LePlatom AirTag Case REVIEW

Treat yourself to a little luxury and carry your AirTags in Style.

If you have ever misplaced your keys, your remote, or anything of importance, then you likely understand the power of tracking devices.  I have been a fan of trackers since at least 2017, utilizing several varieties of Tile, Chipolo, Cube, Mynt, and Wistiki, etc.  The overarching goal of each of these devices was quite similar: 1. Attach to a device. 2. Lose device. 3. App-linked device would ring the device. 4. Find the device.  A few of the devices had a bonus feature that would allow you to find your phone/tablet by pressing a button on the tracker.  A few allowed you to change the jingle.  A few were too quiet; a few were a bit more audible. Some of the devices had an exchangeable battery, and others did not.  In a “Hold my Beer” moment, Apple jumped into the fray with the AirTag, with preorders starting on 04/23/2021.  Excitedly, I purchased a 4-pack of Apple AirTags and awaited shipment.  When the package arrived on 6/10/21, I opened the box to find four 0.3-ounce trackers and no method to attach them to my keys/bag/etc.  I immediately realized a flaw of the AirTags was there was no built-in attachment loop or case.

Luckily, a quick Amazon search yielded several clips, cases, wallets, stickers, etc., for the AirTags.  I obtained a LePlatom AirTag Case to review.  The two-pack AirTag Case arrived in a 4 5/8 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick retail case.  The cover displayed the product name along the top left and two AirTag case cutouts along the top left and bottom right.  The product contained a black leather and light brown leather case with black metallic and silver metallic accents, respectively.  The top, bottom, and left panels were left unadorned, while the right-side panel displayed “LePlatom” is a Registered Trademark. All Rights Reserved.”  The back panel provided a step-by-step installation guide for the AirTag tracker and a variety of loop styles.  The top three drawings showed how to install the tracker and a keyring, while the bottom three showed how to remove the buckle, add a metallic belt clip, and then reinstall the buckle.  Along the bottom of the panel, you will find the LePlatom SKU barcode sticker.  

I opened the packaging, slid the clear tray out of the main box, then removed the two thin plastic AirTag covers, followed by the business card-sized warranty card with QR code.  The slide-out tray was organized with the 0.3-ounce, 3 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide, black-colored keychain holder along the top left, and the brown leather device along the bottom right.  The black-colored metallic keyring hanger was located along the bottom left.  The 0.4-ounce device measured 2 1/2 inches tall by 7/8 inches wide and had an accessory bottle opener, metallic clip closure, and two small hexagonal cutout/nut wrenches (1/4 inches and 3/8 inches).  Just above the brown hanger, you will find a 0.4-ounce 1 3/8 inches diameter, 3/16 inches thick metallic ring.  Lastly, you will find a small Phillips head screwdriver in the middle of the panel.

To install the AirTag into the case, lift the magnetic attachment button to access the inner pocket, remove the internal white-foam place holder, insert the AirTag, and reattach the metallic button.  To install the black metallic hanger, you will need to first remove the screwdriver and then the buckle screw.  The instructions recommended sliding the buckle through the bottom hex cutout and then re-insert the screw into the buckle.  When I tested that setup, I found that the 5 1/2 inches long hanger/AirTag holder was a bit too long for my keyring.  I removed the screw from the buckle and then removed the large metallic key hook to reduce the size. Next, I looped the buckle over my keyring, inserted the buckle screw, and then tightened the screw with the included screwdriver.  I found the setup lacked the easy removal that the keyring holder provided, but the decreased footprint proved superior for my keyring.  

When considering the brown leather holder, my wife preferred the metallic ring attachment to the buckle style alone.  She liked that she could use the metallic ring to attach the entire keyring to her purse.  She also found that she could remove the AirTag from her keyring to attach to her purse directly.  Either way, the Le Platom cases allowed me to enjoy the benefits of the AirTag Find My technology. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive duo-pack AirTag carry option, look no further than the LePlatom AirTag Cases.  Thanks to the easy-to-remove buckles and accessory carry loops, you can add the tags to your purse, backpack, belt loop, or even to a dog collar.   For an even better deal, at the time of the review, you could enjoy a 40% off coupon, which dropped the device to $9.59.  Additionally, they had a promotion that allowed a two-for-one option as well.  For the lucky people who grab the deal, you can enjoy four leather AirTag holders for just a bit over $10 dollars.  If two cases at $15 is a good deal, then four for ten is an absolute steal.  

For more information, visit leplatombeauty.com or Facebook.