6 Things In Your Closet You Should Never Throw Away


I’d be the first to tell you that decluttering your closet is important! Getting rid of those unnecessary items that are cluttering up our homes can feel very liberating, so it’s a practice that I encourage frequently here on my blog.

A cluttered closet makes it hard to put together an outfit, or can even put you in a bad mood as you’re trying to get ready. And while I’m a big fan of clearing out clutter and getting rid of things, I’ve also experienced the regret of having gone overboard, which can be every bit as miserable as being overwhelmed by clutter!

It’s no fun to go digging around in your closet for something, only to realize after you’ve gone through everything that you got rid of it last year. So in order to help save us all from the bitter taste of regret, here is a list of things you should never throw away.

6 Things In Your Closet You Should Never Throw Away


1. Trench Coats And Leather Jackets

A good trench coat or leather jacket can be a “forever” item. They are effortlessly cool and look as good over a hoodie as they do over a little black dress. If you’re lucky enough to have a classic trench coat or a great leather jacket, don’t just keep it—hide it from your daughters and granddaughters too!


2. Silk Blouses

They were elegant staples in your work wardrobe, but you shouldn’t ditch them just because you’re working from home more these days. In fact, you should pull them out again and start treating them as an everyday option. Even dressy blouses can take on a new life when you pair them with something unexpected, like joggers or jeans.

Dress your silk blouses down by undoing the ties or a few buttons at the neck. You can also casually roll the sleeves, or do a French Tuck. Try layering them under a denim or leather jacket or a slouchy sweater. A nice blouse can elevate a casual look as well as a spritz of perfume or some red lipstick.


3. Sensible Shoes

If a pair of shoes is (1) comfortable, and (2) simple/classic, keep them! Trends come and go, but a classic shoe that fits well is a style chameleon. Get rid of anything that pinches, rubs, or hurts, but never throw away a timeless shoe that feels good. Good shoes should never be taken for granted!


4. Cardigans

I’m definitely biased on this one, but I absolutely love a cardigan. Classic cardigans are efficient shape-shifters that can assume a new style identity with a few button adjustments.

For example, with just the top button fastened, you can create a swingy A-line shape that looks nice over a tee. Or create a blouson style by securing a couple of the bottom buttons and pulling the sweater hem up to sit at your waist or upper hip. Button your cardigan at the waist and add a belt for a flattering look with any dress.

If you’re worried about how to store your cardigan collection, see my post on how to hang-fold them to avoid hanger bumps.


5. Belts

As long as they’re in good condition and still fit, there’s no real reason to get rid of a belt. On the storage front, they barely take up any space and can be rolled up and stowed inside a handbag or hung on hooks on the inside of your closet door.

As for sartorial staying power? If you wait long enough, even those wide ‘80s belts with giant buckles will most certainly be back in style before long. Plus, a good belt can come in handy any time for cinching a shapeless dress into a more flattering silhouette.


6. Jewelry

Similar to belts, jewelry is small enough that the pieces you’re not currently as excited about can be stowed in a jewelry box (or even a shoebox, for that matter).

Any and all fine jewelry should be considered a keepsake, and this is doubly true for minimalist or classic styles like silver hoops, plain gold rings, and dainty chain necklaces. Even if you don’t wear them in the future, they’ll surely make a sentimental gift somewhere down the line.

What else would you add to this list of things to never throw away?