Best Ideas On How To Organize A Bedroom Closet

Bedroom closets come in all shapes and sizes, and today I’m sharing some great basics you can use to organize your closet. Big or small, these budget friendly tips, products and ideas can be applied to most any bedroom closet. For ideas on how to organize a Linen Closet [click here].

Welcome to day 16 of our 4 week Cleaning & Organizing Challenge. Today I’m sharing some of the best tips and ideas for good closet organization. Following the Free Printable Checklist/Calendar, Jess Mom4Real and I are continuing to share our completed tasks & projects with you. Feel free to jump-in anytime, and work at your own pace!

For today’s topic I decided to enlist help, in order to share the very best closet organizing ideas with you and cover a variety of needs and situations. We’ll start with our bedroom closet and I’ll share some of my very own organizational tips with you! 

When we moved into our home it needed so much work, from top to bottom. There was not a single room that didn’t need attention. Our bedroom included. As far as the closet situation went, it had one basic, average sized closet. And that was not going to be sufficient for both my husband and I.
So he got the existing closet, and we quickly created a functional, low budget closet for me.

Our room is an odd shape — it’s long and narrow. But we worked that to our advantage by creating a wall-to-wall closet across the expanse at the far end of the room. I really should share how we did that at some point, it was very simple and I’m sure it could be useful to those out there that don’t have walk in closets! For now, I’m going to stay on track and focusing on the organizing aspects.

I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite closet organizing essentials. These are time-tested, proven winners. All from the affordable Better Homes & Gardens line, at Walmart. 


For more than just shoes! The slim dual-sided design holds 20 scarves. All kept dust free and easily visible with the clear design. 


The Huggable Hanger was created by Joy Mangano. This style of hanger is incredible at keeping bulk at bay and allowing more available space in your closet. If you choose another brand, look for a more substantial quality version. Some are very flimsy and not well made.


These organizers can turn vertical hanging-only space into horizontal storage for a multitude of items, from sweaters, belts and shoes, to even smaller more detailed organizers — like the divided organizer holding my wallets.


I don’t have a dresser, so I’m using a canvas covered wire shelf in it’s place. The shelves are perfect for my jammies, and I’ve got fabric lined baskets for my bras, panties.

Always keep an open mind when organizing. If you can’t afford actual built-ins, free standing furniture can be the next best thing. From a full size armoire, small dresser, chest, or even metal shelves… flexibility can be exactly what you need to utilize your space to it’s full potential. 


Flex storage — these bins can be folded down when not being used, and are so versatile. They hold my hoodies and sweaters (I prefer to roll or fold my sweaters) and manage those bulky items really well!  And my Summer items like swimsuits and cover ups are tucked away as well. 
LEARN MORE: I share more in-depth ideas about how I set-up my closet [click here] if you’d like to read more. It’s stayed wonderfully organized and tidy for several years now, with minimal effort, and only very small edits as my needs have changed.
Below you’ll find some more wonderful closet organizing ideas, with clickable links just below the image, for more information.

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I’ve included convenient clickable shopping links below for you. Some may be affiliate links. Click here for full disclosure.

For your convenience, my Amazon store is updated weekly [click to shop] — I’ve gathered up loads of useful, affordable organizing & storage goods for you, link below.
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If you prefer to shop in person, the big box stores have a loads of closet organizing systems and goods available. You can also try stores like Walmart and Target for simple wire closet systems like mine. And of course, IKEA and The Container Store both have great staples for building your own closets.
If I  can help you with anything else, please comment or reach out to me at and I’ll try my very best to help! xo Shannon

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