Everyone Uses PopSockets, But We Like These Clever Alternatives Instead

It’s the 21st Century, and we’re all attached to our smartphones 24/7, making phone grips an ever-present part of our daily lives. There’s not much your phone can’t do, so having it around all the time makes total sense. However, with the growing size of phones, it has become increasingly difficult to use them with just one hand. Any time you want to take a selfie or simply reach across to the opposite corner of your phone, you risk a catastrophic drop.

It can also be difficult to hold your phone while holding other things — like groceries, your purse, a pet’s leash or even a child. The stakes are high here, folks. For that reason, phone grips have become more important than ever for keeping your expensive gadgets securely in hand.

Phone grips are phone accessories that attach to the back of the phone or phone case and provide a loop or handle under which to place your fingers. The most popular of these are the famous PopSockets, which are pop up telescoping phone grips that have colorful designs. But don’t limit yourself to one type of phone holder. As the market continues to expand, there are now tons of great PopSockets alternatives. These phone grips are affordable, durable, easy to use and often come with added features.

Get a phone grip for your phone and make using it that much more convenient. You won’t believe you went so long without one.


1. Spigen Ring Phone Grip


The Spigen Ring Phone Grip is like the Lamicall featured below; however, for a few dollars more, you can get a similar product with slightly more durability. This ring-style phone holder can easily attach to all smartphones and tablets. The ring rotates and flips so that you can easily maneuver and hold your phone in a variety of positions. The flat bottom turns the ring into a reliable kickstand when needed. In addition, a hook mount is included so that you can dock your smartphone on car dashboards. Finally, the Spigen comes in a variety of colors to better match your phone or phone case.


spigen phone grip

Buy: Spigen Ring Phone Grip $13.99 (orig. $19.99) 30% OFF


2. Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip


From media viewing to selfies and secure phone use when you’re out and about, the Lamicall Finger Ring can do it all. The multi-directional kickstand ensures you can find a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The finger ring is supplied with a strong adhesive on the back to ensure a secure fit, and the metal in the construction means it’s compatible with magnetic smartphone holders.

phone finger ring

Buy: Lamicall Finger Ring $8.49


3. PopGrip for MagSafe Black


If you want a phone grip that’s definitely not going to interfere with any MagSafe capabilities or wireless charging, this one from PopSockets is a great pick. It’s got a classic design for seamlessly attaching to iPhone 12 or 13’s MagSafe-compatible cases so your phone grip experience won’t interfere with that functionality. It’s also mount-compatible and can transition into a stand for your phone easily.

PopGrip for MagSafe, best phone grips

Buy: PopGrip for MagSafe Black $30.00


4. Sinjimoru 3-in-1 MagSafe Wallet Phone Grip


Since this piece is also about PopSocket alternatives, we wanted to include a MagSafe phone grip that isn’t from PopSockets. This 3-in-1 design from Sinjumoru functions as a wallet, phone grip and phone stand depending on how you position it. It attaches to phones with 2800 Gauss magnetic force for a strong hold, and the phone grip is designed to be anti-grip as well. It comes in five different colors, and attaches easily without interrupting MagSafe functionality.

Sinjimoru phone grip, best phone grips

Buy: Sinjimoru 3-in-1 Magnetic Wallet Phone Grip $22.99


5. Love Handle Universal Grip For Cell Phone


You love your cell phone, so why not give it a Love Handle? This stretchy handle keeps you from dropping (and potentially breaking) your phone or tablet by giving you an extra place to grip. It uses a no-residue, removable 3M adhesive, so if you ever want to remove it from your phone or phone case, you don’t have to worry about unsightly residue. It is important to note, however, that this handle won’t grip onto silicone cases or the Pixel 3, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Black. For these phones, a different adhesive must be purchased separately.

best phone grips love handle

Buy: Love Handle Universal Grip For Cell Phone $9.95


6. PopGrip AirPods Holder Phone Grip


With its range of functions, the PopGrip AirPods Holder is a versatile addition to your smartphone. It, of course, includes the usual secure grip and media-viewing stand abilities. However, this handy PopSocket alternative also includes a built-in AirPod holder, which means you’ll always know exactly where your AirPods are. The interchangeable design of the holder allows you to switch out the case for a regular PopGrip when you’re after a more slim option, and it comes in a range of colors so you can choose the one which suits your style and phone best.

PopSockets PopGrip AirPods Pro holder, best phone grips

Buy: PopSockets PopGrip AirPods Pro Holder $19.99


7. INEEVVAY Marble Phone Grip 4-Pack


If you’re going to add a functional detail to your phone, making it stylish is a good idea, and this marble 4-pack gives your four sleek options. It comes with rose gold, pink and marble colors that’ll add a little flair to your device while also enabling one-handed operation. They’re made to paste directly to smartphones as well as smooth, flat cases, and have a collapsible design that can go flat when needed, making them a great alternative to Pop Sockets.

INEEVVAY phone grips, pop socket alternatives

Buy: INEEVVAY Marble Phone Grip 4-Pack $11.99


8. Sinjimoru Stretching Silicone Phone Strap Holder


Sometimes you need less of a grip and more of a strap to wrap around your hand, securing your phone in place. This strap clip can easily attach and detach from phone cases of all kinds. It’s wireless charging-compatible, since it’s only 0.9mm thick, and is made to help prevent phone drops and other accidents.

Sinjimoru phone strap holder, best phone grips

Buy: Sinjimoru Stretching Silicone Phone Strap $8.99


9. Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holders


On our list of the best phone holders is the Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holder, which has the same functionality as a PopSocket but at a fraction of the price. This pack comes with five ring stand holders that can help you take selfies and even act as a kickstand for your phone or tablet. The rings also rotate 360 degrees, meaning they provide a grip for your phone no matter the position of your hand.

a phone inside a case showing a woman and a dog with a ring attached to the back sitting over five grip holder rings on a white background

Buy: Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holders $8.99


10. Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder


Classy and affordable, the Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder will keep your phone safe from accidental drops. With a loop for your finger, the holder attaches to your phone using a powerful magnet. It also includes a kickstand for propping your phone up on any flat surface. This finger holder is available in 15 fun colors.

pop socket alternatives

Buy: Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder $9.98


11. Takyu Universal Phone Lanyard Holder


This phone lanyard will hold any phone secure (regardless of the case) so your lock button, camera and security touchpoints won’t be obscured by it. The nylon lanyard is soft and comfortable to wear around your neck, has a detachable buckle design and an adjustable length so you can customize it to your needs. The connector is thick and easy to attach to any phone case, is very durable and offers you the option to easily remove the lanyard if you would like to. The release buckle is strong and will only detach when you want it to so your phone won’t accidentally drop or smash unexpectedly.

Takyu Lanyard Phone Holder

Buy: Takyu Phone Lanyard Holder $8.99


12. Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder


If your priority is a comfortable way to hold your smartphone securely in one hand, then the Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder is a great option. It comes in six different colors and gives you an easy and secure way to take photos, send texts, and generally operate your phone. The finger-in holding method prevents your hand from becoming fatigued, and the versatile design allows you to use it as a table stand for easy, hands-free use of your phone.

pop socket alternatives aduro

Buy: Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder $9.99


13. PopGrip Lips: Grip and Burts Bees Lip Balm for Phones


Gifting a phone grip to someone isn’t all that exciting, but a phone grip that doubles as a Burts Bees lip balm? That’s a little more like it. This PopGrip from PopSockets comes with a convenient and discrete Burt’s Bees lip balm built inside, so your lips will never be chapped while you’re gripping your phone with ease. The purchase comes with two refills and the swappable design means you can change it in and out whenever you feel like it.

PopGrip lips, best phone grips

Buy: PopGrip Lips PopSockets Swapple Grip and Burts Bees Lip Balm $19.99


14. WeeWooday Phone Grip Holder 30-Pack


This 30-pack of phone grips is great if you prefer to buy things in bulk. Each one has a diameter of a little less than two inches, and is made of durable ABS plastic and adhesive that binds to the phone easily. Each one can be used as a phone grip as well as a cable winder, table kickstand and even a car mount holder. They can be folded up to 180 degrees and easily adjusted for your favorite viewing angles as well.

Weewooday phone grips, best phone grips

Buy: Weewooday Phone Grip 30-Pack $13.99


15. AOLIY Cell Phone Grip


If you have large hands and often find average-sized finger holes to be too constricting, it may be worth giving the AOLIY Cell Phone Grip a try. This smartphone accessory lets you adjust the size of the space your finger fits in. This doesn’t just allow for different sized fingers but also helps to ensure a secure hold when you’re using your phone. The device is available in five different color options and includes 3M Nano absorption tape, which is reusable.

a man holding his phone using an aoliy adjustable phone grip

Buy: AOLIY Cell Phone Grip $8.50 (orig. $9.00) 6% OFF


16. MONET Slim Wallet With Grip


Do you want your phone grip to do more than hold your smartphone and allow you to comfortably watch media? The MONET Slim Wallet With Grip fits the bill. In addition to keeping your phone safe, the grip provides space for two cards, like credit cards, ID cards, or metro cards. It’s available in a number of styles and colors, including purple, baby blue, supreme red, and giraffe. The grip also sits flat when it’s not in use to stop it from catching on your pockets.

Monet slim wallet phone grip, best phone grips, popsocket alternatives

Buy: Monet Slim Grip Wallet With Stand $9.91


17. goStrap Smartphone Loop Strap


Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy grip with pizzazz and extra features to hold your phone more securely, sometimes you just need an extra strap from goStrap. This easy finger holder for smartphones is easy to use, and has an ergonomic design made to fit on the back of phones, tablets and other devices you carry around on a daily basis. It’s versatile, and works with nearly any phone case, although they recommend using one of theirs for best results.

goStrap cell phone strap, best phone grips

Buy: goStrap Cell Phone Strap $7.99


18. CatTongue Grips


CatTongue grips makes flat, grippable phone stickers that create a rough surface on the back of your phone for easier holding. Their non-slip phone grips adhere to almost any smooth surface and won’t interfere with wireless charging or magnetic mounts. Their grips are also non-abrasive, waterproof, made of soft, flexible plastic and eco-friendly as well.

CatTongue grips, best phone grips

Buy: CatTongue Grips High Tide $12.99


19. Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder


For a smartphone holder that provides a convenient grip whether you’re walking or driving, we like Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder. With a 360-degree rotating ring, users have a place to grip their phone and extend it 90 degrees to act as a kickstand. When driving, users can turn their phone into a navigation system by inserting the ring into a vent or CD slot. The soft ring won’t scratch the car’s interior and the adhesive backing provides a secure and durable grip that works with most smartphones.

Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder
Buy: Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder


20. Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand


It’s a phone grip, it’s a kickstand, and it has multiple attachments for added versatility. The Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand features several useful configurations that make using your smartphone more convenient than ever. The adhesive back forms a secure bond to any smartphone or tablet. The metal and iron-plated Mobi has a ring that pops out to act as a handle or kickstand. Openings in the ring allow for users to attach the Mobi to a lanyard. Mobi also makes her own magnetic stand that can be used in the car or at home to raise the phone up for a more comfortable viewing option.

Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand
Buy: Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand $19.97 (orig. $22.95) 13% OFF


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