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It’s that time of year again, although I think 2020 has been the year of disjointed time and I can’t believe we’re so close to the holidays.  With the dire predictions of disrupted shipping, we are getting our holiday shopping articles out earlier than usual so you don’t get left in the lurch.  We hope some of these ideas strike your fancy and help you with your holiday present list.

This site has everything you could possibly want in the writing department – pens, all sizes of notebooks, pencil cases and lots more.  This soft A6 mini notebook is perfect to carry with you to record notes, ideas and sketches- I always have one in my purse.  It is 4″ x 6″, and you have a choice of 4 cover designs. $14.95.




My daughter gave me a Keep Cup last year and I love it.  They come in multiple colors and sizes and I think they are one of the best reusable coffee cups on the market. The Thermal cup comes in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.  It has a double wall of stainless steel and vacuum sealed thermal insulation for lasting drinkability.  It comes in six colors.  From $28.00.






The Brew Cork which is the glass Keep Cup, is 12 oz. with a natural cork band and durable tempered glass.  it comes in six colors.  From $26.00.









The Alder is 12 oz. and made from durable tempered glass with a silicone band. There are five colors to choose from.   From $22.00.



The Fox Run Heat-Resistant Boil Alert tempered glass disc will rattle gently when your pot water is boiling to alert you.  Stop having your pasta pot boil over all over your stove!  Two discs for $9.13.

How often do you finish cooking bacon and then can’t find anywhere to safely pour the hot bacon grease from the pan? This Bacon Bin Silicone Grease Container is small but your kitchen pipes and drains will thank you for using it. It holds one cup of bacon grease.  Pour the bacon grease in, the strainer will keep out stray bacon bits, put the lid on and keep it in the fridge or on your counter.  It is 4″ x 3.34″ and $13.58.


This travel set meets TSA carry-on liquid requirements and is BPA free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  The blush-colored set includes a 30ml bottle, two 30ml pump bottles, two .35 oz. mini jars, three 90ml. flat pouch bottles and one 1 qt. reusable travel pouch.  I love the way it looks, very snappy!  $12.00.

It also comes in black and ivory.



SpareOne GSM Emergency Mobile Cellular Phone provides up to 10 hours of talk time.  As a spare or emergency phone, the battery will keep its charge for up to 15 years if unused. It reports a better operating range than a smartphone.  It has a one-touch emergency service button and up to 9 important numbers can be pre=programmed.  It has an LED Torchlight that provides up to 24 hours of continuous light.  It is 5.7″ and $7.99.


I’ve never used a shampoo bar but having mopped up spilled shampoo from my suitcase when traveling, I think it’s a great idea. This is a peppermint and tea tree bar with coconut, olive and jojoba oils.  It is good for both men and women and for long and short hair.  At a Trader Joe’s near you. $3.99.



If any of your stocking present recipients use lip balm, get them some Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.  It was the number one pick of an affordable, long-lasting classic by The Wirecutter.  Four tubes for $9.97.





Planet Botanicals uses only plant-based natural ingredients. They have products for the face, body and hair.  I like the Seaweed and Shea Butter Hand Cream. It is especially good for dry and sensitive skin.  It is not greasy. A 2.0 oz. is $11.00.


These sponges are anti-bacterial and nonabrasive.  When their antibacterial powers become weak, the design fades indicating it is time for a replacement.  The sponge is smell-resistant and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.  It can handle any cleaning job from dishes to bathrooms.  They are quick-drying and come in four colors.  A set of four is $14.99.

These flat holiday candles by Flatyz are festive, attractive and handmade.  They are hand-painted with twin wicks that burn evenly.  They self-extinguish, are unscented and smoke-free. $13.99 each.

There are 54 holiday designs to choose from. Each candle comes with a steel stand. The candle is 2.5″ x 6″.

The flat candles have many non-holiday themes and can be used year-round.  Also $13.99 each.

They will also custom design candles for you.

I am crazy about these holiday masks.  Vistaprint has a wonderful collection of masks for adults and kids.  They are clever, funny and well designed.  They have 4 layers of protective fabric and adjustable ear straps.  They also allow customization.  From $13.00.

Super Goop makes this nourishing, 100% mineral multipurpose sun balm.  It soothes dry or cracked skin areas and contains broad-spectrum SPF40 UV sun protection. It is an all-in-one face and body balm and is perfect to travel with to extreme climates or altitudes. If you have an irritating face mask it will ease those rubbed areas.  Use it year-round. $26.00 for 1.0 fl. oz.



What better way is there to spend a winter evening than ‘masking’ and we don’t mean THOSE kinds of masks. This Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask is organic, and will purify, calm and detox your skin.  Puffiness is visibly reduced.  $13.89




Write on Ribbon eliminates the need for a gift tag.  Just write your message on the ribbon and you’re all set.  There is 9 feet, 10″ of ribbon for $5.00.



Does someone on your list constantly push their glasses back up?  I hate when my glasses get stretched out and here is the solution – Anti-Slip Glasses Ear Hook Grip.  They fit both kids and adults, they will keep eyeglasses and sunglasses in place and they will be hidden under hair and ear.  They are lightweight,  small and come in black, brown and clear  A 3-pack is $9.97.




The Perfect Weekend Trio face masques will make someone very happy.  This kit includes 1 FlashMasque Hydrate, 1 FlashMasque Illuminate and 1 FlashMasque Soothe.

$20.00 from Patchology



Everyone loves EO products, especially these hand sanitizing wipes in a lavender scent.  They contain 62% alcohol and are effective against most common germs.  They are frequently sold-out so request to be notified when they are back in stock.

$23.00 for 60 wipes.

Amazon also carries them.




It looks like we’re going to be wearing face masks for a while longer.  Tory Burch sells a pack of three that come in a pouch.  $35.00



Give a selection from the Shambhala Pocket Library Series.  There are 43 titles to choose from, The Art of Peace, Song of Myself, Narrow Road to the Interior, Cold Mountain Poems, to name a few.  All are paperbacks and $12.95 each.



This hand sanitizer has managed to blend 70% alcohol with hydrating coconut oil to keep your skin from drying out.  Replenishing Hand Sanitizer Spray is antibacterial with scents of bergamot and blue chamomile.  $12.00 for 1 oz.


These measuring spoons are great.  They are magnetic so you can keep them handy at all times on your stove or nesting together held tight by magnets.  They are also double-ended with two shapes for each measurement – the second is oval and narrower so you can get it into small openings like spice bottles.  $21.95.

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