CGM Recommends: The Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023

CGM Recommends: The Best Mother's Day Gifts 2023

Every year, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for that special lady in your life gets increasingly overwhelming. There are so many options and so many gifts from years prior that we feel the need to top, along with siblings we want to one up. We all know that struggle, so CGMagazine is coming to the rescue. 

We’ve tested—by a mom, so it’s legit—headsets for game-loving moms, craft supplies for craft-loving moms, twinkly lights for twinkly light-loving moms, and other great gifts. Feel free to lie and say you thought of these yourself when your mom inevitably fawns over them because that’s why we do this, so you don’t have to. 

Here are the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2023:

Shark Stratos Cordless Vacuum

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Price: $499.99 

If your mom loves to spend an afternoon deep cleaning, the Shark Stratos Cordless Vacuum is the perfect addition to her arsenal. It has a clean sense IQ that detects the dirt you can’t see—even with that eye in the back of her head—automatically amplifying the power to ensure it’s sucked up, making clean-up quick and easy. It can get the pet’s and kid’s hair, dirt, and all kinds of debris with no problem, offering up to a 50% better pickup. If mom’s dealing with something extra gross, it comes with odour-neutralizing technology, keeping all that stink in the vacuum and the home fresh. 

Its MultiFLEX technology allows mom to reach just about anywhere in the house to clean—under the couch, at the top of the bookshelf, anywhere she can imagine. It also means storage is easy, taking up very little space when it’s put away. To make it even easier on mom, the Shark Stratos Cordless Vacuum comes with a self-cleaning brush and an easy-to-remove dust cup that dumps out the content without having to get mom’s hands dirty. All this comes for the price of $499.99, which is on the lower end of vacuums, making it one of the best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023!

Twinkly Squares

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Price: $381.00

Does your mom love to decorate? Is adding new knickknacks and wall art to the house her one and true passion? If that sounds like your mom, this gift may just be perfect for her. The Twinkly Squares are ideal for the mom with a little creative flair. They are, as the name suggests, twinkly squares—a wall panel with smart LED lights that can be controlled by an app. Each square panel has 64 premium LED lights that come in every colour imaginable. 

Mom can create any number of designs through the app, creating her dream decorations at the touch of a screen. The app can even sync large groups of up to 15 Twinkly Squares, making a collage of epic colours and design possible. They can be animated as gifs and synced with music as well, so the limitation is mom’s imagination. The Squares Multicolor Edition goes for $381.00 but comes with endless possibilities for mom to explore. 

Hydragun Atom Mini

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Price: $269.00

My mom would kill for this, so I’ll say it’s one of the best Mother’s Day gifts 2023. The Hydragun Atom Mini is a handheld massage gun packed with insane power. If your mom is anything like mine and suffers from chronic pain, this is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. The Hydragun Atom Mini is designed for muscle and joint stiffness, post-workout muscle soreness, and chronic aches and pains. It’s tiny, portable, and perfect for a mom on the go since it’s smaller than a Coke can.

The Hydragun Atom Mini comes with a 5-hour battery life, offering 30 massage sessions before recharging. Mom can customize her session with three different massage heads: a ball head for comfort, a flat head that can be chilled in the fridge for a cool massage, and a bullet head for pinpointing problem areas and muscle tension. There are three speeds to choose from to find her ideal intensity, ranging from 1800 ppm to 3200 ppm. The Atom Mini goes for $269.00, a good deal for such a useful Mother’s Day gift. 

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine 

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Price: $439.99

Is your mom an empty nester? Did you leave her alone, and now that she has no rugrats causing chaos, she can indulge in her pre-motherhood hobbies? The HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine may just be a match made in heaven for her if that’s the case. It’s a no-assembly-required, 15-by-15-inch press machine that’s perfect for heat transfer crafts. 

If your mom isn’t an empty nester and still has gremlins biting at her heels, the cooling technology can help keep them safe. The fast cooling helps to prevent accidents, and it’ll automatically turn off if it’s been inactive for ten minutes, making it perfect for moms with a lot on their plates. The quick 6 minutes to reach its top temperature of 210 °C (410 °F) is also ideal for moms with not a lot of time to craft, no need to waste time waiting for it to heat up. All this comes in a pretty Robin Egg blue or sleek white for $439.99.

Secretlab Premium Footrest (PlushCell Memory Foam)

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Price: $109.00 

These next couple of gifts are perfect for gamer moms because moms can be anything, even gamers. This premium footrest is great for a mom who loves PC gaming, and it’s even better if she already owns a Secretlab chair to make it a matching set. The footrest is made from Secretlab Plushcell Memory Foam, making it ideal for long gaming sessions. It’s durable too, so it’ll hold its shape even after a ten-hour session. Mom can put her feet absolutely anywhere on this rest and feel like a gaming queen.

Say goodbye to your mom taking odd items from around the house to use as a footrest for her World of Warcraft campaign and get her the Secretlab Premium Footrest for $109.00. Her feet will thank you.

SteelSeries Artics Nova 7 Headset + Booster Packs 

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Price: $229.99

The SteelSeries Artics Nova 7 Headset offers a super comfortable wireless fit, making it a great Mother’s Day gift for that gamer woman in your life. It’s got a 360-degree spatial audio feature, allowing mom to hear opponents’ and allies’ positions and immediately plan her next move accordingly. If your mom is anything like me and prefers a more cozy game, its simultaneous wireless feature allows for game and mobile audio mixing. That makes it possible to listen to podcasts or albums while farming in Stardew Valley or whatever their cozy game of choice is. 

Add to the gift with the available booster packs, which come in plenty of colours for various SteelSeries headsets for $45.99.

Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro 

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Price: $279.99

If those first headphones aren’t your mom’s vibe, maybe the cute Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro is more her style. Choose from the classic black with neon green LED or a gorgeous quartz colour. The headphones come with adorable interchangeable kitty, bear, and bunny ears and a detachable Razer hyper-clear cardioid mic, perfect for in-game communication. 

The Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro can aid in-game immersion with its noise cancellation feature, making it easier to immerse yourself in the game when the kids are loud. This great headset also comes with stream-reactive RBG lighting and comfortable memory foam earpads for extended wear. Get your gamer mom these adorable Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro for $279.99 this Mother’s Day. 

Cooler Master GEM

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Price: 42.00

Here’s another gift idea for that gamer girl in your life: The Cooler Master GEM is the ultimate PC-build accessory. With its powerful magnetic hold, it can handle up to 2 kg. It’s perfect for hanging headphones, VR headsets, controllers and other items; it also keeps them safe from damage with its rubber-coated steel arms. It can be mounted to surfaces up to 4 millimetres thick, handling steel, steel mesh, glass, plastic, acrylic, and aluminum. 

If your mom owns a 3D printer, she can make GEM’s officially released modifications, adding to the handy hanger from the comfort of her own home. To help keep all of Mom’s cords from getting tangled, The Cooler Master Gem can neatly hold them in the back. The Cooler Master GEM comes in both black and white, going for $49.99, making it the perfect add-on to any Mother’s Day gift. 


23050205 8

Price: $27.99

The POWERADD Pro Portable Charger is perfect for any mom on the go. With the millions of things moms have to tackle every day, it can be hard to remember the charger or even to charge the phone in the first place. This easy-to-store portable charger is the solution; it’s small, quick, and easy to use. It can fast charge, allowing for a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. The POWERADD Pro is perfect for quickly stuffing in your purse or back pocket; it is smaller than the average iPhone. It’s also compatible with more than just an iPhone; it can change tablets, AirPods, smartwatches, and more. 

Get your mom this practical gift and make her day easier for just $27.99. 

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TPO9 Purifying Fan

23050205 9

Price: $849.99

This gift is by far the most expensive on the list, but moms are worth it. They practically slave away to raise us, giving up their blood, tears, and 18—probably more—years of their life for us. The Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde™ TPO9 Purifying Fan is the perfect gift to say thank you this Mother’s Day. This Dyson Purifier does the usual, automatically sensing and trapping air pollutants for cleaner air. On top of that great feature, it can detect and destroy formaldehyde, a naturally occurring chemical that can cause eye, throat, and nose irritation at low levels.

It can also cool mom in the summer, and she doesn’t even have to get up to control it. The purifier can be controlled either through the app or voice control. Splurge a little this Mother’s Day and keep her air clean for $849.99.

EDGE Full Kit

cgm recommends the best mothers day gifts 2023 23050405 1

Price: $89.00 

Is your mom a titan in her industry, always on business calls and doing Zoom meetings? Maybe she works away from home and loves to Facetime the kids to catch up after a busy day. Maybe she’d just really like a way to anchor her phone to her laptop. The EDGE Full Kit is perfect for every kind of mom, giving her the ability to easily mount her phone to a laptop or tablet. 

The EDGE Full Kit comes in three different colours, grey, white, and red, and has a super thin and sleek design, making it easy to store. Along with the mount, the EDGE Full Kit comes with a handy wireless charger that works with both iPhone and Android devices and a circular light to highlight mom’s beautiful face in Zoom meetings. Make mom’s life easier this Mother’s Day for just $89.00.