How to Store Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl roll storage ideas

Any craft enthusiast must have an organized storage system for all of the vinyl and cutting materials that are used. Vinyl rolls come in different lengths and types but there is always a storage option that is right for your space, your budget, and your style. Vinyl rolls can be stored in drawer carts, wall hanging organizers, over the door hangers, vinyl roll prong racks, free standing vinyl organizers, Lazy Susan carousels, and vinyl storage grid carts. 

The wall storage options are my favorite because they save space, that is a high priority for me. However, each of the storage ideas below are valuable in their own unique ways. The very last idea in this list has some unusual storage ideas for vinyl rolls that you may be brave enough to try. These unusual options are actually very affordable, by the way. 

I love crafting and finding awesome organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds for storing vinyl rolls.

  • A rolling drawer cart: This Whitmore storage cart can store heavy crafting tools like a Cricut on top with vinyl rolls in the drawers. Each draw can sort the vinyl rolls by type, texture, finish, or color. There are so many types of vinyl rolls and it is important to have a storage system for each type so that they can be sorted into these categories: holographic, heat transfer, removable, and permanent. Other tools that are used with vinyl rolls; like transfer tape, rubber bands, and cutting knives, would need to be stored in nearby drawers for convenience.

  • A metal paper tray: Look for the blue shelves holding up the rolls in the picture. It's actually a metal paper sorter that has been painted aqua. Command strips were used to hang this paper tray on the wall. The horizontal shelves have been bent slightly upward to keep the rolls from rolling off. Each shelf holds four standard rolls of vinyl.

  • A handbag organizer: This hanging handbag organizer is being used to store rolls of vinyl. I love that it is transparent. This can work for long and short vinyl rolls. If two organizers like this are hung side by side, longer rolls can be jointly stored horizontally in them both. These can be hung over the door, in a closet, or on a wall.

  • Wall hanging organizer for vinyl rolls: These organizers can be used free-standing or hung on a wall. It is better to hang them on the wall as they take up less space that way. 

  • Bag dispensers for vinyl roll storage: These probably started as humble bag dispensers, but they are now designed for storing vinyl rolls. The best thing about these holders are that you can mount them on the wall or keep them on a table top. 

  • Free standing vinyl holders: This rack holds eighteen rolls of vinyl, of different lengths. It is very lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Conveniently, it can be mounted or just stand on its own.

  • Hang long vinyl rolls in an over the door hanger: A hanger like this can hold both long and short vinyl rolls. It comes with two types of hanging attachments for over the door and for closet storage.

  • Vinyl roll prong racks: These are large metal free-standing racks for storing large vinyl rolls. The rolls are easily stored away by sliding them onto the prongs through their centers. There are smaller ones that can be hung on a wall. If you would want yours to be hung on a wall, kept upright on a table, or be free-standing, you would have the flexibility to use the smaller ones in any of those positions.

  • Vinyl Storage Grid Carts: These grid-type storage carts for vinyl have grid slots to hold each roll neatly. Most of these types have wheels at the bottom for you to easily move them around your space. Because of their design, they can hold very long vinyl rolls. There are the metal grid storage options and also the wooden and paper types.

  • A vinyl roll carousel: Call it a Lazy Susan, a carousel, or a turn table. This carousel is made for small vinyl rolls. If you have anything larger than the Cricut rolls it won't fit (unless you roll them up tighter). Just be sure to remove the protective film from both sides of the pieces. 

  • Unusual storing racks: There are some items in your kitchen that can work well for storing vinyl rolls and these items are way cheaper than the supplies you get from a craft store. If affordability is your most important factor, see if you have these racks in your kitchen. The first is a white plastic dish rack with prongs. There are also laboratory drying racks that would work for storing the shorter vinyl rolls. Other items you can use are pot lid holders with prongs, bamboo dish drying racks, and wall mounted mug racks.

More ideas will be added soon.