Gadgets to make our lives a lot easier

A PR company recently sent me a press release with some gadgets it suggested as Valentine's Day gifts.

Call me old-fashioned but when I think about Valentine's Day, I think Champagne, candlelit dinners, cakes and flowers.

I do not think Swiss Army knives, or ultra-hard water spraying gizmos to clean garage doors. 

There may, however, be those who see certain gadgets as an ideal romantic gift, so here are three that I've tried recently and can recommend.

PaMu Slide Mini earphones

I am always amazed at the cost of earphones and ear buds. How can something so small cost hundreds of dollars?

You simply shouldn't have to pay $250-$400 for quality wireless earbuds like Airpods - and the good news is these can be a quarter of that price.

They are lightweight, compact and with a very portable design. You can slip them in your pocket and go with a charging box that is smaller than a lighter.

The sound quality is good and I've tested mine several times and they do not fall out. Over 10 hours of battery life. 

Price is around $US55.

COAT - The Original Portable Coat Hook

As someone who regularly leaves their jacket, or handbag on the floor, this is a gadget I will use on a regular basis - it allows you to hang up your coat, suit jacket or handbag when you’re on the move.

In theory that means no more crumpled jackets and no more leaving manbags under desks - and it is tiny enough to fit in your pocket or bag.

COAT uses suction technology to stick to smooth surfaces such as glass, tile, stone, metals and tabletops (although is less effective on painted walls).

“COAT was created after I couldn’t find anywhere suitable to stow my suit jacket while commuting to work or out and about for meetings." said CEO and founder Luke Dutton. "I realised that there was no practical solution available and hence, COAT was born.”

RRP $32.99.

Logitech K600 TV Keyboard

One of my pet hates is searching for a program on Netflix or ABC IView using the remote control unit and poorly-designed app keyboards, very few of which work on the Qwerty format. 

This small wireless keyboard makes it easy to find your favourite movies across streaming services and channels. The PR says you can "press play on your smart TV without breaking the cuddle on the couch". 

You can quickly search for content, enter complicated mix-cased passwords, and browse the internet with ease. It also works with PCs and mobile devices. 

$99.95 with free postage at