Ideas for fun when you have been inside the house for eight days and you are full of broccoli and cucumbers:

1.  Dress up in a velvet sweatsuit and watch an entire season of Larkrise to Candleford.

2.  Cheer enthusiastically when you see the sun on your way to the mailbox.

3.  Make your 347th cup of sugar-free hot chocolate.

4.  Play games and tell stories and make smoothies and think up ways to wear a banana clip and paint a dresser….

….and decide make-up is totally over-rated.

5.  And when all else fails….

…organize your closet.

Today is the last day in my organizing series with my amazing friend Leslie.

And of course, we saved the best for last.

The closet.

Here are seven easy closet organization ideas I just used to organize my closet.

There are actually three closets in our bedroom.

Now don’t get too excited.

None of them would win a closet blue ribbon.

There’s one off the bathroom that my husband uses and then there are two closets on this side of the room that are mine with these amazing doors we updated with trim and this simple DIY.

I’ll give you a tour of both.

Here’s the view behind closet door number 1.

There are closet organizers in this space where I keep accessories and tops and leggings and blouses and sweaters.

I had limited space to hang up my tops, so I maximized the space with these.

closet organizing tip number one: velvet hangers
If you’ve ever used velvet hangers before, you are nodding.

They are a game-changer. They are so narrow, so you can hang more clothes in a closet and maximize space.

But my best velvet hanger advice? They are not created all the same. I ordered some and they weren’t sturdy enough and broke easily (especially under the weight of heavy coat).

You also want hangers that have a pants hanger at the bottom so you can hang up an outfit or pants in addition to tops.

These are my favorite ones I’ve used. They come in a set of 10 and they are SO STURDY.

closet organizing tip number two: a full-length mirror
Can you believe I never had a full-length mirror in this room before?

I would look at my reflection in the television and make an educated guess at what the outfit looked like.

When I reorganized the closet, I added a mirror to the back of the door.

I love this mirror that I found at Walmart.
It was super inexpensive compared to other mirrors. It has a beveled edge and looks so pretty. It didn’t have a frame to distract me from my outfit. It came with hanging hardware that made it easy to add it to the door.

closet organizing tip number three: drawer organizers
My challenge with this space is that I had these large drawers.

And large drawers?

They have a tendency to get jumbled.

So I found these expandable drawer organizers on Amazon.

They come in a set of four in different colors (I ordered them in white) and they stretch between the sides of the drawer and snap into place.

They really do stay in place and they create compartments for socks and pajamas and other items.

closet organizing tip number four: shoe organization
Here’s the overview of the other closet.

It’s super narrow and I knew I couldn’t add closet rods to both sides or I would end up like Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

I maximized closet area by putting the majority of the closet organization on one side with floor to ceiling shoe racks.  It freed up a lot of space and made the closet feel much more spacious and cleared out room in case I wanted to find that lamp-post in Narnia.

There are rows and rows and rows for heels and flats and tennis shoes.

In Imelda Marcos news?

They can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes.

And they’re full.

closet organizing tip number five: add storage boxes
I cannot tell you how much I love these organizers.

They look like Grace Kelly on Oscar night.

I ordered 12 of them and use them to store everything from socks to tights.

Every little cubby has a purpose.

closet organizing tip number six: jewelry organization
I love these plastic dividers.

I have everything grouped in different sections of the drawer.

For example, these are my cheer earrings. Perfect for a Friday night football game.

closet organizing tip number seven: purse and scarf organization
I have spaces on the shelves for my purse.

I also stacked boxes next to it.

Here, I have my scarves and a few belts organized by color.

The smaller bracelets, rings and earrings are stored in the pull-out drawer at the top of dresser drawers.

It’s lined with velvet and has sections for jewelry.

And can you see my sewing machine at the bottom of the top section?

A sewing machine.

Just sitting there.

I know….right?

I never dreamed that I’d have a closet so organized that I’d have a place for my sewing machine….

…..maybe now there’s space for all that unused make-up.

And now? For even more closet organization ideas, be sure and stop by my friend Leslie’s today.

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