Finding a practical and personal gift for $20 might seem like a feat, but there are actually plenty of high-quality and unique gift choices

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday, Christmas gift, or retirement gift, we have something that will “wow” your friend or loved one, even with a smaller budget. To offer you inspiration, we put together 64 options for $20 gift ideas. We’ve included everything from decorative cheese knives to knit blankets and photo mugs. Gifts for Mom and even hard-to-find gifts for Dad are possible with this gift guide. Looking for white elephant gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Take a sneak peek at the best gifts of our gift guide, then dive into the complete gift list for more inspiration:

Indoor herb garden
Coffee and book gift
Personalized beer mug or custom wine glasses
Personalized coasters
Decorative corkboard
Crocheted bowl
DIY bath salts
Terrazzo knives

As you put together your gift, make sure each piece demonstrates how much you care. Ensure your gift wrapping is beautiful and write a heartfelt card that shares why you love and appreciate them. The best gifts come from reflecting on the special relationship you have.

1. DIY Photo Board

Source: Shutterfly

Start with a large frame and some wire to create a display board that will hold precious memories. Print family portraits and photos, then clip them to your photo board. This thoughtful gift is bound to warm someone’s heart—and their home.

2. Doggy Hat

Source: Unsplash

Have a puppy lover in your life? Create something for their furry companion, like a hat that secures around their chin. Consider a custom pet tag to pair with it.

3. Photo Magnets

Source: Shutterfly

Small gifts can make a big impact. Create a set of custom magnets with photos from special events like a wedding or bar mitzvah. Every time they see your personalized gift, they’ll think of you. Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her? The special woman in your life will smile every time she sees these on the fridge. Sweet, fun magnets even make great housewarming gifts.

4. DIY Decorative Mirror

Source: The Things She Makes

If you’re looking for housewarming gift ideas, mirrors are a great choice because they help make any space feel larger. Transform a standard mirror into a stunning decor piece by creating a geometric design with lead trim tape and a ruler. Mirrors are great gifts to add to your gift list for any holiday.

5. Personalized Bookmarks

Source: Shutterfly

Do you have a bookworm in your life? Design custom bookmarks with favorite memories, like a family vacation or the birth of a child. Complete the gift with a book to add to their collection. If you’re hunting for anniversary gifts by year, paper is the chosen material for first-year anniversary gifts.

6. Cactus Mug

Source: Unsplash

Add an earthy element to your loved one’s kitchen or office. Plant a cactus inside a mug—great for resting on a windowsill or desk and adding a little greenery to their day. Plus, they’re an easy indoor plant to care for. On the hunt for gifts for men? These unique gifts are also great Father’s Day gifts and groomsmen gifts.

7. Monogram Art Print

Source: Shutterfly

Turn a favorite photo into a stunning gift with a high-quality letter monogram art print. Choose the first letter of their first or last name for decor they can hang in their kitchen, living room or bedroom.

8. Ceramic Beaded Necklace

Source: Jewels of Sayuri

Combine ceramic beads and silver-tone dangles to form a stunning necklace. Craft a simple design or flex your crafting skills with a more complicated pattern.

9. Customized Travel Tag

Source: Shutterfly

Spice up a loved one’s future travels with a fun suitcase luggage tag. Personalize it with favorite designs and photos. Add their contact info so they’ll never lose a bag again.

10. Healthy Lunch

Source: Unsplash

Treat mom or dad to lunch on you. Choose a healthy restaurant with soups, salads and sandwiches. They’ll love the delicious cuisine, and getting to spend quality time together.

11. Indoor Herb Garden

Source: Shutterfly

Fill custom mason jars with herb plants, like basil and mint. Not only do they make for earthy home decor, they offer fresh ingredients for cooking and baking.

12. Coin Purse

Source: Vicky Myers Creations

Give your special someone a cute spot to store all of their loose change. Embellish a change purse with embroidery or iron-on designs. This gift is especially useful for someone traveling overseas where the currency might involve more coins.

13. Custom Playing Cards

Source: Shutterfly

Have a card shark in your life? Get them the ultimate gift with a set of custom playing cards. Choose a favorite photo—or several—to print on the back of a deck. They’ll love catching a glimpse of favorite memories as they play a round of cribbage, hearts or rummy.

14. Painted Wine Glasses

Source: Bliss Makes

Make sipping wine more festive with decorative glasses. Oil-based paint pens are a great way to add your own art to glasses or mugs.

15. Personalized Beer Mug

Source: Shutterfly

If you’re like many others, finding personalized gifts for him can be challenging—but not anymore. Customize a beer stein or pilsner glass with his name, a photo or favorite quote.

16. DIY Candles

Source: Where Your Treasure Is

Melt beeswax or soy wax, then stir in essential oils to make your own scented candles. Pour the wax into canning jars or teacups to form soothing candles for the living room, kitchen or outdoor patio.

17. Custom Mason Jar

Source: Shutterfly

Design a charming personalized gift with an etched mason jar. Choose your loved one’s initials or a unique design. This custom glass is great for hot or cold beverages.

18. Painted Glass Jars

Source: Pamela Groppe Art

Decorate glass jars and vases with beautiful hand painted flowers. Try a simple flower, like pansies or daisies. Fill the jar with fresh blooms or succulents for a gift that will be cherished by any plant or nature lover.

19. Photo Key Ring

Source: Shutterfly

Give a unique gift they’ll use every day. Personalize a key ring with a favorite message, photo or design that they can carry everywhere.

20. Coupon Booklets

Source: Something Turquoise

Create a set of coupons that can be cashed in at any time. Offer to do chores, make dinner, give a massage or watch their kids.

21. Custom Plate

Source: Shutterfly

Great for everyday use or to display as personalized decor, a photo plate can be customized with names and favorite memories. There are even kid-friendly options that can help convince a little one to finally eat their vegetables.

22. Unique Coffee Table

Source: Craftify My Love

Replicate this statement coffee table for a living room or den. Secure a large wood slice to a set of metal table legs. This custom piece is bound to be a conversation starter.

23. Photo Mouse Pad

Source: Shutterfly

Liven up their workday or time at home with a cute, custom mousepad. Opt for a fun photo, like an adorable shot of their cat or child, to brighten each day.

24. Decorative DIY Lamp

Source: The House That Lars Built

A critical piece of any living space is the lighting. Design a decorative lamp with a patterned base or lampshade to add illumination to your loved one’s home.

25. Custom Journal

Source: Shutterfly

Whether it’ll be treasured for jotting down memories or writing to-dos, a personalized journal is both functional and personal. Design one with an uplifting photo, quote or monogram.

26. Sprinkle Cupcakes

Source: Unsplash

Whip up a batch of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry cupcakes. Top them with whipped frosting and sprinkles for a festive gift that will warm the belly and soul.

27. Personalized Charms

Source: Shutterfly

Add to your mom, sister or grandma’s bracelet with a personalized charm. Choose a favorite photo, like one from a birthday or family gathering, to place on the charm. Your loved one will cherish this special memento and the time you put into making it.

28. Abstract Clock

Source: Amber Oliver

Transform a wooden clock into an eye-catching piece of home decor. Paint sections of the wood in different colors using a geometric pattern. Add numbers to your clock with a stencil or vinyl to represent each hour.

29. Personalized Shot Glass

Source: Shutterfly

A custom shot glass can be made with favorite photos, messages and designs. Great for fun celebrations such as birthdays and Father’s Day, this barware is bound to become a keepsake.

30. Box Of Donuts

Source: Unsplash

Looking for last minute gifts? Head to a local bakery to pick up an assortment of donuts. You’re bound to make someone’s day with this delicious treat.

31. Photo Coasters

Source: Shutterfly

Design a set of custom coasters for a loved one. Gather favorite photos of family trips and friend get-togethers. Choose a design to overlay your photos or keep them simple.

32. Decorative Cork Board

Source: She’s Kinda Crafty

Trim a cork tile in a fun shape, like a heart or hexagon. Glue ribbon around the edges for a festive touch, and to the back to form a hanger. Pin favorite photos and keepsakes to the board for a personalized gift that doubles as decor.

33. Family Pot Holder

Source: Shutterfly

Create a pot holder or oven mitt that’s just for them. Personalize the design with a custom phrase, quote or photo. After all, the best $20 gift ideas are both personal and practical.

34. Crocheted Bowl

Source: Malloo

Crochet a basket with cotton yarn to create a stylish spot to store everything from craft supplies to toiletries. Opt for a neutral color or choose more festive tones, like green and pink.

35. Reusable Shopping Bag

Source: Shutterfly

Design an eco-chic shopping bag with a special photo. These reusable bags are great for books, groceries, crafts and more—even a fun day at the beach or park.

36. DIY Bath Bombs

Source: A Life Adjacent

Make your own fragrant bath bombs from essential oils, Epsom salt and baking soda. With this all-natural recipe, your loved one can relax with peace of mind.

37. Personalized Bottle Opener

Source: Shutterfly

Opt for a gift that’s both personal and practical. Personalize a stainless steel bottle opener with a special photo, monogram or message.

38. Decorative Plates

Source: Alice and Lois

Infuse glass plates with patterned fabric to create these DIY decoupage beauties. Select decorative fabrics, like ones with flowers or trees, for tableware that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

39. Personalized Flask

Source: Shutterfly

For a classy gift that will last for years, design a custom flask with a monogram, quote or image. When your loved one is hiking, skiing or just relaxing, they’ll have a way to sip their favorite beverage in style.

40. Whipped Body Butter

Source: Crayons and Cravings

Stir coconut oil, shea butter and essential oils together for homemade body butter. It’s creamy and moisturizing—giving your loved one a luxurious gift for $20 or less.

41. Personalized Water Bottle

Source: Shutterfly

Invigorate someone’s day with a custom water bottle. Complete with a photo or uplifting phrase, a high-quality water bottle is a gift that’s both functional and long-lasting.

42. Bottle Of Wine

Source: Unsplash

If your mom, dad or friend loves a certain type of wine, treat them to a bottle from a brand they might not normally try. Not only is this gift thoughtful, it’s simple and delicious. They could even serve it at their next wine tasting party.

43. Tea Towel

Source: Shutterfly

Tea towels are soft cloths made of linen or cotton that can be used to wrap baked goods, dry dishes or decorate a serving platter. Imprint a design or photo onto a tea towel for a unique gift that adds life to any home.

44. Fruit Basket

Source: Life Should Cost Less

Give the gift of a healthy treat with a fruit basket. Find a wicker basket, then fill it with delicious seasonal treasures, from bananas and apples to oranges and kiwis.

45. Stemless Wine Glass

Source: Shutterfly

Whether they enjoy sipping cabernet or pinot grigio, make a loved one’s favorite wine even more enjoyable. Design a custom wine glass, complete with an inspiring quote or delightful memory.

46. Sea Salt Scrub

Source: Fat Girl Happy

Make a DIY scrub using coconut oil, sea salt and essential oils. This recipe is great for hydrating and soothing feet, hands and elbows. Not only does it indulge your skin, but your senses, too.

47. Framed Photo Collage

Source: Shutterfly

Gather special memories of your loved one to create wall decor for their home or office. Arrange the photos in a collage, then choose a frame that matches their bedroom, living room or office decor.

48. DIY Geometric Earrings

Source: Pretty Life Girls

Charm a loved one with a pair of edgy earrings. Transform tiny wood pieces into colorful jewelry by covering them with acrylic paint. These simple and stylish accessories are great DIY Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.

49. Custom Mug

Source: Shutterfly

In the market for $20 gift ideas that carry special meaning? Design a personalized mug with photos. Every time your loved one grabs the cup for their morning drink, they’ll be reminded of many special memories.

50. Scented Candles

Source: Unsplash

Aromas like vanilla and cinnamon are soothing—and fill a home with a scrumptious scent. These delicious-smelling candles make for great gift exchange ideas or housewarming gifts.

51. Brown Sugar Scrub

Source: Sheri Silver

Whip together a batch of hand and body scrub with brown sugar, coconut oil and cinnamon essential oil. This scrumptious scent is relaxing, hydrating and oh so fun.

52. Tea Box

Source: ctrl + curate

Looking for gifts for your sister or friend? If they love sitting back with a cup of tea, consider a beautiful tea box filled with bags of their favorite varieties, along with a new blend for them to try. Perfect for any tea lover in your life.

53. Crochet Wall Hanging

Source: Disco Sloth Designs

Bring a personal touch to your loved one’s home with a crocheted wall hanging. Follow a fun pattern, like one of a flamingo or owl, for truly unique decor.

54. DIY Bath Salts

Source: Confetti Fix

Looking for gift exchange ideas? These therapeutic bath salts will surely be a hit. Mix together Dead Sea salts, essential oils and dried rose buds for a relaxing blend that will make them feel like they’re at the spa.

55. Homemade Stationary

Source: Pretty Fluffy

Make it easy for your loved one to pull out a beautiful card to send for a birthday, thank you note or other celebration. Create a simple pattern on cardstock, like polka dots or stars. A box or two of handmade stationary makes for a practical gift that will keep on giving.

56. Colorful Rag Rug

Source: My Poppet Makes

Repurpose old jeans and leftover cotton yarn into an eye-catching rug. Crochet the denim strips together and weave in the colorful yarn. You’ll end up with a sturdy rug that looks great on a front porch or back patio.

57. Bouquet Of Flowers

Source: Unsplash

Brighten a loved one’s day with a fresh flower arrangement. Seasonal blooms bring beauty and calming scents to any space—whether it’s the home or office.

58. Crocheted Pillow

Source: Annie Design Crochet

Turn a pillow into a beautiful keepsake with a crocheted pillow case. Include ornate designs, like flowers and leaves, for style and personality. Bonus points for matching a loved one’s living room color scheme.

59. Octagon Mirror

Source: A Joyful Riot

Hanging mirrors add a little something special to a bedroom or living room. Line the edges of the mirror with metallic spray paint for decor that’s stylish, modern and simple.

60. Coffee And A Book

Source: Unsplash

Many people love to relax by reading a book and sipping their favorite warm drink. Find a novel or non-fiction story that’s bound to win their hearts, and pair it with a coffee shop gift card or box of tea.

61. Wooden Beads Necklace

Source: Two M E

DIY gifts don’t have to be complicated. Try this easy project for a beautiful and unique result. Use leftover red wine or coffee to naturally dye wooden beans for a necklace or bracelet.

62. Knit Blanket

Source: Unsplash

Help keep a loved one cozy with a handmade knit blanket. Opt for a neutral tone, like gray, for one that will complement almost any living room.

63. Terrazzo Cheese Knives

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Cheese knives are necessary for carving and serving an assortment of cheeses. Make a set of these terrazzo knives out of polymer clay—a simple material even for craft beginners. Not only are these knives cute and practical, but they’re easy to make for a friend, coworker or family member.

64. Crochet Scarf

Source: Golden Lucy Crafts

This simple, yet gorgeous scarf makes a great gift for a family member, friend or coworker. Include a combination of yarn colors and stitches for an eye-catching design.

No matter which gift you choose, remember that it’s the thought and effort that matters most. Design a simple, yet practical gift that can be enjoyed for years, like a personalized trivet or cotton tote bag. Each time they see your gift, they’ll think of you and smile with gratitude.

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