Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Diamonds Go Missing on the Love Boat

When last we left Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae were in each other’s arms in the stairwell, sharing a passionate kiss. And they’re still there! A whole week later. That must have been some kiss.

After kicking Junior Stew Madison “Mads” Herrera out of their shared cabin to rejoin First Mate Gary King in the guest cabin, Daisy and Colin squeezed into Daisy’s bunk together. “You really turn me on,” Daisy whispered to Colin.

“Daisy and I have always been flirty,” admitted Colin in an interview. “I’ve had girlfriends the last two seasons, so nothing was acted on or even really thought about. But in all honesty, I kind of feel like it was only a matter of time in some ways.”

“I don’t know what’s going through Daisy’s head right now,” he continued. “But I’m picking up what she’s putting down.”

The morning after the night of passion

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Colin Macrae — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

The next morning, Gary told Mads, “I’m glad you came back.”

She told him, “Yeah because f***ing Colin went into my cabin with Daisy.” And Gary was all, “Whaaaaaat?” So of course, he immediately went off to find the engineer to get the full scoop.

Finding the guilty party trying to catch a few more winks in their cabin, he asked, “Did you hook up with Daisy last night?”

Colin tried to play innocent, “What? Who said that?”

“Okay,” Gary admitted in an interview. “I didn’t see that coming. Mom and Dad?”

In the crew mess, Alex Propson was having breakfast. Gary ragged him for interrupting his and Madison’s intimate moment. “Thanks for coming into the cabin last night,” Gary told him. “That was a dick move, man. F***ing hell.” But he was laughing while he said it.

Alex blamed it on the engineer. “It was Colin’s idea,” he claimed. “He was on a mission.” Yeah, because Alex was probably too drunk to think of it himself.

“Was he?” Gary mused, adding, “To make sure we were not coming back to the cabin so he could hook up with Daisy?” Uh oh, Gary’s already a little jealous.

Meanwhile, Colin had already returned to Daisy’s cabin. “Room service,” Colin teased. “How are you?”

“The minute I met Colin two years ago,” Daisy said in an interview, “I was like, ‘Oh, he’s hot.’ But obviously, I’ve never known Colin single either … I mean, it was a good kiss.”

Prodded by a producer to “give us more than that,” Daisy finally giggled, “Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of sexual energy there.”

Still not speaking to Chase

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Lucy Edmunds — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Following his oafish behavior of the night before when a drunken Chase Lemacks had asked if he could “drink tequila between your boobies tonight,” stewardess Lucy Edmunds wanted nothing to do with Chase and totally ignored him. “You can’t just f*** up and then try and talk to me,” Lucy said. “He’s a f***ing wanker.” I’m not sure Chase had any clue what he’d done to make Lucy so pissed off at him.

After cleaning up all the detritus of the night before, the crew set about general cleaning and preparing the Parsifal III for the next charter. Making beds in one of the guest cabins, Mads told Lucy, “I went back with Gary, and we just cuddled all night and then had sex at some point.”

“Oh fab,” Lucy commented. “Was it good?” Mads admitted that it was, as they continued cleaning. A little idle workplace chatter always makes the day go faster, right?

Colin gets Gary’s blessing

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Season:4 — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

As they were putting the finishing touches on the boat’s engine repairs, Colin asked Gary, “You reckon I f***ed up by hooking up with Daisy [last night]? I don’t know if it was a good move, bro.”

Gary responded. “I like Daisy a lot. I’ve got a lot of time for her.”

“But do you ‘like her’ like her?” Colin wanted to know.

“No, I don’t know,” Gary said. “No, no, no, not like that. I thought I did, but I’m quite happy you guys hooked up. I would love you guys to date.” Well, that’s generous of him.

“Are you upset that we hooked up?” Colin asked, trying to make sure his friend wasn’t mad at him. “I didn’t get the feeling that you liked her,” Colin added. What gave you that idea, Colin? Could it be the way Gary went after every other girl on the boat?

“No no no,” Gary answered. “I thought coming into the season [that I did] … but [that was] before she told me to stay away from her. I thought there was chemistry there, but I don’t think she’s the one for me.”

So from their conversation, Colin surmised, “What [his mouth]’s telling me is there’s a green light, but what his face is telling me is another thing. But I feel like him and I are good enough friends for him to tell me if that wasn’t the case.”

“Wait, be honest with me,” Colin pressed. “Do you like Daisy? You’ve got that look in your eye.”

Insisting that he only liked Daisy “as a friend,” Gary stuck to his story. “No, I’m just quite happy that you guys hooked up. To be honest, I think, um … if you want to go for it, go for it, bru.” So there you have it. Gary gave Colin his blessing.

Captain Glenn calls a preference sheet meeting

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Captain Glenn Shephard — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

As Gary and Colin were settling their ownership rights to Daisy, Captain Glenn Shephard called for Gary, Daisy and Chef Ileisha Dell to meet him in the crew mess for the next charter’s preference sheet meeting. When Gary slid into the bench seat next to Daisy, he gave her a smug smile, like, “I know what you’ve been up to.”

“Looks like we have lovely ladies joining us this time,” Glenn announced. The primary guest was a professional woman celebrating her retirement with three of her best girlfriends. They requested to be treated “like royalty” while on board, “with a fruity drink always in hand.”

“I like cooking for a bunch of ladies,” Ileisha said. “And only four of them? Like, what am I, on vacation? Love that for me!” Hopefully, she’s right. This crew needs an easy charter.

Gary and Daisy have a heart to heart

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Daisy Kelliher — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Immediately after the meeting, Gary met up with Daisy on the flybridge for a smoke break. “Buongiorno,” he greeted her. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay now,” she told him. “It was f***ing rough waking up.”

“It was a fun night, though,” Gary said.

Daisy got right to the point. “What do you think of me and Colin kissing each other?”

“I think it’s really nice,” Gary told her. “I think there’s definitely some chemistry there between you two.”

“I’m more asking you,” Daisy continued, “because we’ve kissed, and we’re still friends.”

“It’s a little bit of a weird time,” Gary admitted. “Maybe there’s a little bit of jealousy there, but then I can’t really say that because, yes, I did hook up with Madison.”

“Why are you jealous?” Daisy wanted to know. So is Daisy still interested in Gary? What’s this about?

“I don’t know,” Gary answered. “I thought we had a moment, but I think about it and it’s like, where’s it going to go? I’ve had a little chat to Colin about it, and I said, ‘I think I’ve always liked Daisy.’ I’m not going to deny the fact that [feelings are] there.”

“Yeah, but this kind of bothers me,” Daisy fired back. “Like you can’t even tell me that you have feelings for me?”

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

“Maybe that’s it,” Gary admitted. “Maybe I’m a coward in that sense, and I’m too scared to see what your reaction is going to be, so I’m happy to tell everyone else about it because it’s how I feel. And I’m just too scared to tell you.”

“In what f***ing warped zone am I in right now?” Daisy asked in a production interview. “I can’t believe he realized he has feelings for me now that he’s seeing me with someone else. Come on! I think Gary’s upset that I’m not his backup. So f***ing annoying!”

“I couldn’t pursue you because I just thought … my chances weren’t there,” Gary admitted. “Especially when you told me to stay away from you. I was heartbroken by that comment, really. We don’t get to explore that, you know?”

“We don’t get to explore it because you’re in a relationship with my roommate,” Daisy replied. “Gary, I don’t know what you want me to tell you. After you kiss Madison, what, you want to come over to me and see which one you have more chemistry with? You didn’t give any room. I kissed Colin last night. We’re three weeks into the season. You’ve been hooking up with Madison for the last three weeks.”

At this point, socially awkward Chase strolled in and chirped, “Is this private? Or not?” And that was the end of the conversation, as Gary said he had to go and made a hasty retreat.

Afterward, Gary commented in an interview, “I think that sexual tension between Daisy and I is always going to be there until we have sex.” In your dreams, buddy. You had your chance.

“But now, all of a sudden, Daisy’s hooking up with Colin,” he added. “You snooze you lose. Sh**!”

Daisy and Colin catch up

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: (l-r) Daisy Kelliher, Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

“How are you feeling about last night?” Colin asked, “Because we were f***ing wasted.”

“Do you regret kissing me?” Daisy asked him.

“Not at all,” Colin said. “What makes you say that?”

“I’m not somebody that just hooks up with people,” Daisy told him.

“So where do we go from here?” Colin wanted to know.

“I’m not thinking too much about it,” Daisy lied. It’s ALL she’s thought about all day, for sure.

“Obviously keep it professional,” Colin commented. “None of this PDS sh** in front of all the crew.”

“We’ll see what happens,” Daisy said, as she stretched a foot out to rest in Colin’s lap.

“Not in public!” he protested. “Oh, my God, stop it!” What did he just say about PDA, Daisy? But all she did was giggle. I think Daisy likes Colin. I do, too (even though I’m married). He’s so much more mature and reliable than flighty, flirty Gary.

And the crew had an early night since the charter guests would arrive the next morning.

The crew greets the new guests

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: (l-r) Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, Ileisha Dell, Chase Lemacks, Lucy Edmunds, Colin Macrae, Mads Herrera, Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Hopefully, this would be an easy charter, as there were only four guests to entertain. “What a handsome crew!” one of the ladies exclaimed, as they shook hands with everyone.

When one of the ladies complained that she didn’t really like champagne (Philistine!), Daisy asked if she would like something else. “Fresh fruit martinis, please,” and Daisy made sure they got them before taking them on a tour of the boat.

Chase complained that they had a lot of luggage to be loaded onto the boat, but Gary told him, “Yes, but they’re ladies, and you know what ladies are like.” Oh really, Gary? And what are we like then? To be fair, it was explained to me that most of these charter guests have packed for a full European vacation, only part of which will take place on the Parsifal III. They didn’t just pack for a couple of days.

When Chase found out the guests were from South Carolina, he immediately knew how to behave. “Growing up in the South, I know what these ladies want,” he said. “It’s the way I greet them. ‘Yes, ma’am, my pleasure.’ They see it as manners, but I might be a little taste of home [for them].” He’s not wrong. Finally, Chase has found his comfort zone.

As Lucy brought the ladies more fruity cocktails, the primary explained that the four of them had been roommates in college. And still friends after all these years! How sweet is that?

Meanwhile, Ileisha thought she had these ladies’ MO. “I can tell that these ladies are classy,” she said, “and that they would appreciate something Southern. I’m kind of catering to their flavors, but then putting my twist on it.” To go with their fruity cocktails, Ileisha prepared homemade Parmesan crisps, melon balls with mint and mini crepes with smoked salmon. Sounds yummy!

Captain advised everyone to prepare for sailing, so Daisy instructed her crew to make sure everything was stowed securely when the boat started heeling (not “keeling,” as one of the guests called it). “This is so incredible,” one of the women sighed, watching the sails go up.

In the meantime, Colin informed Daisy, “Tomorrow is Gary’s birthday. We can get his face printed out and then just at the end of the day tomorrow, we all just say, ‘Happy birthday, Gary!'” Daisy said she had balloons and stuff, and before they go out (after the guests are gone), they can have birthday cake and a drink to celebrate.

A 70s disco-themed party

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Season:4 — Pictured: Captain Glenn Shephard — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

When the guests went down to their cabins to get ready for dinner, the crew started to prep their costumes for the evening. The guests requested a 70’s theme disco party, so Daisy sorted through outfits for her stews.

“I had a lot of fun in the 70s,” Glenn said. “The 70s were great. I remember sneaking into discos. And I had frizzy hair. And so I used to brush it up into an Afro. It was big.” Somehow Bravo producers got hold of a picture of Afro Glenn from the 70s. He did have a lot of hair.

“That is shagadelic,” Glenn said in his best Austin Powers voice, as the stews picked outfits. “I’m glad I saw the 70s. That’s when streaking was really big. And it was fantastic because everybody was streaking. Groovy, baby.” Not everybody was streaking, Glenn, only the naked people. But everybody was kung fu fighting.

The mysterious case of the disappearing diamonds

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Mads Herrera — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Everything was peachy until Daisy was called down to one of the guest cabins. “I took off my diamond necklace and earrings,” the guest told her, “and I put them on [this counter]. I’m so upset.” Apparently, her jewelry had been misplaced.

“No no, it’s okay,” Daisy reassured her. “It’s not gonna go far. They’re on the boat somewhere.” Maybe they slid off the counter when the boat was “keeling.” Check the floor.

“Don’t you have like a video of people that are walking down here?” the guest asked. “I’m pretty responsible when it comes to my diamond necklace. I’m just like in shock.”

“I promise you,” Daisy vowed, “no one would take anything. I’ll ask the rest of the crew in the meantime.”

Daisy walked away muttering, “Now we’re getting f***ing accused of stealing jewelry.” Looks like this charter wasn’t going to be as easy as they originally thought.

Running into Mads on deck, Daisy asked her, “Did you move a necklace and earrings that were in this twin cabin?”

“No, I haven’t touched that [cabin],” the junior stew said.

“I would check purses,” Alex suggested.

Down below, the ladies were getting themselves more and more worked up, as Daisy tried to figure out what happened. Guest Lorrie told Jill, “Don’t leave any of your stuff out.”

When Daisy saw Lucy, she confirmed with her, “You haven’t touched any jewelry in the twin cabin?”

“I’ve not been in there,” Lucy said.

Finally, Daisy knocked on Glenn’s cabin door, as he was getting ready to join the guests for dinner. “What’s going on?” he asked her.

“So, Lorrie has misplaced her diamond earrings and her necklace,” she told Glenn. “I think she’s very concerned that somebody’s taken them.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with a theft on a super yacht,” Glenn told producers. To Daisy, he said, “Let’s you and I go and I’ll have a chat with her.”

Downstairs Daisy told the guests that she had informed Glenn of the situation, just so he was aware. “He just wanted to come down and speak to you.”

While Glenn spoke with the guests, Daisy returned upstairs and told her girls, “Whoever does turndown, you just check all the cupboards.”

When Lorrie told Glenn that she’s “torn everything apart” and her heart was “racing,” he reassured her. “We’ll find them, don’t worry. I don’t think anybody steals stuff like that. We’ll start looking around and figure out where they went.”

To production, Glenn said, “You’d have to be an idiot to steal onboard a boat. You’re never gonna get away with it. It doesn’t make any sense.”

I think it’s more likely the lady put her jewelry somewhere for safe-keeping and then forgot where she put it. It’s probably stashed safely in a drawer somewhere. They had been drinking quite a bit, after all.

Dinner at the disco

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Ileisha Dell — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

When Glenn walked out to dinner in psychedelic red bellbottoms and a bright gold glittery vest, the ladies went wild, “Look at you!”

“What?” he asked, feigning innocence. “I always dress like this.” I don’t mean to disparage, but you would never in a million years see Captain Lee Rosbach come to dinner in anything but his captain’s uniform.

As the guests sat down to dinner, the crew that wasn’t involved with serving was conducting a full-scale search for the missing jewelry. Not only was Mads giving Lorrie’s cabin a thorough once over, but Gary and Alex were searching the bunny pad and the lounge areas.

Lucy even went through Lorrie’s purse. “Yeah,” she said, “there’s literally f***ing money in here and stuff like that. If I was going to steal anything, I’d steal that.” But at the bottom of the purse, Lucy gasped when she finally found the missing jewelry.

Daisy took the necklace and earrings out to the table to show the guests that the missing items had been located. “Where was it?” Jill asked.

“In the pocketbook,” Daisy said, to which Jill replied, “I knew it!”

“Lucy!” Lorrie exclaimed. “My fave! Thank you!”

“Well, I knew there was not going to be a criminal onboard,” Jill said. So did we all. But I do know how frustrating it is to misplace something of value. I lost a pocket camera in Fort Bragg (California) once. I was so upset with myself, it almost ruined my whole weekend. I’m glad for Lorrie that her jewelry was found and returned.

“In the back of my mind,” Captain Glenn interviewed, “I’m thinking, maybe you should at least apologize to the crew. It’s like, no way are they going to do that.”

Fortunately, one of the guests recognized that the crew had gone above and beyond to find the missing jewelry and said, “Can we just make a toast to the crew? Your crew’s amazing … They’re all cute, too. If I was only 40 years younger.”

As dinner was ending, the Parsifal crew, dressed in 70s gear, came dancing out with sparklers. The guests were thrilled and jumped up to dance with them. “Show me some steps,” Alex said. “I wasn’t around for the 70s.” Shut up, Alex. We get it. They’re old and you’re so young. Rude!

On his way to bed, Glenn remembered to stop by the galley and compliment the chef. “Ileisha, dinner was delicious,” he told her. “It came out really fast. Everyone’s great.”

“Thank you,” she told the captain. To production, she laughed, “Sorry, what? I am reeling the captain in. Awesome.”

The lovers say goodnight and Chase takes a jacuzzi with the cougars

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Chase Lemacks — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

When Gary went to say goodnight to Mads, he found her already in bed. “Oh, you’re in bed!” he said, surprised. “Go on, sleep well,” and he closed the door behind him. “A good night would be nice,” he muttered, walking away. Apparently, his feelings were hurt that Mads went to bed without first bidding him good night. “That’s just blatantly rude.”

Daisy, on the other hand, was visiting the engine room at that very moment. “You going to bed soon?” she asked Colin. “I’m jealous you’re going to bed,” she said, giving him a good night hug.

“Don’t stay up too late,” he told her, giving her a quick smooch and a long hug.

In the hot tub, the guests asked Gary if one of the boys could come up and “do a temperature check.” Send Alex or Chase, ’cause he’s “adorbs,” according to Jill.

Gary asked Chase if he minded jumping in the jacuzzi with the ladies, and he was up for it. “They just want some male company there, it seems like,” Gary told him. “Whatever happens, I don’t want to hear about it.”

Promising to be a “perfect gentleman,” Chase scampered back to his room to change into his wet gear. “These ladies are a little bit older and they’re single,” Chase interviewed. “I know these type of ladies very well, and I like a little hot tub time, so I’ll take one for the team.”

“I hear you need a temperature check,” Chase announced when he arrived at the jacuzzi.

The ladies were pleased to see him. One of them told Jill, “He looks like my cousin, the one that you dated.”

“I look like your ex-boyfriend?” Chase asked Jill. She told him she had good taste.

“Listen to us,” one of the women said. “We sound like a bunch of cougars.”

“We are cougars!” her friend responded.

Lucy gets a long-deserved apology

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Lucy Edmunds — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

After changing out of his swim gear and back into his work clothes, Chase went looking for Lucy, who was still working.

“Hey, Lucy,” Chase whispered in the hallway, being respectful of the people trying to sleep. “I know you’re super busy. Can I talk to you? It’ll take 30 seconds.”

When she agreed, he continued, “I wanna apologize about last night. I know that sometimes when I drink, I’m full on, and I make dirty jokes, and sometimes I can be offensive. One of my goals, I wanna crush the season, but I also want to walk away from this, like being friends. Let me hug it out.”

Lucy thanked him for the apology and said it was “fine” and she appreciated it. “I’m not a hugger,” she said, giving him a quick squeeze.

“I gotta take responsibility for the fact that I’ve upset Lucy,” Chase admitted. “Going forward, I need to just be more aware of the things that are coming out of my big, stupid mouth.” Talking about women’s breasts is not cool, Chase. This is 2023, not 1950. Be better.

Last day of the charter

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Wow. That was a short one. They only stayed one night? But it’s Gary’s birthday!

“Happy birthday!” Daisy and Ileisha told him, as they both hugged him together.

Afterward, Daisy went to say good morning to her new boyfriend Colin, already at work in the engine room. She was right in the middle of reaching over his shoulder to give him a big kiss when Gary popped his head in to see Colin, too. Catching Colin and Daisy making out, Gary turned right around and made a speedy exit.

The guests were having a beach excursion day, with a walk and a swim, before returning to the dock. Alex and Lucy were assigned to take the ladies to the beach and motored off in the tender. What a gorgeous day! The skies were blue, and the water was turquoise and crystal clear.

The ladies wanted to challenge the boys to a cornhole competition. “Where’s my teammate?” one of them said, referring to Alex, who was taking a quick dip to cool off.

“Yeah, he’s acting like a model coming out of the sea,” Lucy said, as Alex catwalked his way out of the Tyrrhenian Sea (I Googled it).

“Hey, he’s looking like a model!” one of the guests laughed.

While the ladies enjoyed the water, Gary was kvetching to Lucy about Mads going to bed last night without saying goodnight to him. “The fact that a girl won’t say good morning or good night to me after we’ve had sex f***ing hurts,” he whined. Come on, Gary. Grow a pair.

“I think it’s kind of weird that Gary’s telling Lucy,” Alex commented. “Why wouldn’t you just go talk to Mads about it? As much as it pains me to have to hear about [it], I’m also enjoying watching Gary squirm a little bit.” So, no love lost there.

Back on the boat, Lucy hurried to tell Mads that Gary was talking about her at the beach. She said he was upset that she walked right past him last night on her way to bed and didn’t say good night.

“Oh my God,” Mads moaned. “That’s the kind of sh** that annoys me.”

“I’m not, like, in love with Gary,” Mads said in an interview. “It’s just casual sex to me. Every time I take a step back, it feels like Gary needs more attention from me. It’s f***ing ridiculous … Be more dramatic, please.”

Later, as the guests gathered on the dock to bid adieu to the crew, there were some teary eyes. It was all too short a visit. The ladies exchanged hugs and stole a few kisses from the boys, while Glenn said, “It was fun having you guys. You guys are amazing!”

“Well, what can I say?” Jill announced. “It was so lovely. Service, food. We have memories forever. Thank you so much.” And with that, Jill handed Glenn a fat tip envelope. They were nice guests. Other than the missing jewelry fiasco, it was all cake.

A problem with the plumbing

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Captain Glenn Shephard — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

After the guests had left, the crew began cleaning the boat. Daisy was in the shower when she noticed a problem. She told Colin, “You know, the toilets aren’t flushing.”

“This f***ing boat,” he said, shaking his head. “This is the sh**iest part of being an engineer.” Literally, in this case.

He decided there must be a blockage somewhere in the pipes, and it needed to be sucked out. “It’s really hard to diagnose where the problem is. I can’t just undo something and find the blockage.”

So he posted someone in each bathroom to watch the bowls, as he pressurized the plumbing. “Anyone who’s religious, please say a little prayer.”

“Bru, it’s my birthday!” Gary joked.

Starting to pressurize the system, Colin radioed, “No one’s got any spillage?”

“I’m getting bubbles,” Gary called.

“Captain’s cabin is bubbling,” Alex radioed.

Nothing in the girls’ cabins. So it’s the boys’ fault then? That makes sense. Boys are gross.

As Gary’s toilet neared overflowing, the smell started to get to him and he began to gag uncontrollably.

“Girls, try to flush your toilets,” Colin called. Daisy and Lucy both attempted to flush their toilets, but nothing happened.

“Literally my worst nightmare,” Colin mumbled. “We have to f***ing break some pipes.”

And Gary was still gagging noisily. Happy birthday, Gare!


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