️✨?✨☁️? Cloudy with a chance of rainbows.

Image credits: Castinghues


Artist: Blue Ridge Glass Works (Me) Medium: Stained Glass, Natural Elements, Wood Description: First time post. Commissioned Langstroth Bee Frame including real pressed honeycomb , feathers, fiddlehead, gingko leaf, and watercolor bee art from the client. I love experimenting with all kinds of natural events in my glass art. Appreciate a follow if you enjoy. Thank you!

Image credits: blueridge_glassworks


An enchanting rainbow dark chainmaille dragon hatched on my desk today.

Image credits: Amanda Sanford


I made a peculiar lampshade!

Image credits: Crystal Prism


My 3d drawing.

Image credits: Mostafa Ragheb


Just finished up an applewood bowl. It was so rotten. It took a ton of work to repair this thing and bring it back to life. How do you think it looks?

Image credits: Ryan Tinker


My first post here, I am loving this group! I am excited to share my passion for miniatures and magic in the form of fairy houses/wall hanging doors. I have found a nice combo of plaster of paris, paper clay, and natural items from my back yard that light up. I can spend hours just playing with new mediums, and this is what happens when I get hired to do a project. Its a 3-peice wall hanging to house fairy figurines for a very special client. here are the first two, the third is still "naked". @Delightfully Evil Designs FYI, I take custom orders on my Etsy site: DelightedEvilDesigns, and will be posting more work soon. (

Image credits: Celena Collins


Stained glass ramen bowl, made by me. About 10x10 inches. Pattern for glass created by @stainedglassgeek

Image credits: stainedglassgeek


My Hobbit inspired Workshop that I designed and built, where I create my Art.

Image credits: thewoodartworkshop


Creator: Me Medium: crochet Description: crochet yipyips using blanket yarn, pingpong balls for eyes, and pipe cleaners for antenna. I have been making these like crazy as I have a million orders for Christmas stockings for this year. They can be hung up as they have a loop to do so, or they can sit on a flat surface. I love making them but certain yarn colours have been difficult to find! Full rainbow sets have been so popular. Credit: pattern by Carissa Broning

Image credits: Ashley Dee


Creator : Me/Alex Chesney Medium : ceramic/pottery

Image credits: Alex Chesney


Creator: me! Medium: sponge cake with mango cheese layer filling. Description: Painted with coloured cake batter, baked and hand painted details. Assembled with non bake cheese cake with layers of cake and fresh mango. I love how this turns out. It's my kind of prettycake! Size: 6" cake

Image credits: Jacqueline Yong


Creator: me! Medium: stained glass I've been hoarding a bunch of dichroic faceted gems for awhile and finally brought myself to use one. The petals are a ring mottled white glass and the centre of the flower is a dichroic gem. The colour completely changes depending on what angle you're looking at it. All of these pictures are of the same piece!

Image credits: gaia.glassworks


Creator- Myself Medium- Wire Wrapping Description- Just finished this #labradorite & #moonstone guitar and I couldn’t be happier with how she turned out (sold). This piece is made with 18g, 20g, & 28g bare copper wire and then oxidized and polished for an antique look! Thanks for looking!

Image credits: RuthlessWireWraps


Creator: me ? Medium: polymer clay, brass, acrylic paint, resin ?✨ I was asked more than once if I ever made an opossum pendant. I decided to give it a try and it came out like this ? It got SOLD already! (and it was one of a kind), but I wanted to share with you this creation I'm really proud of!

Image credits: handmadebykimera


?Creator: Rock Maker Stitches ?Medium: Crochet ? I finally finished my first adult sized feather wing shawl! Roving-style yarn in galaxy hues of navy, purple, magenta, and yellow is paired with metallic silver-grey outlines, which give a subtle shine in bright sun. I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out! ? 3 separate panels comprising 102 feathers make this adult sized feather wing shawl 7 feet wide with a weight of more than 3 pounds! ?Pattern by (the ever astounding) Crafty Intentions

Image credits: RockMakerStitches


⭐️Creator: Myself ⭐️Medium: flexible polymer clay over metal armature ⭐️I made various new color for my crows ear cuff! they are all made by hand and fit most ear as they are flexible! Soon i'll finish some butterfly earcuff :3 ⭐️Weight is around 20 grams and size is around 14cm from head to wings

Image credits: 3mecrea


Creator: Me! Indiscreet Nothings (IndiscreetNothings on Insta & Etsy) Excited to share something I’ve steadily been churning out for awhile now: Bram Chokers! Every choker features fabric puncture wounds, suspended blood red teardrop beads and seed beads painstakingly stitched onto lace.

Image credits: Indiscreet Nothings


Creator: Me, Whimsy Wanderer Medium: Polymer clay One little chocolate & vanilla scented S'morling, now it's time for bed

Image credits: Whimsy Wanderer


Creator: Me Medium: wooden boxes, acrylic paints I take ordinary boxes and turn them into this!

Image credits: Galaxyboxco


Artist: me Medium: glass beads

Image credits: Nancy Anderson


Creator: Me✨ Medium: Commissioned handmade monstera rugs ? hope you like it ? Instagram page: Lm.rugs

Image credits: Lora Mihaylova


My art... spinning fibers into yarn and turning strings into things and making wearables. Here's a favorite pair of witchy shoes..

Image credits: Julianna Volk


Creator: Myself! Medium: Custom dyed textured stretch fabric, custom dyed emerald green lace, Swarovski crystals, silk fabric. Description: My all-time favourite collaboration with the worlds first Hijabi Ballerina Stephanie Kurlow for international women's day a couple years back. I wanted to make a piece that infused her dance and my style, complete with lace and sparkles!! Credit: Ballerina, Stephanie Kurlow. Pattern, design, sewing, construction, and basically everything outfit was done by me.

Image credits: tareseepere


Creator: Me! Medium: graphite on bristol Inspiration: this piece is called “Release.” I wanted to draw something you could physically feel. What better than that sweet sweet release at the end of a long day!

Image credits: Justine VValters


Creator :me - Quirky D Art Materials : chalk paint and acrylic on an old wooden bureau I was recently asked to create something unique for an old bureau . I took inspiration from the Alice in wonderland porcelain knobs my customer had supplied and then I was given carts Blanche to create

Image credits: QuirkyDArT


Creator: Me (The Stone Pansy) Medium: acrylic on wood, magnets I’m peculiar and my wife calls me an artist.

Image credits: The Stone Pansy


Creator: Emma Clarke Medium: Plushie art Etsy: EmbroideredSquish Hello friends!! I embroider plushies! ? I wanted to share some of my creations with you.

Image credits: EmbroideredSquish


Creator: Me! (Interrobang Art & Fashion) Medium: Lycra I designed the fabric, drafted the sewing pattern, and made the dress

Image credits: Interrobang Art & Fashion


Artist me Medium broken jewelery This what I make I have autism lern probs and I am very alone I make with broke jewllery I feel broken I hope one day to be happy but it is so hard xx.

Image credits: Sharon March


Creator: Me (Kimberly MK) Medium: Mixed - Synthetic fur, epoxy clay, filled with polyfil and *magic!* Description: Disclaimer - I cannot be held accountable if he steals ya girl ? Here is my newest soft-sculpt creation - this time a lil raccoon! He is jointed and armatured for posing, his face is thread and scissor sculpted and shaded, his paws and nose are sculpted and shaded epoxy clay, and his eyes are hand-painted glass eyes.

Image credits: bearbottomsoriginals


I wood burn and my partner paints. We are slightly nerdy!

Image credits: thehungryelfco


Finished this cute stained glass piece today

Image credits: Jami Waller


I do Art on all kinds of canvases. I was given this dresser after my grandmother passed away. I decided to give it new life. The entire body was sanded primed and painted. Then sealed in epoxy with some alcohol inks added for extra depth.

Image credits: vickisvisionsllc


Creator: Dude__Super (Instagram) ?✌ Medium: White canvas Vans, Angelus paint, Montana paint pens Description: Gave my old pair a 2nd chance at being something cool with this 2D comic book look. Size: 9 but busy creating in all different shoe sizes.

Image credits: dude__super


Creator: me! Medium: Ceramic and porcelain tiles on concrete.

Image credits: wildsville_mosaic


TW: Pregnancy ???? ???? ????????? ????????? ??? Creator: me! maternity pregnant croquis Medium: thermoplastic Description: fully handmade faux porcelain set! All hand painted and finished with loaaaaads of glass rhinestones! Hope you like it .

Image credits: candymakeupartist


Creator: me Medium: leather Description: I make bespoke leather goods. This is a Venus Fly Trap Clutch.

Image credits: honeymoonleather


Creator: me! Medium: acrylic paint on canvas About 6 weeks ago I started painting as a silly hobby. last week I misheard someone singing Greased Lightning, and now between other projects, my cursed brain fart has become a reality EDIT: Thank you everyone for your wonderful words, I didn’t think my silly idea would be so well received! If anyone is interested in having one of these to call their own please feel free to message me - however it’s nearly 1am here and ya girl needs to snooze, so I’ll reply in the morning ✨

Image credits: Meg Paints Stuff


Creator: Me Medium: Embroidery (no patterns used) Etsy: EmbroideredSquish Hello friends!! I embroider plushies! ? I wanted to share some of my creations with you. Our commissions are currently open. Please feel free to check out our IG for more information: @embroideredsquish ??? We also have a few listings up on Etsy! Please check them out!

Image credits: EmbroideredSquish


Artist: me, Medium: Polymer clay! The actual bowl is ceramic, but the contents inside is all polymer, hand crafted by me! Description: I made this macaroni and cheese dish as part of a series I am working on called 'Pies & Sides' that is full of, well, pies and sides lol, that you would find at a holiday feast! I couldn't wait to share this, so it's sitting on my desk and not in the best lighting, but I think it's cheesy goodness is still showing through, even if not the best lighting ? Thanks for looking!

Image credits: Clay Abominations


Creator: Nancy's ⋆ Nancy Woland Medium: Autumn leaf Hello, I just finished my new illustration on leaf. I'm gonna frame it soon

Image credits: Nancy's ⋆ Nancy Woland


Creator: Me/dontfeedthecreatures Medium:polymer clay, soft pastels, felting wool, silk scraps, floristry moss and crushed pinecones. Description: Made this little forest elf at the weekend and trapped him in a vintage dome fronted frame I'd picked up a few weeks back in a charity shop. Just had a very stressful few hours trying to find more of these flippin frame things so I can make more elves. Searched ebay. Found them. Bought 10. Panic over.

Image credits: dontfeedthecreatures


Creator Nicole Kaczmarek medium Acrylic on Canvas ?Second Chance? 24”x30” Last painting of 2022

Image credits: Nicole Kaczmarek


Creator: myself Glassy As Flux Stained Glass Medium: Stained Glass Subject: Wednesday and Enids Window While watching the first episode with my daughter, I drew the pattern for this beauty. I knew, as a glass artist, she had to be mine. She is 16 inches in diameter, nearly 150 pieces and 36 hours of a stained glass project, and will most likely be the first of my pieces that I keep for myself.

Image credits: glassyasflux


So excited to share my rendition of The Emerald City in stained glass

Image credits: shattered.glassworks


painted from brooklyn nine nine. oils.

Image credits: Seámus Wray


First wall hangings of the new year!

Image credits: Elvyn Bone


Sailormoon LIGHTUP wand heels . 3D designed. handpainted

Image credits: Groovy shoes/ accessories & unique art


Creator: The Entangled Fae (Me!) ?‍♂️ Medium: Crochet I'm a long time lurker/first time poster. I keep seeing lots of crocheters sharing their work in here and I'm feeling inspired. ? Here are some of my favorite creations. If you're interested in following my work you can find me @the.entangled.fae on Instagram and TheEntangledFae on Etsy. ?‍♂️ Thanks for looking!

Image credits: The Entangled Fae


Here is my pencil drawing of ancient Great Grandmother nature wisdom crone. How does she make you feel?

Image credits:


Creator: Me Medium: Stained Glass Description: Hi everyone! I'm an artist from Indiana…I have been doing stained glass for a year now and love to make 3D characters for fun… this is my 3rd piece and by far my most technical… 200 hours + 500 pieces of glass = my life size Deadpool wall lamp… I hope you love it as much as I do!

Image credits: technicolormermaidstainedglass


For all those who expressed interest but were unable to get one while they were available, I will be restocking the store on June 1st! Hair Pins ⭐️Creator: Me Black Rabbit Emporium ⭐️Medium: Plant-Based Resin ⭐️Description: Functional Hair Pins

Image credits: BlackRabbitEmp


Artist: Bad Portraits Medium: watercolors, marker, ink on paper Model: Lady Flufferton Not my cat but I wish!! Been a bit since I shared some of my terribly great art here.

Image credits: Bad Portraits


Artist: Me Medium: wire, foam, feathers, glass, acrylic paint And just like that after years of dreaming and scheming and weeks of work, my very strange child is complete. BE NOT AFRAID

Image credits: LectersFavaBean


Creator: me Materials: veg-tan leather, dye, acrylic paint, waxed cord, rivets, brass lacing hooks, lacing Model: Katie Katie's mom secretly commissioned this tooled leather purple rose corset as a surprise gift to her. It's made from individually tooled panels of dyed leather, stitched and riveted together, with additional layers of "filigree" leather stitched over to make the vines and roses. I had such a good time making this. The roses were a lot of fun, and there was a challenge involved with making a custom veg-tan leather corset for a bumptuous babe using only second-hand measurements.

Image credits: Andy Fyfe


Artist: Me! Medium: Fabric Inspiration: Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro ?

Image credits: Suzanna Bondurant


What do you think of this great necklace ??‍♀️ With its wisdom snake, with volcanic basalt and a lapis lazuli accent

Image credits: María Ailín Fazzito


Just posted on my etsy and ready for adoption!

Image credits: Madyson Durrant


Designer- Pocket Bean Material- Vinyl My first bag design arrived today! I’m thrilled with the samples ? They are up for pre-order till May! All the wings are interchangeable ? I’d love suggestions on more wing types I should do! I have a bat and a Rosey Maple Moth coming too

Image credits: Pocketbeancrafts


Creator: me at Ghoulishshoes Medium: pigments/leds and embroidery Links: Description: handpainted and sealed Jurassic Park heels with lights and artificial bug my best seller for 2 years Credit: Jurassic Park and Ghoulishshoes

Image credits: Groovy shoes/ accessories & unique art


“Mermaid’s Cove” ?? creator: me medium: oil paint size: 11 by 14 inch canvas available on etsy

Image credits: LucidRenditions


Creator: Me @_AlexandraHerrick_ Medium: Hand-Embroidered Wide Brim Hats. No patterns are used, all work is hand- stitched and designs are free-handed. Hats are a variety of colors and styles in 100% wool or wool blends.

Image credits: _AlexandraHerrick_


Creator: Me Medium: 2-Way Sequin Fabric, EVA Foam, Upholstery Foam Sheets. Credit: @Ivananayaphotography Inspiration: Doug Dimmadome- Fairly Oddparents I had a blast bringing this Cartoon Fan Favorite to life. My childhood is complete.

Image credits: FauxLBeau


Creator: Beata Bylinka Technique: Crochet hook, acrylic yarn Description: Title: "At the seaside" Crochet and acrylic yarn, pinned to a light foam board Credit: My original painting Dimensions: 46 x 62 cm work entirely made of imagination (no pattern)

Image credits: Beata Bylinka


Creator: Medium: gel polish, acrylic airbrush paint Description: 2D nails, pic taken on my iPhone without filter or edits

Image credits: fauxjacat


Creator - me ; Two Feathers Beadwork Medium - indigenous beadwork Inspiration- I’m so ready for Christmas and I had to style some of these bulbs!! They came out more gorgeous than I expected.

Image credits: Two Feathers Beadwork


Sewing cookie-tin mimic! Artist: Jones Medium: Found object/polymer clay.

Image credits: enchantingjackalcreations


Creator: Me c: La Forêt De l'Art Perdu Medium: Resin (Acorn cap and foraged stuff) Description : I've made the molds of these little treasures from a wide range of acorns to show all the variety forests give us c: For the content, I forage everything myself from my long long walks ? From passed away life to fungy, From wild flowers and plants to moss and lichen ? Edit: Thank you so much everyone for all your love !! I got sold out in only one day ✨ I didn't thought it would be that much loved?? I'm sorry I can't keep answering everyone ? I'm adding my little shop up here to stop writting it in the comments ahah.

Image credits: LaForetDeLartperdu


Creator: Me Medium: Leather, suede, carpet, canvas, faceted crystals, embroidery My name is Cate and I’m an automotive interior artist, specialising in creating fully bespoke, classic VWs. This is my latest piece ‘Rose’, she’s a 1967 VW Beetle. There’s way too many details to fit into 5 images, if you’d like to see more you can find me on TikTok, Instagram, and FB as @cateculp

Image credits: cateculp


Creator: Becky D Tattoo. Medium: Eternal Ink in Skin I AM A PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTIST Hi I'm Becky D (they/them)! I'm a queer trans artist from Ottawa, Canada and I specialize in bright and bold neotraditonal tattooing with a whimsical lean. I own In Bloom Tattoo Collective and have been tattooing for six years full time.

Image credits: beckyd_tattoo


Artist: Myself Medium: Crochet Just finished up writing the pattern for this charming little chap, Mr. Gray, the handy-dandy tea wallet!!! What is a tea wallet, you might ask? Well, if you're an avid tea drinker, as I am, you may carry your preferred brew with you in your travels, only to find it to be smashed beyond use from the other contents of your bag. Well, Mr. Gray to the rescue!!! Just slip a bag into his cozy pocket and he will keep it safe and fresh until tea time!!! An original Nova DesertRose Designs pattern, worked in size 10 cotton thread. Pattern coming soon.

Image credits: AmberLee Hodges


Creator: Me Medium: used book and alcohol ink I recently finished this piece inspired by Grady Hendrix’s The Final Girl Support Group. I‘m hoping I get the chance to give it to him at a book signing later this month

Image credits: dogearedcreations


I burn wood in my airbrush shop for heat. One day while splitting wood i looked down to see this odd shaped piece… I couldnt resist airbrushing what saw in it.

Image credits: Crazything Art


My first painting of 2022.

Image credits: Joshua Zarambo


Creator- me Medium- crochet The grey is inspired by the Isabella dress using the Luna pattern by Namaste and Crochet. The ivory is the Luna set (I have a skin toned body suit underneath so nothing is visible)

Image credits: Nicole Scherck


Crochet Blanky from brave little toaster.

Image credits: voodooya


Creator: Me Materials: acrylic yarn, worsted weight Description: My first completed wearable crochet piece for my niephling. The granny squares are starburst pattern but construction was trial and error.

Image credits: Kris Young


Creator: me Medium: radiation immobilizer, yarn Brief description: I beat cancer this year, after 6 weeks of being strapped to a table and zapped with radiation in this mask. I wanted to turn it into something that no longer represents the worst time in my life and something a little less horrifying. So I embroidered it with flowers and butterflies because those make me happiest, and now it will hang proudly in my gallery to remind me that I made it out alive.

Image credits: Rachel Tankersley


Creator: me, Shayne Hunter Medium: tattoos on skin Credit: original designs created by me. Helloo! I’m a professional Tattoo Artist out of Dallas, Texas! I have now been tattooing for 2 years! My work consists of mostly traditional / neo traditional color work! If you would like to check out more of my work here are my pages! Booking: Shayne Hunter Tattoos

Image credits: shaynexart


Creator: me Medium: acrylic on canvas For some reason I spent almost 8 hours on this

Image credits: Anna Andrews


CREATOR : ME (I AM A PROFESSIONAL TATTOO ARTIST These are my original designs as well as tattoos done by me MEDIUM - skin and eternal tattoo ink I posted my print I designed shortly before thanksgiving and wanted to share an update ! I got to tattoo 2/3 the piethons as tattoos this month!

Image credits: skylar_rose_art


Artist: Me ( Grand Design Glass ) Medium: torch worked pyrex glass I saw valentines Chocolates at the store so now I can start celebrating. Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays to make stuff for. I have a new set in the works and can't wait to show everyone.

Image credits: Grand Design Glass


Artist: Me, @scoutcrochet on insta Medium: 100% bamboo yarn crocheted panels, shoe glue, on Nike AF1's Someone in another group suggested I post these here too. The panels are all freehand crochet attached with shoe goo.

Image credits: scoutcrochet


Artist: me Medium: watercolors and ink on paper Rosy maple moths are my absolute favorite. And fun fact! They get their name from looking like maple helicopter seeds.

Image credits: artoftranifer


Wow I definitely didn’t expect this kind of response! Thank you all so much for your kind words. So a little more backstory on my design process. I found these blueprints from the 1940s for a bullet race plane. The man who’s estate sale it was, had actually started building his own plane in his garage. I hate to see history be thrown in the trash, so I rescued the blue prints along with a scrapbook from World War ll. It appears that the man was a aircraft mechanic and a pilot. Theses shoes were my tribute to an artist who I never met. The bank bags are from my hometown and the patches were off a military uniform. If your interested in seeing my shoe making journey, I have pictures of the process on my Instagram. if your interested in making your own shoes, give Colorado Shoe School a ring. Here are some shoes I made using old bank bags, and airplane blueprints I found at an estate sale. Everything I used except for the rivets and shoe laces was recycled. Photos were taken by Colorado Shoe School.

Image credits: Colorado Shoe School


Creator: Me ( Vicki's Visions) Medium: Chalk Synthesis Paint, Metallic Guilding Paint, Polyurethane, on Old Wood Furniture Description: This gorgeous set has been Boldly reimagined and transformed! I have given them new life with the magic touch of my paint brush. These pieces are solid wood, very heavy, and very sturdy!! They’ll last you your lifetime and then some! These pieces are available in my Etsy They can be purchased separately or together with a discount for buying both! You can also follow my Art & Furniture transformations at TikTok @vickisvisions

Image credits: vickisvisionsllc


Creator: Cerys Amelia Green - Art Medium: Acrylic on canvas "The Deep"

Image credits: Cerys Amelia Green - Art


Creator : Me!/Shandelions Medium : Fabric Edit: oh my goodness so much love so quickly ? I can't thank you enough, I've wanted to post on here for the longest time but was nervous lol! For all those asking my business Instagram is @shandelionmakes and my website is, those are the best places to reach me! ?? Not sure if this counts as an art but I make clown suits and I recently got a commission for 3 suits, collars and scrunchies! I've had so much fun making these.

Image credits: shandelions