Customizable Mul

berry Organizer (w/ Diaper Pocket & Detachable Zipper Bag) Tote Felt Purse Insert Cosmetic Makeup Zip Handbag Belonging by JennyKrafts

We can always customize based on your needs. No worry if your Tote Bag is not in the dropdown list. Please choose "Custom Size", and message me the ideal size of the organizer. You can decide that by measuring your bag's INSIDE bottom dimension (Length x Width), and then choose the ideal Height of the organizer.
When you input the size in the Memo, please also state whether this is the size of your Purse, or the size for the Organizer.

Every organizer is made to order, so even if you choose an exisiting size option, you may still let me know if you prefer an exact size of the organizer.