Protect your Nintendo Switch Lite from damage with ease

Looking for the best way to protect your Nintendo Switch Lite against any damage? If you need to keep your Switch Lite safe while on your travels or to stop any accidents at home from ruining your device, have no fear! We have plenty of ways to help keep your switch safe. Whatever the reason you need to safeguard your Switch, here are the best ways to protect your game system and also transport it with you.
Best all round case HORI Tough Pouch
Staff pick

Need something a bit tougher? Then this officially licensed semi-hard case won't let you down. Available in either black or blue, this case is capable of going through the rough and tumble that life often brings.

$17 at Amazon
Best budget option Orzly Carry Case

This budget case from Orzly is truly marvelous. Not only capable of fitting the Nintendo Switch Lite inside, but it can also fit up to eight games and numerous accessories in a mesh separator. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can also double as a stand; wow!

$12 at Amazon
Best for storing many games Butterfox Compact Carrying Case

Games, games, games! With space for 19 game cards and two micro-sd card slots as well, no matter where you go, you can easily take all of your games with you as well as some headphones and cables. Pick your favorite one from a multitude of colors, including gold and silver.

$16 at Amazon
Take everything you need PDP Commuter Case

Carry absolutely everything you need in one bag. This case is capable of holding everything you'd need for your Nintendo Switch Lite, including a Pro Controller, spare Joy-Cons, plenty of games, cables, and battery packs to boot.

$30 at Amazon
Clear minimalism Protective cover case

This clear, minimalist shock absorber fits around the edge of your Nintendo Switch Lite to protect it from any accidental drops or falls. As well as being ergonomically designed to help you hold the Switch Lite better, it is also lightweight and won't bulk up your console.

$10 at Amazon
Convenient carrying FYOUNG Carrying Case Bag

Go hands-free with this backpack offering which is easily capable of storing your Nintendo Switch Lite, a spare pair of Joy-Cons, a battery pack, some cables and perhaps some snacks too?

$20 at Amazon
Get armored up HORI Hybrid System Armor

Are you a fan of those kinds of mobile phone cases that fit your phone like a glove? If so, then you'll love this officially licensed offering from HORI. In the same manner, as some phone cases, the translucent rear panel allows the Nintendo Switch Lite logo to show through.

$20 at Amazon
Cover it up FYOUNG Cover Case

This bright offering from FYOUNG is guaranteed to improve your grip of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Even if a mishap does somehow happen, the cover is made of a shock-resistant material and so should be able to absorb the hit. It also comes with two discreet game cartridge holders in the rear.

$11 at Amazon
The official one Official Nintendo Switch Lite Carry Case

Easily kill two birds with one stone with this purchase as it also includes a screen protector. This case is a small case designed to hug the Nintendo Switch Lite tightly, but it still manages to pack in some game card slots and a place for a pair of earbuds.

$20 at Amazon
A sleek option CoBak Carrying Case

This compact design is made to keep your Nintendo Switch Lite secure and easy to grab on the go. With six game card slots and a pocket for your headphones, charging cables, or other small accessories, it has just enough space to keep all the things you need, without being bulky and in the way.

$15 at Amazon
Take a stand MoKo Case

Give your arms a break with this comfort grip cover with a kickstand. In addition to the added comfort, this case is also shock absorbent and has two game slots built-in.

$13 at Amazon
For Pokemon Fans PDP Deluxe Travel Case

Add some personality to your case with a little Pikachu! Compatible for both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, this fun case offers 14 spaces for your games and a quick-grip handle.

$20 at Amazon
Take it with you!
Wherever you go, and wherever you currently are, the HORI Tough Pouch will not let you down. Guaranteed to be able to withstand anything that it is thrown at it, trust in this Nintendo Switch Lite case to get the job done.

The Orzly Carry case is exceptional value given that it can store up to 8 games, some earbuds, cables, and even a slimline battery pack. Can't resist taking your Pro Controller, big battery pack, headphones and a wide variety of games with you? Then feel free to give the PDP Commuter Case a look.