20 Of My MOST Favorite Things {January 2020}

20 of my most favorite things

Can I tell you a secret?

Ive been planning and looking forward to todays post for MONTHS!

After almost 7 years of sharing my favorite things on the blog each month, I went back through ALL my previous Favorite Things posts and hand-selected 20 of my MOST favorite things to share with you for the start of 2020!

These are the cream of the crop. The products I use daily (even 7 years and 3 more children later). They are products I recommend regularly on the blog and in real life. They are my most favorite and worth every penny (in my opinion!)

Im also using a new format this month one that I hope will make the post more readable and more easily shoppable. Simply click the button link under each description to be taken directly to the sales page on Amazon (or whatever website the product is available through).

And if youre interested in reading my original review of each product, Ive included that too. Just click the dated link directly under each picture.

Ex: Originally shared in September of 2016.

DISCLOSURE:None of these products are sponsored; however, some of the links below are affiliate links which means that at no cost to you, I may get a smallcommission. Please know thatI use these products dailyin my own home and life. Readmy full disclosure policyfor more information.

Also, check out myAmazon Marketfor all my favorite things.

I wont make you wait any longer

Here are 20 of my MOST favorite things!

(In no particular order.)


USA Pan Bakeware

Originally shared in April of 2019.

The USA Pans are so fantastic, I recommend them for any kitchen and any cooking style. They are 100% completely non-stick, super heavy-duty, and cook very evenly. Plus, they are made in the USA!

I have the 8" loaf pans, the mini loaf pans, the XL sheet pans, and cookie sheets -- and I'm always looking to grow my collection as I use them all on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.

I honestly cant say enough good things about this brand!

NOTE: Here's how I prep, store, and reheat all my roasted veggies.


Wet Brush Hair Brush

Originally shared in April of 2015.

Many years ago, after mentioning Nora's extreme sensitivity to having her hair brushed, many of you recommended the Wet Brush... I am forever grateful!

Literally, the very first time I used the brush on Noras hair, she was a completely different person. She didnt whine, complain, and cry ouch the ENTIRE time I brushed. Instead, she just sat there and even made the comment this brush doesnt hurt my head!

We now have 3 Wet Brushes (one in each bathroom) and 2 Mini Wet Brushes for traveling.

They are, hands-down, the best hair brush I've tried -- perfect for children and adults, straight or curly hair, thin or thick hair, wet or dry hair.

NOTE: Here's a link to my homemade hair detangling spray, and here's a post about my favorite hair styles for little girls.


Velvet "Huggable Hangers"

Originally shared in October of 2013.

Our family uses velvet hangers exclusively for all our closets (we use heavy-duty plastic hangers in the mudroom).

I have adult size hangers for our closet, kid size hangers for the older 3, and I even found baby size hangers for the nursery.

They are so slim and they really "hold on to" the clothing so well.

We have had a handful break over the years -- but that's a byproduct of 4 children who like to pick their own clothing out!

I've always recommended velvet hangers for all my organizing clients, and I will continue to use them in my own home.

NOTE: Here's a link to all my posts about clothes clutter!


The 5 Love Languages Book

Originally shared in February of 2018.

I first read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman when I was in college, after Dave and I got engaged. He read it too, and we quickly realized we have very opposite love languages!

Since then, I've reread this book many times.

I think both Dave and my love languages have morphed and changed a bit (Im totally acts of service now, and I used to be more gifts) but I cant tell you how valuable it has been for us to not only learn the other persons love language, but also realize that we both have very different love languages.

I think it saved us lots of frustration in the early years of our marriage and even still today.

I highly recommend this book to all dating, engaged, and married couples, as well as any of the other books in the growing "5 Love Languages" collection.

NOTE: Here's how I make more time for reading (even with a very busy home and family!) And here's one of my simplests "secrets" for a happy marriage.


Gecko-Loc Shower Hooks

Originally shared in July of 2017.

Several years ago, I replaced all our suction shower hooks with Gecko-Lock Super Suction Stainless Steel Double Hook, and we LOVE them!

They are so easy to install and VERY strong. Plus, the stainless steel looks so much nicer with our Chrome shower fixtures than the plastic hooks I previously used.

We've never had any issues with them losing suction or falling down and if/when I want to move them, I just unscrew the knob and the hook immediately comes off the shower wall with no pulling or tugging on my part.

NOTE: Get the recipe for my homemade shower cleaner (it's one of the most popular posts on my site!)


got 2b Hair Products

Originally shared in October of 2016.

Dave and I both use the got 2b hair products every day (for years and years)... and we have no intentions of switching to anything different.

He uses the got 2b Styling Glue.

I use the got 2b Spiking Wax and the Glued Blasting Freeze Spray.

They hold amazingly well all day long, they wash out easily each night, and they are extremely frugal compared to salon products!

NOTE: here's a video tutorial of how I style my short hair!


Topseat Child's Toilet Seat

Originally shared in January of 2018.

I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to potty training. However, I have found some really great tools to help simplify the process a bit!

The Topseat toilet seat has been a life-saver for our busy bathrooms these past several years. It's such a simple, convenient way to always have a child's toilet seat available when needed -- and out of the way when not needed.

It's much cleaner than removable potty seats, and it looks a lot nicer in our bathrooms too!

NOTE: Here's a before/after look at the kids' bathroom upstairs.


3 Citrus Face & Eye Cream

Originally shared in March of 2013.

This was in the very first Favorite Things post I shared way back when... and I still use this exact same product every single night after I get out of the shower.

I've been using the 3 Citrus Face & Eye Cream from Prairieland Herbs since 2010, and I just LOVE it!

We also use their Ultimate Healing Wand for all minor cuts, burns, bites, rashes, etc. It's the best and works SO well.

Their all-natural products are all hand made in small batches by a mother-daughter team, and I just love supporting their work through my purchases.

NOTE: They have offered an exclusive discount to my readers!! Get 20% off your entire order from their Etsy Shop with the code PAMPER (now through 2/29/20)


Vera Bradley Crossbody Wristlet

Originally shared in September of 2018.

I've used a Vera Bradley Wristlet as my main "purse" for probably close to 10 years now, and although I'm not one to be brand loyal, I REALLY love these wristlets (and I researched several other brands).

They can be pricey, but considering I'm only on my 2nd one in 10 years, they are worth it for me.

I love that my phone fits inside (along with everything else I need to carry around) and that there's a clip for my keys. Plus, I can wear it as a wristlet OR a cross-body bag depending on which strap I use.

It looks like my polka-dot fabric isn't available on Amazon right now, but there are TONS of other really fun (or simple) fabrics to choose from.

NOTE: Here's how I use this wristlet in conjunction with our diaper bag.


Presto Electric Griddle

Originally shared in July of 2018.

I use our electric griddle almost daily... and this one is HUGE! I can easily make 12 pancakes or 9 grilled cheese sandwiches at one time!

I love that this specific griddle is a square (not a longer rectangle) so it fits in my kitchen cabinets better.

I've taken this griddle on many family vacations, and even thought about trying to smuggle it in my suitcase when we fly! It's probably my most-used small appliance.

NOTE: These are our favorite whole grain oat pancakes... and these sourdough pancakes are the perfect use for leftover sourdough starter.


Big and Easy Colouring Books

Originally shared in November of 2018.

After years of coloring with little children, these Big and Easy Coloring books are still my most favorite (and my kids' favorite).

Even the older kids love coloring the extra-big, simple pictures!

We've given SO many of these as gifts, and oftentimes, the parents text or email me to ask where we found such a nice coloring book!

NOTE: Here are 10 of my favorite NON-MESSY crafts for toddlers and young children.


Nutrimill Artiste Mixer

Originally shared in December of 2019.

The Nutrimill is the one and only mixer I use for everything from homemade whipped cream and butter to whole grain bread dough -- and anything in between.

Its so powerful and has a huge mixing capacity, but its much more compact and lighter-weight than KitchenAid Mixers so its easier to store and lift and carry around my kitchen.

NOTE: Here's my recipe for 100% whole grain bread dough, and my recipe for monster cookies (a HUGE batch that I've never been able to mix in anything other than my Nutrimill!)


Britax B-Agile Single Stroller

Originally shared in May of 2018.

After almost a decade of pushing babies and toddlers around in various strollers, bike trailers, etc. my most favorite single stroller is the Britax B-Agile.

This is the stroller I use most often for the last 2-3 years as it's very light-weight and SO easy to push around.

The wheels glide everywhere and turn on a dime. Its technically considered a jogging stroller, but you know I dont jog! I just really do like having 1 wheel in the front as its easier to push.

We are nearing the end of our need for strollers -- but I have a feeling I'll keep this one around for a few years in case we have baby visitors who need to be pushed around.

NOTE: Read about all our favorite strollers and bike trailers, learn how to clean strollers and bike trailers, and see how we organize all our kids' gear in the garage.


Preen Weed Preventer

Originally shared in July of 2016.

If I could onlypick one product to use in my garden all year long, Preen would be it.

Year after year, Preen continues to save me hours upon hours of pulling weeds because it STOPS the weed seeds from germinating, which means there arent many weeds to pull!

I apply Preen to all my planting beds 4 times every season:

1. Mid-March, right after the weather starts to warm up.

2. Early May, after we spread mulch

3. Mid to late July

4. Late October, to hopefully prevent weed growth in early spring.

In May and July, I use the Preen + Fertilizer, and then I use the regular Preen in October. The added Fertilizer is great for perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees, and even in vegetable gardens.

The only caution is that you do NOT want to spread Preen in your veggie garden until all the seeds have germinated as Preen PREVENTS seeds from germinating.

NOTE: Here are a few more of my favorite weed-fighting tools (pictured above). And here's a post about our sort-of crazy way to prevent weeds in our vegetable garden (since we don't always use Preen around our veggies).


MAM Baby Products

Originally shared in June of 2016.

I first got hooked onall the amazing MAM productsway back when I FINALLY got my almost-2 year old, Nora, to drink water from a MAM sippy cup. She previously refused all sippy cups, bottles, water bottles, etc. so it was a BIG deal!

Since then, we've used the MAM brand of bottles, pacifiers, teathers, and sippy cups exclusively for our babies and toddlers.

I also still use the MAM bottle cleaning brush to clean all our water bottles and other long, skinny kitchen items. That thing is the best!

We give MAM goodies to all our friends and family members who have new babies!

NOTE: Here are several more of our favorite "Kids' Kitchen Gear" items -- as well as how I store and organize them all in our kitchen and pantry.


OLUKAI Footwear

Originally shared in July of 2018.

As many of you know, I buy the vast majority of all our family's clothing from local thrift stores for pennies on the dollar.

And I rarely ever spend anywhere close to "full price" on anything.

However, one thing I'm willing to pay a bit more for is good quality footwear (especially since I've had lower back problems for the majority of my adult life).

The OLUKAI line of women's footwear is one of my favorites -- I live in their flip flops in the summer and their slippers in the winter (slippers pictured above).

Their shoes are SO supportive, so comfortable, and actually pretty stylish too! I've had mine for years and they still look brand new!



Originally shared in June of 2013.

This bouncy seat is one of my most-used baby items EVER! I used it daily for all 4 babies -- and honestly, Clara still uses it now (at 27 months).

It is THE BEST bouncy seat around... the only downside is the price tag.

Thankfully, I was able to find my Baby Bjorn used on Craigslist before Nora was born... and it has served us well for over 8 years now. This bouncer is one of the very few baby things I plan to keep for whenever babies visit our house (and if I'm willing to hang onto something we don't necessarily NEED, you know I really really love it!)

I love that the fabric easily comes off to wash, and that it folds completely flat for storage. I love that it doesn't require batteries or installation or assembly. And of course, the fact that even small infants can easily bounce themselves in this chair is just the icing on the cake!

Start looking for a used one, or splurge on this amazing bouncer for yourself (or a new parent in your life). You will not regret it!

NOTE: Here's a list of things I'm SO glad I had for my babies... and another list of things I wish I had found/purchased sooner.


Glad Press'n Seal Wrap

Originally shared in July of 2013.

If youve ever been frustrated with plastic wrap that doesnt stick or sticks too much you definitely need to make the switch to thePress'n Seal wrap.

I use this every day in many different ways obviously to cover food dishes and plates, but also to line my paint trays, wrap paint brushes, and many other random things all over our house.

This wrap sticks amazingly well with just a little bit of firm pressure and (at least in my experience) it can be used over and over again without getting ruined or getting jumbled up into a sticky balled mess (can you tell I absolutely hate traditional plastic wrap?)

NOTE: here are 10 clever uses for Press'n Seal Wrap.


Originally shared in January of 2018.

I've been using a Personal Planner for 7-8 years now (Dave uses them too) and it's still my favorite.

I love that there are so many customizable features and the fact that it always seems to function perfectly for my schedule, my family, and my life.

Since I remember best when I write things down, my planner is an invaluable tool to help me simplify and better organize my life!

There might come a day when I switch to a digital system, but for now, you will always find a Personal Planner sitting on my desk!


Wsthof Knives

Originally shared in July of 2019.

I am not a professional chef, nor do I aspire to be one but having GOOD knives to use in my kitchen has made a huge difference for me over the years.

Ive slowly switched almost all my knives (and kitchen scissors) over to the Wsthof brand, and I can honestly say Ive never once been disappointed. They are super sharp, they feel amazing in my hand, and they cut, slice, and chop better than any other knife Ive used.

Heres a short list of the 3 knives I would recommend starting your collection with (all pictured above):

1. Micro-Serrated 4.5-inch Utility Knife

2. 6-inch Serrated Utility Chopper Knife

3. 10-inch Classic Bread Knife

I use these 3 knives EVERY single day usually washing them in between meals as I use them SO regularly!

One runner-up item was my braided rugs but I cant find them on the website anymore, so I didnt include them in my list.

Whew you made it!

I hope you find at least one item on my list youd like to try.

Also, SO many of you tell me these posts are some of your favorite posts is that still true?Im trying to decide if these posts are something I should continue writing each month or not your opinion is very helpful!

As always, check out my previous months favorite things and let me know if youve tried any over the years!

20 of my most favorite things


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