15 decor items to spruce up your home for spring

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Spring is all about blossoming, new beginnings, and opening up the windows to let fresh air in. I look forward to a deep clean with a fresh playlist around this time every year, and things feel a bit more hopeful when the sun seems to be shining more—at least here in the Midwest. But, even if spring hasn’t quite gotten to your home yet, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your space with spring home decor.

From fresh-smelling candles to a new doormat, these home decor items are a surefire way to make your space anew. So toss your blankets in the wash, grab an extra bag of soil, pour some tea, and get ready to freshen up your home for the upcoming season.
1. A candle to set the mood for the season Credit: Boy Smells
Start by making your home smell like fresh fruits and veggies.

Boy Smells candles have a cult following, and with good reason—they smell so good. I gifted one to my roommate and it brings a smile to my face every time she lights it. It’s still burning now several months later. To get your bedroom or living area ready for spring, I recommend pickup the Gardener scent. This candle is made of coconut wax and beeswax and combines notes of orange tree bark, tomato juice, honeysuckle nectar, petitgrain, and white tea to make the perfect aroma for those early spring days.

Get the Boy Smells Gardner Candle from Nordstrom for $32
2. A doormat that matches your personality Credit: Olive Creative Co.
Show your guests what to expect with a sassy or sweet doormat.

With vaccines becoming readily available, we might be able to flex our hosting and entertaining muscles soon. So, now is the time to make sure your doormat is ready to welcome people into your home or make anyone passing by crack a smile. I’m a big fan of the “You Better Have Pizza” mat from Olive Creative Co. It’s humorous and lighthearted, and it’s perfect for a sleepover or getting pizza delivered. If that one isn’t your speed, check out other options like doormats that say “Homebody” or “Hey Sunshine.”

Get the Olive Creative Co. “You Better Have Pizza” doormat from Esty for $45
3. Fresh foliage in the shower Credit: CAFlowerGrowers
Make your shower feel like a spa.

Whether you like to shower in the morning or take a late-night bath, a fresh bunch of eucalyptus in the bathroom will make your home feel like a spa. I love seeing the burst of green hanging in the shower, and the steam from hot water helps release the calming eucalyptus scent. Adding a bunch of the plant to your shower will help you start the day refreshed and unwind after a long day.

Get the CA Flower Growers Large Fresh Shower Eucalyptus Bunch from Etsy for $23.49
4. Adventure-inspired candles Credit: Paddywax
Match your itinerary with a new scent.

While you’re planning your upcoming road trips, camping outings, and travel plans, consider getting inspired with a candle formulated after National Parks. The candle collection from Paddywax is earthy, textured, naturally fragrant, and a perfect aesthetic fit for your next visit. You can even strike anywhere-matches right on the vessel to make the candle feel like a blazing campfire. Pick your favorite park from some of the best sights and smells our nation has to offer: Glacier, Acadia, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Olympic, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Get the Parks Candles from Paddywax for $34
5. Fresh towels Credit: Nordstrom
Few things are as refreshing as plush, new towels.

Springtime means spring cleaning, and for some people that includes getting rid of their old, crusty bathroom towels and replacing them with fresh ones. The Hydrocotton towels from Nordstrom are the perfect replacement or can be added to your current rotation. The 100-percent cotton material is ultra-soft and ultra-absorbent providing gentle and thorough drying. Get both the bath towel and the hand towel to give your body and your hands the VIP drying experience.
Get the Nordstrom Hydrocotton Bath Sheet from Nordstrom for $55 Get the Nordstrom Hydrocotton Hand Towel from Nordstrom for $19 6. Wicker baskets Credit: QVC
Store your blankets, toys, or plants in these gorgeous baskets.

With spring comes warmer weather, meaning it's time to put away all the excess pillows and blankets you brought out for the colder months. These wicker baskets are the perfect combination of stylish and functional, allowing you to store those blankets close by when you do get chilly instead of searching for the plastic bin in your basement stuffed them in. There’s also something about the wicker material that's reminiscent of spending time outside.

Get the Wicker Basket Set from QVC for $48
7. A countertop compost bin Credit: Bamboozle
Keep your scraps out of sight with this bamboo bin.

I recently tested a range of compost bins on the market for both indoor collection and outdoor spaces. This indoor bin from Bamboozle was one of my favorites, and it was runner-up for the indoor bins. I loved that the materials (mostly bamboo) and shipping materials were plastic-free and recyclable. I now keep this bin on my countertop or hang it on a hook in my kitchen when the counter is a bit crowded. If you’re looking to reduce food waste and ready to start composting, this sleek bin is wonderful. I do recommend getting it in the darker color though since the cream color stains easily from fruit and veggies.

Get the Bamboozle Compost Bin from Amazon for $39.99
8. Plants for a pop of green Credit: FloridaPlantsGardens
These ferns are light, airy, and quick to take up space!

A new plant is the perfect thing to welcome in the spring for obvious reasons. This asparagus fern is a great addition to your indoor plant collection or a good one to start with for beginners, especially since it is relatively easy to take care of. Despite its name, it is not related to vegetable and is more pleasing to the eye than the stomach. Based on my experience these little guys grow pretty rapidly, adding plenty of green to your home.

Get the Florida Plants Gardens Asparagus Sprengeri Fern from Etsy for $12.97
9. A textured throw Credit: Urban Outfitters
Doesn't this texture make you want to stay on the couch?

Spring is a bit of an in-between season. My roommate and I have been debating whether 40-degree weather is winter or spring—but we do agree that blankets, especially cute and cozy ones, will keep us at the right temperature until we can open the windows and let fresh air in. This tufted-throw blanket from Urban Outfitter is the perfect size for wrapping yourself up on the couch or adding on top of your duvet for another layer of warmth. The throw comes in natural colors that will complement midcentury, bohemian, industrial, and minimalist decor.

Get the Aden Tufted Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters for $69
10. A hammock chair Credit: Highwild
Add this comfy chair to your porch or backyard.

Warmer weather means more opportunities to sit outside on your front porch or in your backyard. When the time comes, you’ll want to be prepared with a comfortable place to sit like this personal hammock chair swing. This is the perfect spot to bask in the sun and let time pass you buy as you read and sip on an iced tea or write in your journal. If you don’t have any porch or yard space, don't worry. You can still enjoy this hammock. It’s easy to move and can be hung from a tree in a park or indoors to turn your room into a zen oasis.

Get the Hanging Rope Hammock Chair from Amazon for $42.99
11. Bright, versatile dishcloths Credit: Anthropologie
Add some color to your picnic basket.

I love kitchen items, especially multi-purpose ones. I don’t use paper towels in order to reduce waste and be more sustainable, so I have a large collection of tea towels and dishcloths for cleaning, eating, and cooking. This six-pack of dishcloths is bright and charming. You can use them to dry dishes, wipe down counters, dust surfaces, and keep your hands clean during picnics. I can’t recommend these enough, and reviewers agree that they are of great quality and just as vibrant as the photos show.

Get the Woven Geo Dishcloths, 6 Pack from Anthropologie for $24
12. A whimsical recipe card tin Credit: Rifle Paper Co.
Keep your recipes in one place.

Though I have an extensive Pinterest board of recipes, nothing compares to a handwritten recipe card. I have a few from my grandma and mom’s collection, and I’ve started to write my go-to recipes out on large index cards as well. The cards are easier to keep on the counter than my laptop or a cookbook, and you can laminate them to make them last. But you’ll need a place to store your recipes, and no tin is better than the floral ones from Rifle Paper Co. The tins are practical and whimsical, and if you’re a fan of the pattern you can match it with other accessories like your apron, phone case, and more.

Get the Recipe Tin from Rifle Paper Co. for $34
13. Air plants Credit: The Sill
You can display air plants any way you like.

Air plants are little pops of life that you can display in a variety of ways. You can place them in glass globes on the wall, in a basket or tray on your coffee table, or add them as accents to your bookshelves. They don’t take much work, just a weekly soak to keep them perky. They’re a great alternative to potted plants if you don’t have much space or have pets who dig in the soil. This pack of six air plants is only $30, and the plants range in size so you can mix and match them as you decorate.

Get the Air Plant Assortment from The Sill for $30
14. A bag for pretty much everything Credit: Urban Outfitters
Keep this bag right by the door.

Market bags are pretty popular and you’ve probably seen your favorite influencers carrying one as a purse or grocery bag. They’re common in zero-waste bundles as well, and for good reason. A good market bag can be used to carry fresh produce, flowers, or your daily essentials like your water bottle, purse, and phone. In addition to being transporting your goods, you can use it to store produce once you get home by hanging it a nail or hook or store it in the fridge. This bag can also be folded up to fit into a tiny purse so you’re prepared for any shopping emergency.

Get the To-Go Market Bag from Urban Outfitters for $9
15. A tray to improve your baths Credit: Royal Craft Wood
Take longer baths with a tray for your wine and books.

I love taking a bath to wind down, especially since Daylight Saving Time has me a bit off my routine. Though I love relaxing, I tend to get bored and prop up my laptop to watch a TV show or awkwardly hunch to read a book. If you’re in the same boat, upgrade your baths with a tray that’s made to hold all your things. A mug of tea or glass of wine can sit in the coaster area. You can place a candle, lotions, face masks, essential oils, a vase of flowers, or bath salts to keep everything you use within reach. And the tray has several ridges to keep your phone, book, or tablet in place (and dry).

Get the Bathtub Caddy Tray from Amazon for $49.97

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