Gift-giving can be frustrating when you aren’t sure what the perfect gift would be. Trying to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them can cause a lot of hours staring at catalogs and store windows.

If your partner is a fan of the outdoors, there are so many creative ideas they will love. From fishing and hunting to geocaching in the woods, you can find the perfect present. Whether it is for your anniversary, a birthday, or just because, you can literally go outside-the-box with these fun gifts.

Hunting and fishing

For the partner who loves the great outdoors, consider offering the gift of utility. Smith and Wesson assisted opening knives can be used to cut off the extra rope or fishing wire, opening bottles, and even cutting off bits of fish you recently caught. This handy knife can be used if you both spend the day fishing at your favorite stream, lake, or prying open stubborn clams and mussels by the sea. You can create a personalized fishing pack complete with lures, specialized rods and spinners, and fillet knives to make eating your catch easier at your campsite.

Instead of the same tackle box, surprise your partner with a sturdy tackle backpack that they can use to hold their gear. For the bowhunter, you can make sure they are safely protected with arm and handguards, and that their arrows are held nicely in a new quiver. If you are crafty, you can build a DIY homemade rack for their bows to proudly display at home. Camo gear for warm weather is a nice addition to their gift pile and may even score you some extra partner points along the way.

Geocaching and ATV

You can join your partner on a quest to find hidden treasure through geocaching. Using a GPS, other fellow cachers will leave behind clues and coordinates. These can be found at outdoor stores or found as an app on your smart device. By downloading a geocaching mobile app, your partner will head out to discover what they left in a camouflaged or hidden container. The size and location can vary, so you need to be observant and read the clues. It can be the size of a pill container or a nicely sized cargo box. This larger outdoor version of hide and seek may help you and your partner reminisce about playing this game as children. On your way towards the next find, your partner can don some new motorcycle gloves on their ATV or snowmobile. The gloves come in a variety of colors and textures, depending on the vehicle and weather conditions. Before you roll out on your vehicles, make sure you are both riding sound machines and taking the necessary courses for licenses and safety.

Nature photography and camping

If you are both up for a road trip, hop in the car towards Yellowstone Park in Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming. You can surprise your partner with a new camera that is charged up and ready to snap some memories of the beautiful outdoors. With the magnificent landscape and wilderness as inspiration, you can hike to an infamous geyser and watch it erupt before you.

Find the perfect place to make camp out under the stars. Your partner may like a birdwatching guide and journal to record what they see through the lens of their new camera. Create a foodie-inspired gift basket with a stainless steel thermos, sporks, energy-infused trail mix, and a pink Himalayan salt block to cook your steaks. This also comes in handy as a natural insecticide. No outdoor camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows by the fire. Your partner can even use their new knife to carve you both the best stick for optimum roasting capacity.

If you want to show your outdoors-loving partner just how much you love them, consider the gift ideas mentioned above. Not only are these items bound to be put to good use, but they’ll also create opportunities for experiences you can enjoy together.

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