In-Store Pickup: The Genius Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

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‘Twas the morning before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring — except the spouse! They were frantically looking for the best gifts to buy because they let the date slip their mind (for the tenth year in a row). But fear not, frantic friend, because the little elves at SPY have you covered with the perfect solution — buying online for in-store pickup.

BOPIS, also known as BOPUS, refers to the practice of “buy online, pick up in-store.” And while Amazon may seem like the most obvious solution to grabbing last-minute gifts, if you’re reading this article, unfortunately even Amazon’s two-day shipping can’t save you.

In order to have your stockings hung by the chimney with care in time for St. Nicholas to get there, the best strategy to employ is using the in-store pickup option from big-box retailers with locations close to where you live, like Walmart, DICK’S, Nordstrom, Best Buy, and Target. Not only can you find what you need from your kitchen table, but with the in-store pickup option, you can skip the long checkout lines and the craziness of people fighting over toys, maximizing the remaining hours of holiday shopping.

To get you started on your last-minute shopping, we looked up the number of US brick-and-mortar stores of leading retailers and then considered which of those are best for finding gifts using in-store pickup. Here’s what we found. Of course, make sure to check the availability before pulling the trigger, but this is a great place to get going.

Walmart In-Store Pickup

Arguably the best store for, well, really everything and everyone you can think of, Walmart certainly has you covered with their in-store pickup program. Specifically, we find that Walmart has the best selection of toys and gadgets for the kiddos or more playful adults in your life.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

SAMSUNG 50" 4K Smart TV

It still blows our minds how cheap TVs have become over the years. It feels like only a few months ago when a 4K TV would run you close to $1,000. Fortunately for you, this incredible 50″ Samsung Smart TV comes in at a hair under $300. It’s the perfect addition for a new man cave, or an incredible starter TV for the little ones to watch Spongebob in their room, or wait is it Bluey now?

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Xbox Series S – Holiday Console

The joy of unwrapping a box and finding your first gaming console is truly an experience that could likely only be rivaled by seeing an engagement ring. Give the gift that every kid is secretly praying for and make sure you have a camera ready to snag a pic of the pure joy on their face when they see this Xbox. These are quite popular so if you’re able to find one, just pull the trigger.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Apple Watch Series 8

Our Tech Editor gave the Apple Watch Series 8 the unanimous title of being the best pound-for-pound smartwatch on the market, so you can rest assured that this gift is the real deal. Perfect for your slightly-larger little ones, your wife, your mom, your tech-forward grandpa, or really anyone in your life that has an iPhone and somehow doesn’t already have this incredible smartwatch.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur

I know that it seems a little pricey for a dinosaur toy, but after watching the video on all the ways to make this dino move around and roar, you’ll be convinced it’s the right purchase for your ferocious kid. It was also a top choice in SPY’s best toys for 5-year-olds, so you know this isn’t your typical plastic raptor.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Razor Black Label Electric Scooter

The king of scooters is here to deliver a Grand Slam this holiday season with their Black Label Electric Scooter. Coming in green and pink variations, it’s perfect for your son, daughter, or even those crazy little nephews in your life. Have fun looking out the window as you see them zip back and forth down the street until the battery is sucked dry on these puppies, which lasts for a purported 40 minutes. When they get tired, guess who’s up next? Helmets are strongly suggested and can also be found at Walmart.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

L.O.L. Surprise OMG Fierce Swag Fashion Doll 

Make it Fearless. Make it Fashion. Make it Fierce. This is the tagline for L.O.L. Surprise OMG Fierce Fashion Dolls, and you can certainly see why. The perfect gift for your kid who finds themself to be more of a fashionista with each day that passes. After this, head to Nordstrom for mom’s matching handbag.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

The Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

Once you hook this bad boy up, good luck convincing your family to turn it off. You might even find yourself roped into belting out some classical holiday tunes by the time it’s all said and done. Bluetooth and CD compatible, the possibilities are endless with this portable fun machine. Note that it only comes with one microphone so you might want to grab another while you’re at it if you see a duet in the future.

DICK’S Sporting Goods In-Store Pickup

For the sporty bunch in your inner circle, there could be no better store to find everything you need than DICK’S Sporting Goods. They’ve got everything from workout gear, balls for every sport, and all your favorite brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. The only question is can you stop yourself from spending hours browsing through all their jerseys and actually find something for someone else.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

adidas FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Soccer Ball

Keep the hype from this year’s incredible World Cup alive in your house with the official ball that all the pro’s were kicking around. Just make sure that you move any easily broken trinkets or family heirlooms out of the living room as they’re certain to break the second your kids start testing out their juggling skills. While you’re at it, don’t forget some at-home goals, shin guards, and cones.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Century Bob Torso Training Bag

Nothing says you’re a kick-ass gift-giver than buying your significant other something that they will then use to learn how to kick your ass. The Century Bob Torso Training Bag is the go-to solution for looking to let off a little steam and will have you and your lover beating it on a daily basis. Plus, it makes it the perfect gift for someone whose New Year’s Resolution is to start shedding some pounds.

Nordstrom In-Store Pickup

Nordstrom has long been a must-go mall staple when shopping for that special someone and that’s no different this holiday season. They’ve got the perfect gifts for all the adults in your life, whether that’s the in-laws or your own parents, and have plenty of gifts to make your spouse shine too.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

UGG Coquette Shearling-Lined Slipper

UGG slippers seem to have become an annual gift for the woman in your life who wears them hard throughout the year. These are ultra-soft, shearling-lined, and have a durable foam sole so she can step outside with them to run errands if she wants to. While the Chestnut color is always first to sell out, there’s plenty of black and grey left or pink if she’s one of The Pink Ladies from Grease.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Pipamoka Nomadic Coffee Brewer

Ah, coffee. We all love it, but we all can’t afford freshly brewed artisanal coffee from the local spot. Instead of forgoing the necessary caffeinated boost, grab your loved one this all-in-one hand-powered pressure brewer which extracts a clean, full-flavored cup in about two minutes without the use of any filters. Make it extra special by tapping a bag of their favorite beans alongside it.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Unisex Robe

There’s nothing better than coming out of a nice hot shower in the winter and swaddling up in a cozy and warm robe. Gift this experience to any of your loved ones with this highly sought-after robe from Barefoot Dreams. Complete with pockets, a waist tie, and multiple sizing options, this is a perfect score. For undoubted brownie points with your spouse, grab a matching one for yourself.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

UGG Ascot Slipper

Just as with the women’s UGG Coquette, we gotta grab one for the guys as well. These make an awesome gift for any guy, year after year, because they’re indoor/outdoor slippers and are like a warm, fuzzy embrace for feet. Multiple SPY Editors have these currently and have worn them for years stating they “don’t know what they did before having them.” It looks like the chestnut color, arguably the most popular, is back in stock and ready to be picked up at most stores.

Best Buy In-Store Pickup

If your family expects gifts from Santa that require cords and batteries, then there’s no better store to shop at than Best Buy. They are THE one-stop shop for all things tech and gadget-related, and offer a staff with an incredible wealth of knowledge to help you find the perfect gift for everyone in your circle.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Apple iPad 10.9-inch (Latest Model)

Look here — no matter how many times you’ve said, “I’d never use one of those,” we promise that if you had one you would. This 10.9-inch iPad, the latest model, is the perfect gift for every family member and can be used for so many different things that it’s not even necessary to list them. Just know whoever opens this up come Christmas morning is going to be smiling from ear to ear and watching YouTube videos before you know it.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Bose SoundLink Flex Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Having a speaker that goes everywhere you go isn’t just a fad, it’s the new way of listening to music with friends and family. The Bose SoundLink Flex Portable Bluetooth Speaker makes for a no-brainer gift for just about anybody. They come in multiple colors and look to be in stock at Best Buy and Target for in-store pickup. Grab one of these before the sell out because we think they will.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Buds

For the uninformed, Beats are one of the premium earbud companies in the game, and the Studio Buds ANC wireless earbuds keep true to their identity. Whether they’re for your dad to jam out to his favorite Steely Dan tracks, or for your daughter to block it all out with some Olivia Rodrigo in her room, you can’t miss with these.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Kit

This is what we like to call, the gift that keeps on giving. With this beginner camera kit, you’ll be equipping your special someone with all of the tools to start an incredible new hobby that can translate to new wall art, family photos (holiday cards for next year?), and a way to capture all of those precious moments. And through all of that, you might just be gifting them a new passion in life, and if you ask us, you can’t put a price tag on that.

Target In-Store Pickup

While it was tempting for us to simply throw a huge photo of a Target gift card under this section and write in all caps, “BUY THIS,” that would have been doing Target a disservice by not mentioning some of these great gifts. Yes, recipients would be more than happy with a Target gift card to go on a shopping spree with, but these gifts are sure to have a little extra wow factor when they get unwrapped.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Harry Styles – Harry's House (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)

It’s Harry’s House and we’re all just living in it. Harry Styles has been on a tear this year and has cemented himself as the number one breaker of hearts for women around the world. This limited edition, Target-exclusive, yellow vinyl version of Styles’ now iconic album is the perfect gift for the Harry lover in your life. Even if they don’t have a Bluetooth record player they can simply use the album art as a nice decor piece. But maybe shoot for a record player as well, who knows?

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

Don’t blame us if after you gift this you suddenly find yourself blinking from the flash during every cute moment on your next date. Your significant other will adore this small bag-friendly instant camera which prints out tiny little photos of all of those tiny little moments. Pair this awesome portable photo printer camera with a pack or two of extra film and you’ve got yourself a fantastic gift on your hands.

In-Store Pickup: The Hack For Last-Second Holiday Shopping

Stars Above Notch Collar Top and Pants Pajama Set

For the last gift in this guide, we had to go with the classic, timeless, tried-and-true gift — pajamas! And not just any pajamas, but Target brand Stars Above pajamas which are, for the uninformed, the absolute softest pajamas that you can find anywhere. Once you feel them in store you’re going to remember this line and know that you’re going home with a slam dunk.