8 Most Functional Ironing Boards for Professional or Home Use

A domestic chore that theres just no getting away from, we all need a quality ironing board to ensure we look presentable when out and about in public! The best ironing board offers a dedicated area allowing us to get those most stubborn of creases out of our clothes and is designed to cope with the high temperature of the iron. Ironing directly onto table top surfaces and kitchen counters is not only impractical but thoroughly dangerous. An ironing board is ergonomically constructed to provide a safe and smooth surface and an additional area to rest the iron at various intervals. Such a board is also the perfect accessory for those working on crafting projects and is one of the essentials needed to start sewing or quilting.

Top 8 Ironing Boards Review 2019

This extensive review takes a look at some of the most essential features of eight ironing boards that are currently retailing online. It concentrates on the board weight, minimum and maximum height, iron rest availability and overall design of the board itself. Addressing the construction and safety aspect of each ironing board, it also attempts to pick out the advantages and any possible disadvantages of each model, helping you to select the best one for your specific requirements.
By taking the time to research the best ironing board, weve been able to compile our findings into a detailed table, giving a more in-depth review of each model weve found. To equip you further before you make that final decision, we have also composed a fantastic buying guide which answers some of the most commonly asked questions, and ensures you are fully prepared when parting with your money.

Name and Features Image Rating Price
1. Brabantia Standard Sized Ironing Board (Editors Choice)
A simple, durable and well thought-out ironing board that has everything you could possibly need the Brabantia will iron your clothes for many years to come
Brabantia Ironing Board
2. Minky Ergo Plus (Best Ironing Board for Steam Iron)
This board will leave no crease un-ironed, with its specialized reflective cover
Minky Ergo Plus
3. Reliable 300LB Longboard (Best for Quilting)
The best choice for arts & crafts devotees make the most challenging quilting projects a breeze!
Reliable 300LB Longboard
4. Mabel Home Extra-Wide Pro Board (Best Wide Ironing Board)
A very unique design, carefully constructed for the most diverse of ironing projects no matter what you need ironed, rest assured youll have smooth clothes with zero hassle
Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board
5. Leifheit AirBoard (Best Compact Ironing Board)
A practical, stable board thatll get the job done and so compact that youll almost forget it exists!
Leifheit AirBoard
6. Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board (Best Tabletop Ironing Board)
Small, but highly functional ironing board with the added benefit of an iron rest a rarity for small boards
Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board
7. STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board (Best Ironing Board for Small Spaces)
If youre looking for an ironing board, but have limited space this is the option to consider. This model can also double up as a laptop stand
STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board
8. Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board (Budget Pick)
Lightweight mini ironing board, at a very purse-friendly retail price
Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board
  • Pressing surface: 49 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 14 lb
  • working height: 38 inches
  • Iron rest: Yes

Extra features: inbuilt child safety lock, 10-year guarantee

OVERALL RATING:9.9 out of 10

The Brabantia Standard Sized Ironing Board is not only our best all-around choice, but also one of Amazons Choice products for the best Ironing Board on the market! Available in a selection of twelve colors and fours sizes, this 49 x 15-inch board has a steam iron rest for continued comfort and safety. Thoroughly sturdy in construction, it is held up by four sturdy legs which offer strong support whether on carpeted areas or on hard floors. To ensure the board doesnt move around during use, there are also non-slip caps attached on the feet. Designed to allow a more extensive work surface when ironing, the Brabantia ironing board aims to make ironing a more pleasant task and can be used with most standard irons. To ensure you can iron with maximum comfort, the board allows you to change its height settings, selecting from four options ranging from 30 inches to 38 inches in total. With a crucial child safety lock inbuilt into the board, theres no chance of it collapsing while in use, and this also ensures it can be folded safely and securely when not being used. Finally, the Brabantia ironing board comes with a fantastic ten-year guarantee.
Customers selecting the Brabantia Standard Sized Ironing Board find this one of the more stable of products, which hold well when ironing a variety of items on it. More so, this is perhaps one of the most durable ironing boards on the market, with many customers claiming this board has lasted them for several years!

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Non-Slip Feet Caps
  • Inbuilt Child Safety Lock
  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Larger and Heavier in Size

  • Pressing surface: 48 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 16 lb
  • working height: 37 inches
  • Iron rest: Yes

Extra features: heat-reflective prozone cover, flex guide for iron cord, 5-year guarantee

OVERALL RATING:9.7 out of 10

The Minky Ergo Plus is not only a 100% practical ironing board but also a visually stunning modern board - it would look great in any home.

A thoroughly ergonomically designed model, this is perhaps one of the best ironing boards when it comes to power and peak performances. With comfort at the fore of this design and a maximum height of 37 inches, the result is a 100% cotton Prozone cover which has fantastic qualities, ensuring faster crease removal and a speedier overall ironing process. This is due to the unique coating of the padded cover which is heat reflective metallic. Added to this is it's ergo rack which, once again, increases the speed of the job while providing a more user-friendly design and resting position. With a simple flex guide attached to hold the iron cord, tangling and snagging is a thing of the past with the Ergo Plus board!

Complete with a five-year guarantee, this model makes ironing a more straightforward process while ensuring the board remains in place through stable and robust long loop legs. What's more, this 48 by 15-inch model allows you to utilize the low-level rack attached, where you can even place your steam generator if you prefer. For this exclusive board you would want to choose on of the best steam irons in the market today.
Customers of the Minky Ergo Plus claim its one of the best designed boards theyve used, offering excellent stability and a much more comfortable surface to iron on for more extended periods of time. Though its seen as the more expensive of models, the price for most customers is thoroughly reflected in the many features this board offers.

  • Modern Design
  • High Tech Cover
  • Powerful Results
  • Flex Guide
  • Low-Level Rack

  • Expensive Model

  • Pressing surface: 55 x 18.9 inches (using extension)
  • Weight: 25 lb
  • working height: 38 inches
  • Iron rest: yes

Extra features: laundry rack, ergonomic support for iron, magnetic locking system for storage, double wishbone legs, 10-year frame warranty

OVERALL RATING:9.5 out of 10

The Reliable 300LB Longboard not only gets our vote as one of the best ironing boards for quilting, but Amazon has also given it their seal of approval as well! This is a unique design, as it has a two-in-one element not usually found in such products. This allows you to use it as a regular ironing surface and then quickly switch over to a more extended board whenever you need to, giving you a larger surface in the process from 18.9 x 47.25 inches to 55 inches. This extended board makes it a great choice for quilters and knitters. Combining a seven-step height adjustment taking you from 30 inches to 38 inches, the Reliable Longboard is constructed using a strong frame to ensure maximum stability throughout, which is enhanced by its double wishbone legs that prevent any wobbling of the board. As a great addition, the iron station area is also extended and, most importantly, ergonomically designed to reduce the bending action of the wrist each time you reach for your iron. Additionally, this model has a handy laundry rack which not only allows you to place folded clothes on it, but also works as an attachment for when you iron dresses, robes, and garments that are longer in length. With a ten-year frame warranty, two additional cover pads and an added heat insert acting as a heat and fire-resistant solution, this really is a reliable ironing board.
Customers purchasing the Reliable Longboard highly rate this as the perfect choice for quilters and for ironing larger garments.

  • 10 Year Frame Warranty
  • Wider Board Width
  • Additional Cover Pads Supplied
  • Laundry Rack
  • Strong Frame Design
  • Two-In-One Element

  • Expensive Model

  • Pressing surface: 58 x 18 inches
  • Weight:19.7 lb
  • working height: 37 inches
  • Iron rest: yes

Extra features: patented retractable shoulder wings, extra cover included

OVERALL RATING:9.3 out of 10

The Mabel Home Extra-Wide Pro Board is another Amazon favorite and our choice of best extra-wide boards. This is a multi-purpose and multifunctional board, which also offers users an astounding eight additional unique features as standard! This extra-large board provides a fuller ironing surface of 58 by 18 inches, making it perfect for those larger of items you need to iron. With a heavy-duty padded cover and its 100% cotton surface layer, as well as unique retractable shoulder wings, the whole process of ironing is made hassle-free. This is perhaps the easier of boards to set up, use, and take down with a stable safety locking system that allows you to maneuver the board to the desired height, from 27.5 inches to 36 inches maximum. Encouraging a smooth ironing process through its friction-free gliding cover, there is also a cord holder, clothes hanging rail and storage basket attached for ultimate convenience throughout. Complete with a safety lock to ensure the iron does not accidentally collapse while in use, this is a sturdier of frames making it perfect for standard use as well as the more professional and industrial of jobs.
Customers purchasing the Mabel Home Extra-Wide Pro Board highly rate the whole ironing experience as a more pleasurable one when using this model. This is claimed to be entirely due to its increased accessibility through its additional size. It is, therefore, rated as great value for money every time! The offer of eight other features is also a big draw for many customers.

  • Bigger Surface Width
  • Eight Additional Features
  • Fiction-Free Gliding Cover
  • Retractable Shoulder Wings
  • Sturdy Frame

  • Basic and Flat Iron Resting Zone

  • Pressing surface: 43.3 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight:10.5 lb
  • working height: 34.6 inches
  • Iron rest: yes

Extra features: cover includes Thermo Reflect titanium coating for 33 % faster ironing, safety leg-lock

OVERALL RATING:9.1 out of 10

The Leifheit AirBoard is our choice of the best compact ironing board, with its light weight of just 10.5 lbs in total. This, indeed, is a more ultra-light model than most standard ironing boards. Designed to offer users the most optimized of ironing surfaces, the aim here is practicality throughout with every ironing experience. The lighter weight of this design makes it perfect for all users, but especially for those with limited mobility issues. Easier to set up and move around to suit, the height of the Leifheit AirBoard ranges from 29.5 to 34.6 inches and consists of a 100% cotton cover and 100% polyurethane pad beneath. However, the great concept of this model is the thermal reflected titanium coating on it which works to reduce heat and steam to ensure an impressive 33% faster ironing time. It is also thoroughly suitable for pure steam ironing use alone. With a four-leg design which ensures stability, alongside a compact frame, there is also an iron rest attached to the board to provide a safe place to rest your iron as you work. Additionally, this model offers a unique shoulder design which allows ease of ironing for those harder to reach areas of shirts and blouses, encouraging a crease-free finish each time.
Customers selecting the Leifheit AirBoard find it one of the most comfortable and lightweight of ironing boards - which they feel makes the process of ironing less of a chore and so much more practical to store away when not in use. Being able to position it to suit with relative ease is also considered another massive benefit of this model.

  • Best for Steam Irons
  • 33% Faster Ironing Time
  • Lightweight
  • Iron Rest
  • Special Shoulder Design

  • Visually Basic Appearance

  • Pressing surface: 32 x 12 inches
  • Weight:4.8 lb
  • working height: unlimited (depends on tabletop height)
  • Iron rest: yes

Extra features: collapsible

OVERALL RATING:9.0 out of 10

The Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board is our Best Tabletop Ironing Board choice and Amazon's top pick! Not only does this board offer the simplicity of being a tabletop model, but it also adds to the size with its retractable iron rest. This means that rather than placing the iron back on the board each time, you immediately have a fuller ironing surface with somewhere safe to hold the iron when not in use. More so, when you arent using this rest, you can just push it back in and hide it from view. With reduced dimensions, this is the easier of boards to use when space is limited or even when there isnt much time to bring out a bulkier ironing board. The Honey-Can-Do model is a polycotton-covered board with a pad beneath for extra comfort, which can be collapsed and folded away out of sight when youve finished using it. Light in weight and at just the right dimensions to ensure you can iron entire outfits on, this is perfect for the college students, crafters and those who live in smaller quarters. Its also a great model for taking with you on your travels, making sure you can still look your best after being on the road for several hours.
Satisfied customers of the Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board state that theres little to complain about with this product as it is correctly priced and does everything it claims to do, making it perfect when a standard ironing board just isnt a practical option.

  • Collapsible
  • Retractable Iron Rest
  • Lightweight
  • Good Price
  • Comfortable Padded Cover

  • Wooden Base

  • Pressing surface: 23.6 x 14.1 inches
  • Weight:3.6 lb
  • working height: unlimited (depends on tabletop height)
  • Iron rest: no

Extra features: folding legs, non-skid feet

OVERALL RATING:8.8 out of 10

The STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board is perfect for using as a space saving model, allowing you to iron almost anywhere around the home or even when on the go. This model is considered to be the number one choice of small ironing boards for easy access and small spaces. The cover provided with the board not only looks like a more padded and durable design, but comes complete with a thick fiber pad inside - which ensures extra resilience each time the board is used. Washable and removable, this cover is 100% cotton-made and sits over a porous pad that encourages heat to dissipate quickly, providing excellent vapor permeability throughout. At the base of the Storage Maniac ironing board are reinforced steel legs, which not only make sure the product is sturdy when in use, but ultimately fold down with ease to allow the iron to be stored away within the minimum amount of room space. These legs also have an anti-skid and anti-scratch feature making sure you dont damage any surface the board is placed on. With a rust-resistant steel frame, this model is perfect for occasional use, where space is limited and even for those sewing and craft-orientated of rooms, especially considering its portable size and overall lighter weight.
Customers who buy the STORAGE MANIAC Ironing Board do so for its lightweight properties, finding it a thoroughly simplistic model which offers all the features of its larger counterparts, but with minimal fuss and simple storage after each use.

  • Padded Cover
  • Reinforced Steel Legs
  • Rust Resistant Frame
  • Easily Stored

  • No Iron Rest Zone
  • Highly Price

  • Pressing surface: 29 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 2.15 lb
  • working height: unlimited (depends on tabletop height)
  • Iron rest: no

Extra features: retractable hook for easy storage hanging, foldable legs with no-skid protectors

OVERALL RATING:8.5 out of 10

The Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board allows you to continue getting your ironing done even when you may be suffering from a lack of space. Its also the best solution for traveling with, should you need to touch up those crumpled clothes before heading out! This is our budget pick of the bunch, at the fifteen-dollar mark. Designed to be used on a sturdy table surface, the steel legs here are designed with skid protectors for addedsecurity and stability, while ensuring the table below will not be scratched as work on it. These steel legs also ensure it can be folded up flat after use and stored away conveniently, taking up less space in the process. With a steel mesh top for durability and a mass of vented holes over the board to encourage steam flow, this is said to ensure wrinkles are removed at a faster rate because of this type of design. The best thing about this model is that you can use it on any surface at a height to suit you personally, which means unlimited options are possible here. At just 12 x 29 x 5.5 inches, this is also the more lightweight of the bunch weighing in at a mere 3.15 lbs, making light of the many items you iron on the board regularly.
Customers of the Whitmore Tabletop Ironing Board find it extremely lightweight and space-saving, ensuring swift ironing sessions when time is of the essence.

  • Cheaper Price
  • Simplistic Design
  • Secure
  • Stable
  • Good Steam Flow
  • Lightweight

  • No Iron Rest Zone

Buying Guide

Now that weve uncovered and reviewed some of the best ironing boards on the market let us give you just a little bit more additional information about these products. This is a buying guide to help you gain as much practical knowledge before you make your final decision on the best model for you. Take a look at the following features that are important to consider carefully when selecting an ironing board.

Reasons to buy a top-quality ironing board

As an ironing board is perhaps a product many of us will use several times in a week, sometimes daily, so it makes sense that your final choice of ironing board is of the highest quality. This means that it should be a robust model to be able to cope with continuous wear and tear, both on the surface itself and regarding the standing position. Because of the effort involved in ironing, particularly with some of the more difficult garments, a top-quality ironing board should work to make your job that little bit easier each time, preferably with ergonomic designs in its overall makeup, ensuring your arms and back dont ache too much in the process. However, if it's your desire to spend less time at the ironing board, the best ironing board should work hard to produce wrinkle and crease-free garments swiftly.

Top-quality ironing board

Features to consider when choosing an ironing board

There are some essential features and optional features which make for an overall brilliant ironing board choice. Almost every ironing board will offer a selection of unique special features which ultimately make them stand out more from the crowd in the process. The most popular of such features to consider, which are included throughout our reviewed models, are explained here in further detail to make sure you choose the best high-quality ironing board from the selection.

Pressing surface area

The pressing surface area of your ironing board should ideally be as big as you can get regarding practicality and price range.

The bigger this area, the easier it is to iron all garments regardless of their size and shape. If your ironing board has a narrow surface area, you will have to keep moving the clothing around the board to iron it completely.
Whereas those boards with a broader surface area, such as the Mabel Home Extra-Wide Pro Board, ensure you can just place the entire garment down and iron one side completely, before turning it over once. A larger pressing surface area also assures a more natural ironing process as you can rest your hands on the board and adopt a more comfortable positioning throughout your sessions.


The weight of your ironing board matters significantly because those thinner of boards may not offer increased stability and will be likely to topple easily. On the other hand, those heavier of boards may make it difficult for you to move around, set up, and place away each time, meaning youll begin to hate using them in quick time! The best ironing board should be at a reasonable weight to ensure sturdy construction, but also be easy to maneuver. If your chosen iron is too heavy, the board may end up scraping the surface of the floor due to such increased weight. Look for those irons here that are within an adequate weight zone, such as the Leifheit AirBoard, as well as offering capped or rubber feet to prevent any possible markings or scratching on your floor.

Maximum working height

The maximum working height of your board is an essential factor for many people, mainly if you are shorter or taller than average, and find that most standard ironing board sizes do not take into consideration your height requirements. Having a board which is too high and cant be adjusted will make it impossible to iron correctly, while one which is too low will cause a tremendous backache. Your chosen board should state the minimum and maximum working height so you can select the best one. With a couple of these reviewed models offering 37 and 38 inches as standard, and the Leifheit AirBoard at just 34.6 inches, if you want more working height you may just be better off looking at the tabletop ironing boards, which can offer unlimited working height dependent on where theyre placed.

Iron rest zone

When you have been ironing for a while, your arm can become very tired, and youll find yourself needing to place the iron down regularly to ease the pressure. The safest way you can do this is to put it into the iron rest zone which is included on most ironing boards as standard. If your board doesnt have such a rest, you will have to remember to stand your iron up as not to cause any burning. The idea of an iron rest zone is to store the iron safely when it's hot, making sure it cant topple over when in place. Nearly all new ironing boards automatically have an iron rest zone. However, many tabletop ironing boards do not. The Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board is an exception to the rule here, with its retractable iron rest.


If you find yourself needing to move your ironing board around the home, you will want to ensure that your selected model allows you to do this with ease. Obviously, the best portable ironing boards will be the tabletop models, such as the STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board, as they are designed with portability in mind. Additionally, the Leifheit AirBoard claims to be the better choice for those with restricted mobility, suggesting it is more accessible and therefore a better portable ironing board choice overall.

Type of cover


Though you can always change your ironing board cover and buy replacements for all models, the best ironing board cover should be one that combines technology to offer more natural gliding action and improved efficiency when ironing many types of garments. The Minky Ergo Plus is the perfect example of a high rate performance cover as its properties consist of reflective metallic - meaning faster removal of creases. Your ironing board cover should be of excellent make and use quality materials in its design. The thicker the cover here, the more comfortable the ironing process is. An adequately padded cover also ensures better results.

Construction design

How your chosen ironing board is constructed will significantly affect your ability to get the best results each time you use it. A well-made ironing board should have a sturdy frame which supports its weight, as well as the pressure youll inevitably be placing on it as you iron.

As well as a sturdy base, a well-constructed design will offer adequate metal mesh, which is rust free, for improved ventilation throughout. This allows the air and steam to circulate away from the board, thus increasing the effectiveness and lifespan of your board.

Storage options and dimensions

After spending a considerable amount of time looking at how your ironing board performs when it is in use, you may also want to look into the possible storage options of your chosen board. Ironing boards are quite awkward in design and therefore do tend to need the right amount of room for them to be stored away when not in use. The dimensions of your board when shut should give you an indication of how much room youll need to store your ironing board. However, if you really can't dedicate extra room to such an item, it may be worth considering a tabletop model instead, which can be hung on the back of a door and put away in even the minimalist of spaces. The Whitmor Tabletop Ironing Board is an excellent choice here as it also has an adjustable hook.

Ironing board legs

Some ironing boards, such as the Brabantia Standard Sized Ironing Board and Leifheit AirBoard, have what is referred to as the traditional four legs for combined stability when in use. However, there are also many models which also aim to provide secure positioning with just two legs. This may be more of personal preference, and you may want to test out which style suits you best, however, they should also offer scratch resistant properties and anti-skid feet as standard on both types of legs, regardless.


Finally, when you consider how often you use your ironing board, alongside how essential it is that it remains in perfectly good working order to get the best results, you may want to select only those models which offer a good warranty. Double check whether your chosen board has a warranty or a guarantee - as the two slightly differ with precisely what they cover. The Reliable 300LB Longboard, for example, provides a fantastic ten-year warranty but its based solely on the frame, whereas the Brabantia offers a ten-year board guarantee and the Minky Ergo Plus a five-year guarantee.


You can stand your iron upright on the board if you do not have an iron rest, but you cannot lay it flat on the board itself during use. This is a dangerous move as it will burn through the boards cover if left for just a few minutes.

The correct ironing board type for a steam generator iron is one which offers a solid steam holder unit for you to place the steam generator into safely and securely. Look out for those models which have such unit holders built into them.

Having two ironing boards is usually not a practical choice for many people. Luckily models such as those reviewed above are designed to allow you to specifically iron sleeves, therefore ensuring an all-around high-quality board. Look closely at the design and its specifications of how your ironing board can cope with jobs such as this.

Those ironing board covers made up of 100% fabric can be placed in the machine and washed at a low heat. However, experts instead recommend that your ironing board cover should be regularly cleaned by directly spraying with a mild detergent and using a wet cloth to brush it clean. This is because most ironing board covers have a pad underneath, which will instantly break apart once put in the washing machine.

The great thing about tabletop ironing boards is that they can be placed on almost any type of solid surface, as long as it is safe to do so. This includes tables, kitchen counters and even on top of the bed!

Our Verdict

By now, this extensive review list and buying guide should have given you a clearer idea of the best type of ironing board for your needs.
Our favorite board here is the Brabantia Standard Sized Ironing Board, mainly because of its all-round ability to offer impressive results every time its used, as well as ensuring the continued safety of those around it. Second best is the Minky Ergo Plus which we feel fully utilizes the most up-to-date technology, to offer users a thoroughly efficient steaming iron process every time. Our final pick is the Reliable 300LB Longboard which doubles up as a great iron for all crafters, with a larger than average pressing surface, making ironing easier for all users.
Overall, get the right type of ironing board for your specific requirements, and youll never find ironing a tedious chore ever again, getting better results at a quicker speed every time!

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