21 Ways I Use My Leatherman Every Day

*We’re excited to partner with Leatherman on this sponsored post. I remember my Grandfather toting Leatherman and I’m proud to do the same! It’s a unique Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift that they’ll use for a lifetime.

Growing up, I used to ride my bike to my Grandpa Forbush’s house nearly every day where I’d find him in his shop, tinkering around. I’d sit in his fishing boat and watch him hammer boards or obliterate lumber with a skill saw, chunks of wood and sawdust flying up around him. He always had a Leatherman clipped onto his blue jeans.

He had one hardened rule: you could use anything in his shop as long as you put it back exactly where you found it.

Because of his encouragement, I learned out to fix my own bike tires when they were flat and build crude birdhouses out of leftover wood scraps.

To this day, I’m the one that my four kids come looking for to fix something. Skateboards, bikes, roller blades…you name it, I’m right in there trying to figure it out.

I grew up holding my grandpa’s Leatherman and in many ways, it makes me feel closer to him every time I use my own today.

21 Ways I Use My Leatherman Every Day

Leatherman is American-made and hands down the best multi-purpose hand tool that I know of. It makes an unforgettable Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthday gift because it’s something you will actually use and have for a lifetime.

 Leatherman’s multi-use hand tools are ideal for DIY, camping, hiking, and general around-the-house jobs, but I especially love my FREE P4. It has 21 tools in one and fits right in your pocket.

(Watch this video to see all it can do.) 

I keep it in a designated spot and use it daily. Here are just a few ways you can use Leatherman to make daily life easier!

Around the house

1. Fixing bikes: The Leatherman FREE P4 has pliers and two screwdrivers in one handy tool, making it my go-to tool for fixing bikes. 

2. Fixing skateboards & scooters: Someone’s wheels always need adjusted, tightened, or replaced. 

3. Cutting flowers: Leatherman models with scissors are especially helpful. They are tiny but strong and I use them to cut fresh flowers from my yard.

4. Tighten bolts and screws: Never have to hunt for the right screwdriver again. Leatherman has both in one place.

5. Cut popsicles and fruit snacks: Save your teeth. (Really, it’s terrible for your teeth.) Cut your kids’ snacks with your Leatherman.

6. Open bottles: The Leatherman has a retractable bottle opener that’s great for parties, camping, or when you’re at home watching the big game.

7. Cut wire: It’s amazing how many tools they’ve fit in here. Wire cutters are discreetly located near the needlenose pliers.

8. As a clamp: Keep your project in place using the pliers as a clamp.

9. Open paint lids and pry off things: The pry tool makes opening lids easy. It’s a lifesaver for paint cans.

10. Opening bags: Camping or at home, I’ve used my Leatherman knife to open bags of cereal, hard-to-open Costco packages, and more.

11. Opening packages/boxes: Those Amazon boxes don’t stand a chance. Use any knife on your Leatherman to open packages cleanly.

For DIYs

12. Destroy jeans and shorts: I use the saw tool on my Leatherman to make my own distressed jeans and shorts.

13. Cut and poke leather: You can use your Leatherman to cut leather for projects or poke holes extra holes in a belt.

14. Make jewelry: With tools like a clamp, pliers, and wire cutter all in one, the Leatherman is a great tool to make jewelry with.

15. Hanging lights: The Leatherman makes hanging outdoor or holiday lights easy because it is small, compact, and performs so many functions in one.

16. Whittling wood or soap: When supervised, the Leatherman Juice B2 is a great little starter pocket knife for older kids. I’ve used it to help my kids whittle soap figures and willow whistles.

Outdoor recreation

1 7. It’s a camper’s best friend: If you only had the clothes on your back and a Leatherman in your pocket, you could probably survive for days in the wilderness. We keep a Leatherman in our camping supply bin for cutting kindling, picking up hot dutch oven lids, setting up tents, and more. If you know an outdoor enthusiast, they need one of these outdoor tools!

18. Getting slivers out: With as much as we play outside, my kids are constantly getting slivers and those things hurt. Many Leatherman keychain tools have built-in tweezers which come in handy all the time.

19. Hunting: Hunters will love the Leatherman. And these bow and rifle tools are 50% off right now.

20. Open cans when camping: Be prepared when you’re outdoors with Leatherman. You can open cans with the can opener tool and bottles with the bottle opener.

21. Preparing a salad: We’ve had fresh salad while camping, all using the Leatherman. Cut vegetables, fruit, even meat for the fire.

22. Fishing: The Leatherman is an amazing fishing tool too. Use the pliers for tackle and bait and for extracting that hook when you reel in the big one.

It’s the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Birthdays

Everyone needs a Leatherman. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or that special birthday, go pick out the Leatherman that they’ll have for life.

I recommend the FREE P4 for it’s multi-function and the Micra for it’s tweezers (every mom needs to have one of these in her purse).

Get in on the spring sale going on right now and find your Leatherman!


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