My Top 10 Best Organizing Products Revealed

The other day I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she asked me if I’ve ever done a top 10 best organizing products post. And I actually have but it was six years ago! There’s a reason for that though. I have so many favorites that narrowing the list down to my top 10 seems absolutely impossible. I mean that’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. But then I realized I usually DO have a favorite child. I’ve always said my favorite child is the one that is annoying me the least and cooperating the most on any given day, ha! So the products I’m sharing today are in fact my favorites of TODAY. They could up and annoy me tomorrow and they’ll get demoted. But don’t you worry, they’ll eventually all circle around again and take their turn in the spotlight.

Some of these products were included in my list from 6 years ago, yet many are new. However if you are regular around here, none of them will come as any sort of surprise to you. You have to promise not to hold me to any of them. Just remember I will change my mind. But as of right now these are my ride or dies. Like if I suddenly found myself starting over in life from scratch, these are the things I would buy first. They complete me. Just kidding that was a bit extreme, even for me! So maybe they don’t complete me but they sure do make me happy. And organized. Let’s not forget that!

Here we go…in no particular order.

My Top 10 Best Organizing Products Revealed at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Rolling Cart:

Of course I have to include Pixie in this top 10 list! (If you’re new here please don’t be alarmed, yes I sometimes name my organizing tools. It’s totally normal.) Pixie has been used in a variety of ways in my house. She really is the sweetest and rarely annoys me (don’t tell the others). Read more about Pixie’s awesomeness right HERE.

Find Pixie and friends on Amazon HERE.

Rolling Cart for all your organizing needs

Rolling cart - one of my favorite!

Car Cache:

I always rave about this product to anyone who will listen. It’s that good. When we got a new vehicle I was stumped about where to put my purse. After talking with friends, I was shocked that they just put up with this problem. No way! I set out to find a solution and I found that in the Car Cache. Game changer! Essentially it’s a “hammock” that hangs between the two front seats to cradle your purse. Seriously brilliant and a necessity of life. Definitely.

Purchase the Car Cache HERE.

Car Cache

My favorite Car Cache


I love this labeler and have used it for years and years. It’s just so easy to use. And it does two rows if you need extra space. Easy and inexpensive. What more could you ask for?

Purchase the Dymo LetraTag Labeler HERE.

Dymo Letratag

Turn Tables:

Another oldie but goodie are turn tables. Oh my word, if you don’t have these in your kitchen already, you must be new around here. They make life so much easier and are perfect for hard to reach areas in a cabinet or pantry. And if you really want to take your organizing life up a notch, try turn tables in your lazy Susan cabinets. Another game changer! Just make sure you get the kind with some grip inside so your stuff doesn’t slide around.

Oh and you’ll want to label the tops of your spices and save yourself a bunch of time while you’re at it!

Purchase these turn tables below HERE.

turn tables

They come in a variety of sizes.

turn tables

Wire Shelves:

Another kitchen necessity are wire shelves to double your cabinet space. Pretty self explanatory. Want more space? Add wire shelves!

Purchase wire shelves HERE.

wire shelves


My favorite type of clear canister is from the Canadian brand, Nouvo. They feature a tight seal, an easy push top and an extra feature that I just love…a silicone lid hanger. This is something I really appreciate because we deal with allergies in our house and it lessons the risk of cross contamination.

Purchase Nouvo canisters HERE.

Nouvo kitchen canisters

Nouvo kitchen canisters

Nouvo kitchen canisters


If you want more space in your closet, slim hangers are the way to go! First of all, using all of one type of hanger just makes your closet look more streamlined. Using slim hangers literally doubles the hanging space. I love them!

rubber coated hangers

These rubber coated slim hangers are my favorite! They are stronger than the velvet/felt ones which is a real plus and they keep your clothes from sliding off onto the floor. These are a must have in my book!

rubber coated hangers

Closet Bins:

Now I call these closet bins because that’s where I keep them but you can use them anywhere you like for a little extra storage. They are marketed as storage for dinner plates and even come with the felt inserts. But they can be used for so many other purposes as well. I love how easily they stack and being able to see what’s inside through the window is a real perk.

Purchase closet bins HERE.

closet bins

Magazine Holder:

I mentioned this metal foldable magazine/book rack in a recent Catching Up post. It has four sections to it and the front is open making it easy to slide out what you need. So much more durable than cardboard magazine files.

Purchase the Foldable Magazine/Book Rack HERE.

foldable magazine/book rack

Jewelry Organizer:

This lovely jewelry organizer is a definite favorite right now because it makes me happy just looking at it. And it keeps all my baubles organized and tangle free. Know what makes me crazy? Tangled jewelry. Ugh. The worst. So this organizer saves my sanity. And the price point on it is fantastic!

Purchase this jewelry organizer HERE.

jewelry organizer

So there you have it, my 10 best organizing products of the moment. Today. Right now. If I had more space, I would have included my favorite planners and my favorite family calendar to the list as well. See I’m already feeling bad about leaving them out. Gosh I’m so not cut out for this. I hope they don’t hold it against me. That would be so sad. Okay I can’t second guess myself, must press publish.

Do you have any similar favorites to my list? Or if you’ve got another favorite please tell! I love to be influenced :).

Have a great weekend everyone,


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