Organizing Tune-Ups – Bonus Episode: Celebrating The Wins

Today’s bonus episode covers a topic I originally wasn’t planning to cover – celebrating the wins. After hearing from so many of you, I felt this was a topic that we needed to chat about!

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Show Notes

Five years ago, I had been working so hard to create The Organized Mama, and I decided to change up my goals and ideas instead of celebrating the anniversary of my business! What I’ve noticed since then is that I haven’t celebrated any of the small or big wins.

We create giant to-do lists for ourselves, and so often, we forget to celebrate. You just accomplished something so big that took thought, time, and effort – celebrate it!

There has been such a focus on self-care recently, and celebrating the wins definitely falls into self-care! Today, I’m going to share a few ways that you can celebrate those wins! Some of these ideas cost money, and some are entirely free!

Did you finish decluttering and organizing a space? Maybe buy something decorative that you have had an eye on for a while to highlight in that newly organized space!

Did you organize a mudroom and give everyone a hook? Purchasing a new purse could be a great option. You have the space expressly set aside for it, and every time you use the purse, it will be its own little celebration.

Do you enjoy flowers? After organizing the kitchen or dining area, you can purchase some fresh flowers to add a little something extra to the space. Every time you see them, it reminds you that you did something hard.

Sharing on social media is an easy way to celebrate that doesn’t cost anything. You’ve accomplished something great, and seeing that celebration can inspire others to do the same! One place specifically where you can do this is in my community – School of Organizing!

Have a favorite TV show or movie? Watch it during the day! It may not seem like much, but watching TV during the day is a great celebration.

Some other options: take a nature walk or scroll through social media without guilt!

Celebrating the wins doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal! Just make sure you celebrate the big and small wins throughout your life.

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