Face masks are required in a lot of states right now due to COVID-19, and some people like myself forget them

There are many times where I would walk out of my car and get to the door of a store because I forgot my mask. I don’t carry a purse so, I came across LearnCreateSew’s tutorial on YouTube on how to make a face mask keychain case. There are 3 different loop options to use such as a loop for a key ring, velcro/snap closure, and a D-ring or swivel hook. Honestly, this is ideal because it’s not a bulky case and I would attach it to my keys or onto my pants. This face mask keychain case would be convenient for some people who are forgetful, especially now that face masks are mandated in some states and cities. Plus, the case would keep the mask clean.


sewing machine
hemostat sewing tool
corner turner
needle and thread
velcro strips
D-ring/swivel hook
lining fabric


First, decide which loop you would like to create for your face mask keychain case. Watch LearnCreateSew’s tutorial on YouTube for instructions on each loop style.

Image by LearnCreateSew via YouTube
Next, decide which pouch you would like to create too. There are a basic single layer pouch and a lined case.

Image by LearnCreateSew via YouTube
Overall, I would probably make the keyring face mask case because I would love to attach it to my set of keys. I have my keys with me at all times, so that’s the one that would match what I am looking for. This tutorial can be confusing if you are not watching or following along carefully. It’s confusing because there are 3 options to choose from and she goes back and forth on the different styles throughout the video.

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