Olight Olink Magnetic Hook 2023 REVIEW

Perfect Companion for your Perun Mini, Pocket Lights, and Obulbs.

If you are new to the Olight world, I welcome you to the community.  As a relatively new member, let me first concede that I am a box-opening flashlight user, not solely a collector.  My brother-in-law introduced me to Olight when he sold me a bright red S1R II Baton light.  I loved the wrist lanyard, golden pocket clip/accents, magnetic tail charging, side button, brightness, functions, etc.  It became my everyday carry light, my backup Cub Scout camping light, and rarely was absent from my pocket.  Wanting more, I found my way to the website, several holiday sales, and now I have a wife that questions my flashlight pseudo-addiction. 

Olight Olink Magnetic Hook

More than a flashlight company, Olight has provided solutions to problems I did not know I had.  As an example, I wanted a headlamp for camping/hiking activities. The company provided a neat adjustable Velcro patch for their Perun Mini light, which paired nicely with the included velcro headband attachment. The 90-degree angled flashlight, bright beam, beam function modes, the adjustable patch, and the ability to place it around my hat made it one of my prime camping lights.  I loved the ability to add the headband to my hat and adjust the light/patch as needed. On one of my favorite trips, it proved invaluable when the scouts slept inside a cave at Cumberland Caverns. 

During a recent visit by my mother, we decided to take a few walks with our Boston Terrier. I grabbed a hat, the headlamp/headband combo, and we walked around the neighborhood. She mentioned that she would love an angled light, like the Perun Mini, but preferred a neck light.  She wanted the angled beam to help light the path while walking her dogs and checking on her outside animals at home.  Unfortunately, she stated that she disliked headlamps.  So, I turned to the Olight Facebook community and found a post by Mr. Cotton, who suggested pairing an Olink with 550 Paracord and simple plastic breakaway Barrel connectors.  

Olight Olink Magnetic Hook

I ordered her a Perun Mini, Olink, barrel-connectors, and cut a section of paracord from my roll to prepare for the build.  The Olight Olink arrived in a 1 1/2 inches wide by 2 3/16 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches thick retail package and provided a fun/enjoyable introduction to the product.  The sterile-white packaging provided a lovely backdrop for the large ink-outline drawing of the Olink magnet/carabiner and the turquoise OLIGHT name/logo along the top left of the panel.  Each side panel, like the cover title, displayed the name/logo in a vibrant turquoise color and added a refreshing splash of color.  The back panel listed the product specifications (Weight 25g/0.88oz, 35L/20W/43mmH / 1.38”/0.79”/1.70”), company addresses/contact information, SKU barcode, and product manufacturing labels.  

I removed the 0.9-ounce Olink device from the packaging and separated it from the internal foam block.  If you are curious about the role/function of the OLink accessory, know that it is a magnetic base with a circular ring that one can pair with the tail caps of most of the Olight rechargeable lights. The device can be broken up into two parts.  First, you will find a black 0.4-ounce, 13/16 inches diameter by 1/4 inches tall magnet with a 3/8 inches tall by 3/8 inches wide ring hook (1/4 inches diameter).  The shiny metallic magnet was surrounded by a blue Olight accent, while the front panel was adorned with the silver “Olink” name. The second portion of the device was a 1 3/8 inches diameter by 3/16 inches wide circular carabiner.  If you look closely at the 5/8 inches wide carabiner gate, you will find the Olight name.  You will find a cautionary “not for climbing” label along the top of the hoop.  

Olight Olink Magnetic Hook

Unlike the initial craft/build described by Mr. Cotton, I left the circular carabiner attached to the magnetic base and ran the paracord through the carabiner loop.  I cut a section of paracord to 21 1/4 inches, placed a barrel buckle over the paracord, heated the ends with a lighter, and then compressed them to a larger diameter than the hole.  We placed the necklace around the neck attached the Perun Mini to the Olink, and enjoyed the hands-free flashlight experience.  The Olink attached firmly to the magnetic tail cap of the Perun Mini and remained relatively stable while walking. 

Once we created the project for my mom, my wife decided she wanted one too. They loved the weight of the ring/magnet and its stability. My wife tried the Perun Mini pocket clip attached to her shirt but found the weight excessively pulled the neckline downward.  She did not like the clip and asked for one of her own.  So, I purchased a Perun Mini 2 and regifted my original Perun Mini to my wife for a nighttime walking neck light.  However, instead of the plastic barrel connectors, we upgraded to magnetic connectors.  I removed the internal strings from 550-paracord, placed a bead of hot glue within the magnetic connector, inserted the paracord, and allowed the glue to dry.  The add-on magnetic connectors provided a nice upgrade to the plastic barrel connectors.  After our latest build, we decided to pair Obulb MC ‘s with Olink/neck lanyards for a safer Trick-Or-Treating experience for Halloween 2023.


The base Perun Mini light and the new Perun Mini 2 are wonderful 90-degree angled lights.  The lights make for perfect headlamps/hat lights and, thanks to the above craft/build, can also make for an ideal neck light.  The Olink device can be clipped to a backpack, purse, or belt loop, and can securely hold many of my favorite Olights.  For those who may be on the fence about the Olink accessory, imagine a hands-free holder for your pocket Olight, or an easy way to turn an Obulb into a tiny lantern. Wear them around your neck, or hang them for accent lighting. You will not regret adding a few Olink devices to your cart.  

Olight Olink Magnetic Hook

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