Reusable Photo Coffee Cozy DIY

Coffee, coffee, coffee! If you are a coffee freak like me, then you probably enjoy some java multiple times in different locations throughout the day. I’m trying to do a lot more reusable items and switch out items as they run out with better options, so we partnered with Canon USA to create a reusable (and washable!) coffee cozy—perfect for my coffee habit! You don’t need a lot of fabric for these either, so you can use fabric scraps that you probably already have and adding in a printed photo onto your cozy makes it personalized or a great gift option as well. I’ll show you how I made mine!

–Canon PIXMA MegaTank printer
-T-shirt iron-on transfer paper
-cotton fabric scraps for top and bottom side (can use two different fabrics or the same)
-white cotton fabric scrap for photo area
-scrap of thicker fleece fabric or quilt batting
-sewing machine
-1/4″ elastic
–coffee cozy template

Let’s get started! Start by resizing your photo to 3.25″ x 3.25″ (or somewhere around that) and print it out onto your photo transfer paper. Make sure to mirror the image before printing so it prints backwards and it will look correct once you iron it on!! Cut around the photo, leaving a small border around the printed area. Print your coffee cozy template as well. I’ve been using the Canon PIXMA MegaTank printer for a little while now and love the printing quality. Being able to print photos and create projects at home is a huge benefit of having a printer, and this one has a huge ink supply, which is an extra bonus!

Iron your photo onto your white cotton fabric per the paper instructions and peel off the backing to reveal the photo underneath. Save the layer you peeled off for a step later on.
Trim off the fabric sides of the photo so you have a little less than a 1/2″ of fabric on each side of the photo. Cut two scraps of fabric for each side that are about 5″ wide each.

Pin your side pieces to meet the edges of your fabric photo (a 1/2″ seam allowance) and sew down each side to connect them.

You should now have a long strip of fabric with a photo in the middle of your pattern!

Center your coffee cozy template on top of your fabric strip (with the photo in the middle) and cut out your front cozy piece (make sure to add the 1/2″ seam allowance the whole way around). Use the same template to cut out your back piece and your fleece (or quilt batting) piece so that you have three layers all the same size.

Layer your pieces with the fleece layer first, the front piece next (right side up) and your back piece last (right side down).

Fold over a 2″ section of 1/4″ elastic to make a loop and pin it in between your top and bottom layer (loop side in with tails sticking out the side).

Pin your three layers together and sew around the edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance and leave a 2″ gap so you can turn your cozy right side out.
Once your cozy is right side out you can press the seams flat with an iron. Since you don’t want to iron directly on the photo transfer, use the transfer piece you peeled off earlier to lay on top of the photo so it will protect the photo underneath while you iron. Peel backing off again when cozy is cool.
Sew around the cozy 1/4″ from the edge to give your sleeve a finished look and to close up the 2″ gap you left open to turn your cozy right side out. Once you’re done you can add a button about 1″ from the side opposite the elastic so you can hook the elastic over it to close your cozy. This cozy is washable, so if there’s a coffee spill just follow the washing directions for the photo transfer paper you use and you should be all good. How sweet is that?! I try and bring my own mug when I go to church or a coffee shop where I know I’ll get a cup of coffee, but, to be honest, sometimes I forget so I love that a reusable cozy can be put into a purse or a diaper bag where it can stay without taking up hardly any room and then I can at least save having to use a paper sleeve and skip the lid when I don’t need one. Also, some ceramic non-handled reusable cups can get hot too, so these are helpful for tea and coffee in those! These would be a great gift personalized for a coffee/tea lover in your life, so make a few at once and spread the love! xo. Laura
Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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