15 most popular cases to buy for your new Airpod


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If you received a new pair of AirPods over the holidays, hooray! I’ve loved mine so much over the last year, especially as I transitioned into working from home all the time and binge-watching show after show. My roommate just got a pair for herself, so I was delighted to help her find fun and personalized options for her new case. Partly because the cases are adorable and enjoyable to shop for and partly because I don’t want us to confuse our tech.

She hasn’t decided on a case yet, but I’m betting she’ll go with a silicone case of some sort, especially since mine has been so reliable. The silicone is flexible and easy to shimmy onto the charging case, all without making it a hassle to plug in the charging cable. Whether you prefer a simple and unassuming style or are looking for something that says more about your interests, we’ve rounded up 15 cases to help you narrow your search for the perfect case.

1. A simple, silicone case

This case has 30 colorful options.

This silicone AirPods case has been my sidekick for the last year. I have the Army Green shade, which matches my shoes, winter coat, bedspread, and most of my sweaters. I love the silicone material because it provides enough grip to find the case in my bag, but doesn’t attract dust or dirt. The metal carabiner is super useful for attaching the case to my purse or backpack during travel. I haven’t had any issues with charging or opening and closing the case, even with everyday use. I’d recommend this case as an affordable and reliable option to keep your new gear safe, and there are 30 colors to choose from!

Get the Full Protective Silicone AirPods from Amazon for $7.99

2. This gorgeous case from Rifle Paper Co.

Credit: Rifle Paper Co.
I'm partial to the Strawberry Fields print.

Rifle Paper Co. is known for its beautiful floral prints, and the site’s Airpod cases are no different. The cases are non-slip and come with a gold ring for easy attachment to keys, purses, or backpacks. The wildflower cases are stunning: ranging from dark and vibrant patterns to more whimsical and pastel designs. If you’re someone who likes coordinating, you can match your AirPods case to a Rifle Paper Co. phone case as well!

Get the AirPods Case from Rifle Paper Co. for $21.25

3. This minimalist, leather case

Credit: Native Union
This leather case is simple and sleek.

This classic leather AirPod case from Nordstrom is the perfect blend of stylish and minimalist. The case has that appealing look that leather grants while the texture has a pleasant, soft feel to it due to the quality materials used. The price may be high relative to the other cases listed, but it is worth it such a high-end, hand-crafted case that provides a perfect fit and the protection you need for your AirPods.

Get the Classic Leather AirPod Case from Amazon for $39.99

4. Appa! On a case!

You don't have to be an air bender to have Appa as your sidekick.

If you are as big of a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender as I am, then this AirPods case is perfect for you. The 3D-rendering of Appa is well designed, but it doesn’t sacrifice protection (it has shockproof materials) to be so cute. In addition to its adorable design, it is equipped with easy access to the charging port and a ring for a carabiner attachment so that you can take it on the go safely secured to your keys, backpack, or belt loop. It’s certainly a great product for any other Avatar lovers.

Get the Appa Style AirPods Case from Amazon for $15.99

5. A personalized, leather case

Credit: Clermo
Personalize your case with a monogram or nickname.

These personalized, leather cases from Clermo work with all AirPods models. I love how soft the leather looks and the pocket-style enclosure. The case comes in several colors—black, dark brown, brown, dark blue, and cream—and the custom print can be gold, silver, or rose gold. Though customization costs a few extra bucks, I’d say it’s worth it to have a case that you can easily identify and will love showing off.

Get the Custom Leather AirPods and AirPods Pro Case from Clermo on Etsy for $8.99

6. A case that matches your favorite snacks

Credit: Shineyii
Show off your personality by matching your tech with your go-to snacks.

If I didn’t already have a case I’d definitely get one of these cute cases modeled after candy and snacks. There is a case for drinks like Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, and Gatorade. And, there are cases for popular snacks like Sour Patch Kids and Chip’s Ahoy. Each case is silicone, so it’ll easily fit over your new AirPods. The hook, like many cases, is a useful feature for transport. These cases are sure to make you smile.

Get the Soft Silicone AirPods 1 & 2 Case from Amazon for $11.99

7. A glow-in-the-dark case

Credit: Lerobo
If you plan to use your AirPods at night, consider a glowing case!

I can’t recount the number of times I’ve lost my AirPods in my bed sheets or at the bottom of my tote bag—which is one reason that most cases come with a carabiner or a clip. But this case also glows in the dark, which is pretty awesome. It’s handy for late-night listening or Netflix bingeing and for keeping track of your new gear on walks, busses, planes, and easily plugging the case in to charge.

Get the Lerobo AirPods Pro Case from Amazon for $6.49

8. A pair of Pro cases

Credit: SNBLK
If you and a sibling, friend, or partner both got AirPods this 2-pack is a great purchase.

Did you and someone you love both get AirPods Pros for the holidays? If yes, then this two-pack of silicone cases is perfect for you! The silicone cases fit the AirPods snuggly without making charging or syncing difficult, and both have an attached clip to keep your case secure when not in use. I also like that the cases come in different colors, so you can each find one you like. Maybe you’ll like the mint/black color combo; maybe they’ll prefer the lilac/aqua set. Either way, you’ll both be happy!

Get the SNBLK Airpods Pro Case from Amazon for $13.49

9. A case to match your diet

Credit: Gudcos
If you love ramen, this case is the one for you.

This cup of noodles AirPods case is random enough that I never thought it would exist, but I’m so glad it does. It’s randomness makes it a lot of fun and it is a very adorable design. In addition to its fun design, the case is comprised of thick silicone material and has a carabiner attachment and an opening at the base to allow access to the charging port. I highly recommend this for any cup of noodles fan or college student who wants a case to match their diet.

Get the Gudcos Case for AirPods from Amazon for $11.99

10. A Disney-themed case

Credit: beTWENTYS
Find your favorite character so you'll always have them around.

I found these adorable character cases while helping my roommate find a case for her new AirPods. Though these cases are only for the AirPods 1 and 2 models, there are a handful of adorable and heartwarming options. The two Stitch variations are my favorites because Stitch is super cute and because it’d be an easy case to spot when looking around for your misplaced Pods. The Mickey and Minnie cases are equally sweet! All the cases are silicone, which seems to be the best material for fitting over the AirPods charging case. It’s also worth noting that this seller also has other notable cartoon character cases as well.

Get the 3D Cartoon Airpods Case from beTWENTYS on Etsy for $17.11

11. A floral case for your AirPods Pro

Credit: Rifle Paper Co.
Thankfully, Rifle Paper Co. makes gorgeous cases for the Pro model too!

Like the aforementioned Rifle Paper Co. case, this one is sturdy and stylish. The AirPods Pro model is more horizontal, but the floral patterns are as beautiful as always. There are six classic patterns to choose from, and you might even be able to match the case with a new phone case as well! I also love that the gold ring is a clip ring, so it’s easy to click it into place when on the go.

Get the AirPods Pro Case from Rifle Paper Co. for $25

12. This precious little avocado

Credit: Coralogo
Outfit your new AirPods with everyone's favorite topping.

Here’s another very cutely designed AirPods case avocado lovers will enjoy. The unique design features the cross section of an avocado with a blushing smiley face. The case is also durable, made with a high-quality silicone material, and it comes with a strong metal key chain to keep your AirPods firmly secured to your keys. If you enjoy avocados and like to let that be known through your accessories, then this case is perfect for you.

Get the Coralogo Avocado Case from Amazon for $9.95

13. A BAGGU Case

Credit: BAGGU
Add another BAGGU to your collection with this puffy case.

BAGGU swept fashion trends up like a tidal wave this year with colorful, versatile bags in all shapes and sizes. The BAGGU AirPods case from UO might be the cutest Baggu yet. The puffy outside will keep your AirPods protected, while the vivid patterns make it hard to lose them since they’re so bright! The case also has a mini loop sewn into the side so you can attach the case to your lanyard or bookback when not (or while) in use.

Get the BAGGU Puffy AirPods Case from Urban Outfitters for $14

14. A Star Wars case

Credit: Joyleop
This AirPods case is for Star Wars fans. Featuring the notorious Darth Vader (a fan favorite even if you don’t necessarily agree with his stance on intergalactic politics) will have anyone familiar with the Star Wars universe jealous. The sturdy, shockproof silicone material teamed with the included metal keyring is designed to keep your AirPods safe from harm. Take a ride on the dark side and get this Darth Vader case for your AirPods.

Get the Joyleop Black Man Chain Case from Amazon for $12.99

15. A marble case

Credit: Tykhee
Select your favorite background and font for the ultimate personalized case.

If you’re looking for a personalized case for your new tech, this might be the one for you. Reviewers say the case is “cute and made with high quality materials.” You can select from over a dozen case patterns like blue or pink marble, plaid, rainbow, and galaxy designs. In addition to selecting the background, there are 11 font styles you can browse to find the one that fits you best. The result is a beautifully crafted case that is made just for you and your new AirPods.

Get the Personalized Marble AirPod Case Keychain from Tykhee on Etsy for $12.79

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