Game Board Bag

By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Have an old board game that is missing some pieces? Don’t throw it away-it’s full of crafting supplies! With a power drill and crochet hook, your old board game can be turned into a clever bag. Make one out of your favorite game for a clever accessory. Or make a friend’s favorite game into a bag to give a personalized gift. I’m using mine to store some of my favorite games.




Customized. Crochet up a test swatch to achieve your desired gauge.

Color Details
This pattern uses yarn that coordinates with colors used on the game board. For my Scrabble purse I used red for the main color and blue for the accent color.

BO – bind off
CH – chain
DC – double crochet
SC – single crochet


Select your game board. For this project I used a Scrabble board found at a thrift store. This board game folds into two long rectangles. Boards that fold into a square can also be used but the end shape of your bag will be different.

Drill holes to set up the base of the crochet border. Measure and mark holes that are a half inch from the edge of the board and an inch apart from each other.

Next up is my favorite step! Use a power drill to drill your holes. Use a drill bit that is the same size as your crochet hook. If you are not experienced with a drill ask for help with this step.

After drilling, your holes may look tattered. Don’t worry, you’ll be using yarn to hide them later.

Cut your board into sections along its natural crease. My Scrabble board folded in half so I simply slid my knife down its fold..

You will now crochet around your board sections to create your bag. Though this pattern uses a beginner crochet pattern, it is marked as intermediate because crocheting around hard or stiff objects is awkward. Since the game board doesn’t flex, your wrist will have to move more. This caused me some wrist strain so I worked on this over several days to pace myself.

Slide your crochet hook through a corner hole. Pull the yarn through, loop around and knot into place.

*SC into a hole, CH 5 between holes.* Repeat between * around all four sides.

For corner holes, SC, CH 5, SC.

Chaining between holes sets up the first round. Depending on your yarn thickness you may need fewer or more stitches between holes.

Once you’ve gone around all four sides, connect the last chain to the first stitch to close round. CH3. DC 3 stitches the first chain between holes.

*CH3, DC 4 over chain between holes.* Repeat pattern between * around all four sides of the board.

Ch 3 and then connect to the first stitch to close round. The corners will each have four DC stitches directly above them.

Second row: Repeat first row. However, now you will be chaining over the DC stitches below and adding DC stitches over the chains below. BO

With Color B, tie yarn around the SC stitch near a hole. CH 4 then SC around the next hole stitch. Your yarn choice may require fewer or more chain stitches depending on thickness.

I held the game board vertical as I found it easier to chain upward. Repeat this step around all four sides. BO

For the second board piece, repeat the above steps. With Color B, add a third row of the CH3, DC pattern around the border.

Pin three edges of the board game sides together. Be sure to position the sides so that any text or designs are legible.

Blanket stitch together with Color B.

For handles use Color A to *CH 3, DC  4, turn work.* Repeat pattern between * until there are 25 rows. BO. Make 2.

Center handles over the top of each side. For my Scrabble bag I centered the handle with its ends 4.5 inches apart from each other. Blanket stitch into place. Repeat for other handle.

Push the Color B chain down towards the drilled holes. Glue into place with craft glue. Pin into place until glue dries. NOTE: Do not use your regular sewing pins as they will get glue residue on them. I have a small container of older pins I use especially for sticky craft projects.

Glue some choice game pieces to board sides using craft glue. I spelled out my adopted hometown.

After the glue has dried, carefully pull out the pins. On the other side, glue the Color B chain into place and spell out another word or phrase. For this side I used a blank Scrabble tile to make an apostrophe.

Pull out pins after glue has dried. Weave in ends. Extra game pieces can be turned into fridge magnets.

Store your favorite games in the bag for your next game night. Alternatively, fill up with craft supplies or whatever you like.

Craft on!