Have you heard of the hanger trick to organize your closet? It is a secret tool that professional organizers, and organizing experts use to help clients visually see what they are wearing

It is like a magical little tool that everyone needs in their life. So I am sharing exactly how you can use the hanger trick in your home to help you declutter clothes with hangers!

What Is The Hanger Trick
This secret tool that professional organizers use is to help you visually see what you are wearing and what you are not wearing. By using a visual such as a hanger, you are getting a better idea of what clothing you wear and what you don’t.

Let’s say you are doing a declutter of your wardrobe. And you come to a shirt that you know you have worn but you just aren’t sure what year it was when you last wore it. So you decide to keep it in your closet thinking you’ll wear it again. But instead of wearing it, that shirt just takes up space in your closet. And you never wear it again in your current life. But you did wear it at one point in your life so you keep holding onto it.

With the hanger trick, you are able to see that you haven’t worn that shirt in the last decade, so it is ok to part with it!
How Do You Declutter Clothes With Hangers
So the hanger trick is where you put all your clothing on hangers. Then put those hangers facing the wrong way on the rod in your closet. Each time you wear a piece of clothing, you put that piece of clothing back on a hanger facing the proper direction. After some time, you can see what things you are wearing and what you are not based on the direction of the hangers.

I typically recommend setting a reminder on your phone to check the hangers about every three months. This is about when you swap seasonal clothing, so you can assess the clothes that are on hangers facing the wrong direction. If the clothing is off-season, you can keep it to see if you wear it during that season. But if you didn’t wear something for that season, then you can be confident to part with that piece of clothing.

What Clothing Should I Do This Trick With
I love to declutter clothes with hangers because you get that instant visual as to what you actually wear. So you can be sure that you can part with something. And I suggest doing this trick with anything you can hang on a hanger. Pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets! I have done this with bags and purses as well. Each bag and purse was on a hanger. When the client used the bag, they would put it back on the bag hanger facing the proper direction. Clutches were on clipped hangers following the same idea.

In coat closets, you can swap all the coat hangers to face the wrong way. When you pull a jacket off to wear, you can put it back on the hanger facing the right direction on the closet rod. Then you know which jackets everyone in the family wears. And it is a great visual for kids to see that they didn’t wear something so it is ok to part with that piece of clothing.
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The hanger trick works with any hangers, so you don’t need any special hangers to do this easy declutter clothes with hangers magic. Just start by turning every hanger the wrong direction. Then turning the hanger the right direction once a piece of clothing or jacket has been worn. This hanger trick is the key piece that professional organizers use to help clients visually see what they are wearing in their closets, and now you can do the same in your closet!

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