As you start navigating life as a new mom, you’ll realize that babies are a little bit high maintenance

From bottles and food to diapers and wipes, there’s never a shortage of must-have items to carry around with you.

One thing that’s essential when you’re on-the-go with your little ones is a diaper bag. 

This is the place to store all of your baby’s items in one convenient spot when traveling or out and about. This way, you’ll never forget an essential item for your child and you can easily find it when necessary.

You can’t leave home without a diaper bag, so you want to make sure you have one that is high quality with plenty of storage room for all your belongings. 

The diaper bag is a mom’s personal survival kit and will also double as your everyday purse. You’ll want it to be stocked with essentials for your baby and yourself for any need that could arise.
The Diaper Bag Backpack Style
Once I had my second child, I switched over to a diaper bag backpack and am so glad I did. Having a hands free option when you’re caring for babies and toddlers is a must. 

A backpack gives you more hands-free moments to multitask while you’re on-the-go. Whether you’re taking your baby out of the car seat, changing a diaper, or running an errand, you’ll always need both hands!

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The KeaBabies Diaper Bag Backpack
I recently received the KeaBabies diaper bag that I have heard so much about. I had to try it for myself after hearing so many rave reviews about it being one of the best diaper bags on the market!

I have to say that it didn’t disappoint and has lived up to it’s quality and versatility. As I’ve only used it for a short time, I will be updating this post after longer use to give you an idea of how it lasts.

The Keababies diaper bag is very affordable, has plenty of storage room, and a stylish fabric exterior.  It comes with an over-sized changing pad and includes 3 insulated bottle pockets. 
This diaper bag has a sleek design that looks a bit sporty and a bit chic. It’s the perfect size for me because it fits snugly on my back without being too bulky.

The fabric is made of high quality Oxford material that is both scratch resistant and water resistant so you shouldn’t worry about it getting damaged or starting to look dull after use. Diaper bags tend to get thrown around a lot, placed on the floor, or be subject to outdoor elements, so you want something that has a versatile exterior and won’t stain or rip easily.

The color options are very gender neutral which make it an excellent choice as a diaper bag for boys or girls, moms or dads.

Although each section remains closed with a full zipper, the front contains a large flap, as well. The flap uses sturdy fasteners to ensure that it stays closed and nothing will fall out. 
The padding on the arm straps make this diaper bag very comfortable for everyday wear. You’ll barely notice that it’s on your back as it won’t slide or fall off like the standard one-strap diaper bags.
The KeaBabies diaper bag backpack is multifunctional as it can be used for many of your adventures and outings. 
Large Storage Space
It has plenty of space for storing larger items. The largest compartment has a very wide opening that opens almost halfway down this section. This makes it easier to take things in and out and find items buried at the bottom.

It also makes storage of large items, like blankets, toys, and books, easily doable because many items can be stuffed inside. 

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Plenty of Small Pockets and Compartments
The KeaBabies diaper bag has many interior and exterior pockets (both large and small) that are great for keeping tiny baby items and compartmentalizing things so they don’t get lost. You’ll want to keep pacifiers, rattles, headbands, etc. all in their individual compartments which this bag has plenty of room for. 

There is a large back zipper pocket that includes the diapering mat. You can use this whole section for all of your diapering supplies like wipes, diaper cream, disposable diaper trash bags, etc. so they don’t have to get mixed in with your clean items. 

Keep things sectioned off so you won’t be digging through layers of items in your baby bag to find something in the bottom- you have easy access right there!
You can’t leave home without a bottle for your baby, so insulated pockets in a diaper bag is a must. The KeaBabies diaper bag includes 3 full-size, insulated bottle pockets that will keep your baby’s ready-made bottles of formula or breastmilk cold for hours. 

You can also use the insulated pouches to keep bags or bottles of frozen or refrigerated breastmilk, making it an excellent choice as a breastfeeding diaper bag. 
KeaBabies thought of all the little extras to make mom life easier when you’re on the go! 

One of the exterior side pockets includes a place to keep a pack of tissues to easily pull out when needed. It also has two small loop straps to hang your baby bag from a stroller handle or hook.

This diaper bag also includes a matching, oversized, washable diapering mat that is kept in the large back zipper pocket, perfect for quick diaper changes on-the-go. 

. . . . .

The KeaBabies diaper bag backpack is among the best baby diaper bags for moms and dads. You’ll never have to leave home empty handed when you have this baby bag with you!

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