130 Times People Had No Clue What They Were Looking At, But The Internet Had Their Back (New Pics)

If you ever—and we do mean ever—need a mystery solved, ask the internet for help. The amount of collective wisdom, combined with the Holmesian skills of amateur sleuths, is absolutely staggering. And you’re likely to feel your jaw drop at how quickly they find the answer to your question.

The r/whatisthisthing subreddit is a 2.2-million-member-strong online group that solves mysteries. And quite successfully, we might add! Internet users share a photo of an odd, bizarre, and often vintage item that puzzles them. Then, the community comes together to explain what it is, what it’s used for, and (if they happen to know it) share the broader context. It’s honestly one of the most interesting digital communities out there. You’ll find their latest successfully solved queries as you scroll down below.

Here at Bored Panda, we’re pretty big fans of what the r/whatisthisthing community has been doing for the past 12+ years. When you’ve finished upvoting the posts in this list that you think are very best examples of unraveled mysteries, consider taking a peek at our other recent articles about the sub here, here, and here.

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#1 Found On The Dashboard Of An Old Gmc. A Lucite Like Material, With Ridges

Answer: It's a traffic light viewer. Traffic lights back in the day were mounted on the same side you stopped on which sometimes made it difficult to see the light if you were first in line, this helped reflect the light from above so you could tell when the light changed.

Image credits: harrekrsna

Bored Panda reached out to Matt Johnson, Ph.D., a professor of consumer psychology at Hult International Business School and Harvard University, and he told us about the apparent functionality of products, as well as the law of the market. Moreover, he explained the difference between market-driven and market-driving products. Johnson is the host of the Neuroscience of Branding blog and is the author of 'Branding that Means Business: How to Build Enduring Bonds between Brands, Consumers and Markets.'

According to consumer psychology expert, whether it's vital for an object to have its function apparent from the moment someone sees it depends on the product itself, the industry, and how it's sold. "While consumers will always use a product in the greater context, they don’t always encounter them in this way, especially if its a product they’re unfamiliar with," he said.

"If, for example, the product is being sold via online marketplaces, the 'apparent functionality' can be an important factor in consumer decision-making. Consumers want to understand, intuitively, how to work the product. If they can simulate this in their heads, they can imagine using it, and if they can imagine using it, they can imagine owning it."

#2 Small Elephant Filled With Water Left At Flat After Party. Debating With Flatmates Over What It’s Purpose Could Be

Answer: It's a melted reusable ice cube

Image credits: A1DANN

#3 Hotel Room Bed Leg Has Red Flashing Light Coming From Rubber Piece…

Answer: There's a YouTube video that says it's a mesh bed bug detector. Video calls it Wirepas.

Image credits: kikogeruk

However, when it comes to digital products like "mobile apps and digital interfaces with high substitutability," immediate functionality becomes especially important.

"User experience is, of course, very important for digital products and experiences. Being able to 'see' this in the product is typically a reflection of its general intuitiveness," the creator of the Neuroscience of Branding blog told us.

Bored Panda asked Professor Johnson about the extent to which the products that we use are a reflection of our needs as a society, and how much brands themselves influence these needs.

"To a large extent, the products we use follow the 'law of the market': they reflect consumer demand and companies’ ability to capitalize on it. Ultimately, many of the products that have gone out of use have become obsolete, given other technological advancements. We don’t need stationary phones in houses anymore since nearly everyone has mobile devices, etc.," he gave an example.

#4 Thumb Protector Possibly, But For What? Found At A Yard Sale

Answer: Old timey fish monger/butcher thumb guard.

Image credits: deceptiveshadow

#5 What Is This House In The Middle Of Ocean? This Was About A Mile Off The Coast Of Mobile Al When I Went On A Cruise

Answer: It's the Middle Bay Light.

Image credits: Jacknut187

#6 These Bakery Window Decorations From Kiki's Delivery Service

Answer: Knäckebröd. The movie's aesthetics is heavily inspired by a trip Miyazaki took to Sweden. Yes just to clarify its a Swedish/Scandinavian hard bread.

Image credits: Dr_Sodium_Chloride

"These are called market-driven products: they reflect the ability of companies to serve existing needs and capitalize on existing consumer demand."

However, there's also another influence—market-driving products. "Brands also have the ability to create needs that didn’t already exist, and then create and market products that serve these needs," the author of 'Branding that Means Business' said.

"The classic examples are luxury brands, which have an outsized influence on what society deems cool, attractive, and aspirational. However, other popular brands have the power to 'create' needs as well; Nike, Apple, and even Starbucks are great examples of brands that do this at relatively more accessible prices. There’s no deep-seated human need for a pumpkin spice latte. And yet, every Fall, there’s a massive market for PSLs, of which Starbucks created and continuously dominates," Johnson explained.

"All in all, the products on the market reflect commercial technologies best abilities to serve existing human needs. At the same time, the consumer world shapes these needs, and delivers products that purportedly assuage them. It’s a complex interplay between brands, consumers, culture, and market forces."

#7 What Are These Medal Things On The Corner Of These Stairs And What Is Their Purpose?

Answer: Corner dust guards. They make it easier to sweep dust out of the corners.

Image credits: LocalSalesRep

#8 What Is This Large Vessel I Found In The Basement Of An Old Psychiatric Hospital?

Answer: Looks like a great big autoclave.

Image credits: BonelessHotdogs

#9 Object Found While Hiking Off-Road In Bosnia. Notice The Spikes Near The End! Wondering What It Is

Answer: DON'T GO HIKING IN BOSNIA IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE ARE YOU GOING. it is full of unmarked mine fields.

Image credits: FreezeHuddle

Created all the way back in September 2010, the ‘What Is This Thing’ subreddit has a very orderly, neat, and systemic approach to solving mysteries. Members of the moderator team have created a series of pages detailing solutions to pretty much any question you might have about becoming a member of the community.

They have a fully functioning Wiki, a great FAQ, as well as a guide for new members. The FAQ, in particular, is fascinating: it’s a compilation of commonly perplexing objects. Check it out before posting anything and asking for help: someone else may have already answered your question years ago.

The subreddit has been so successful that some members of the community actually work with international law enforcement. They are, in a very literal way, making the world a better place using their amateur sleuth skills.

#10 Found A Large Metallic Cylinder On The Beach Of Husavik, Iceland. What Is This?

Answer: Solved! We asked around and it turns out that these are submarine detectors, nothing to worry about, no explosive inside!

Image credits: TheRealWarrior0

#11 These Little Specs On My Bed? Every Time I Dust Them Off, They Reappear Within 2 Hours And I Have No Idea How. They Just Kind Of… Spawn? It’s Really Grossing Me Out

Answer: The shape (slightly oblong) looks like termite frass (poop). It's likely they are eating the wood beams in your ceiling and have made a hole through the non-wood material of your ceiling to have a place to dump their poop. You should get the place inspected ASAP.

Image credits: Prncssbbykitten

#12 Brass Or Copper Like Thing In Bathroom Door Handle

Answer: Copper kills bacteria and germs.

Image credits: nukkumattii

Everyone can take part in helping solve the mysteries. However, if you do that, it’s best to provide a source to back up your claims. That helps filter out facts from opinions. On the flip side, those searching for answers ought to do their best to provide as much info and context about the object as they can. “Help those trying to help you. This will help to eliminate vague posts,” the r/whatisthisthing moderator team notes.

Meanwhile, members who get the answers they were looking for are encouraged to reply, ‘Solved!’ in their threads. They’re also reminded not to delete their posts after this. The idea is to slowly create a massive internet archive of answers. Deleting your posts can lead to a (temporary) ban.

#13 Seen While Walking Down The Street. A Ziplock Bag Tacked Above A Door. Seems To Contain Water And A Few Pennies. What Could This Be For?

Answer: Homemade mosquito/fly deterrent. The light reflecting off the water and pennies is supposed to scare off pesky bugs.

Image credits: Charker21

#14 Sunset Pic I Took From Jfk Airport. Could These Shadows Be The Manhattan Skyline?

Answer: I live near Mt. Rainier and this happens too, only at dawn. The mountain casts its shadow on the underside of the clouds. This is just as impressive as that.

Image credits: Jazzyfart

#15 Small Black Balls That Came Out Of My Cat’s Fur When Brushing

Answer: OK, hear me out, does the furminator brush yhat you have have a black handle with bumps and are some of those bumps missing? Because it looks like the grippy bumps on the handle of mine broken off...

Image credits: Lewca43

One of the moderators running the subreddit previously told Bored Panda that there are a wide range of reasons why someone would want to become an amateur detective on the internet. For some, it’s the “thrill of the chase,” as people want to show off their talents and skills. Others, however, are drawn in by their curiosity.

“Many [people] have unique and obscure knowledge and they like to use it. Get enough of them together and they cover most things,” the mod said that this is a very extensive group of knowledgeable individuals. Less than 1 in 10 cases go unsolved on the sub. Most people get an answer within 15 minutes. These redditors are incredibly good at what they do.

#16 Came Across This Cleaning Today, Its About 1” Tall Maybe The Same In Diameter, Made Of Plastic, Has Holes All Throughout And Looks Like It Has Grooves To Stick Into Something, Does Anyone Know?

Answer: That's half a chastity cage.

Image credits: dandydani2

#17 Recently Moved Into A Older House, There Are 2 Of These "Outlets" In The House With This Weird Device Behind Them, What Is This Thing?

Answer: I would say motion sensor for an alarm system the two placed should be directly across from each othe to make an electronic trip indication.

Image credits: lordarryn

#18 Small Plastic Pouch With Red Gel And A Metal Disc Inside

Answer: Hand warmer. You can "click" the metal piece and it will start a chemical reaction and heat the pad.

Image credits: nullbuilt_

#19 Found On The Grass In A Suburban Business Park. Lightweight Like Paper Or Dried Mud, Crumbles Easily, Yet Holds Its Shape In Water. Square Holes Run All The Way Through To The Other Side

Answer: Inside Part of a catalytic converter.

Image credits: RossGriffon_Bmore

#20 This Little Hole Appeared In My Parents' Bedroom

Answer: Was a kid. Shot my parent’s window with a bb gun once and got grounded for a month. Hole was exactly this.

Image credits: kiwisupremo

#21 Sliding Tray With Holes On Both Sides Of This Sofa

Answer: Tray table. It has another piece to it. It’s a tray with matching pegs. Tray goes on top and the pegs slide in. They fit together so the tray sits tightly. Then you take the tray back to the kitchen and put the sliding part back so it’s not in the way.

Image credits: belokan

#22 Iron Cone On Either Side Of A Gate Outside The Entry To A Building In Bath England

Answer: It's a snuffer. A visitor to your house would use it to put out their torch.

Image credits: pepperjobe21

#23 Thin Decorated Metal Plate, 7 Inches Long

Answer: From the catch tray for a Kuerig coffee maker.

Image credits: yeti_button

#24 Found At A Used Book Store. All Parts Rotate And The Markings/Months Makes Me Think It Could Be For Mapping?

Answer: An astrolabe, the ancient times GPS. Used usually for navigation, also for time measure and other science uses. I got one similar as a keyring.

Image credits: sterling97

#25 I Found This Odd Set Of Disposable Cutlery (?) In A New Flat I Just Moved Into

Answer: Yes, definitely cake or clay modeling.

Image credits: Riverendell

#26 I Found This Soviet Device In The Balkans. It’s 130 Kg, About A Meter Long And Made In 1963. Looks To Be Some Sort Of Telescope/Spotlight. Any More Information Would Be Appreciated

Answer: It's a Soviet made collimator from 1963 with rudimentary night sight.

Image credits: -Sanin-

#27 Signs On The Truck Say ‘Radioactive’. Metallic Dumbbell-Shaped Container

Answer: It's a radioactive waste transport cask.

Image credits: smellerr

#28 What Is This Thing? An Inflated Plastic Bag Sticking Out Of The Window Of One Of The Houses On My Street

Answer: It's a positive pressure vent. It's used when mold is being remediated. When demo of the affected area is being done, it causes dust with mold spores in them. The tube is hooked up to an air scrubber machine and that tube sticking out is the machines exhaust.

Image credits: GreatScot4224

#29 What Are These Blue Reflecting Markers For? Mounted On A Pole, Facing The Field

Answer: They are reflecting the headlights of cars to the fields, so that deer avoids crossing the road. So it's for safety of cars and animals.

Image credits: Z1337M

#30 Weird Symbols In Saskatchewan Taken From 21,000ft

Answer: Here’s your answer: Ducks Unlimited waterfowl habitat.

Image credits: Ace_Laminar

#31 Old Ruler. I Don’t Know How It Is Used Or What Does It Measure

Answer: Slide rule, logarithmic calculating device. These put humans on the moon.

Image credits: anewerab

#32 Random-Ish Straight But Not Paralel Lines Next To My Office Building… What’s Happening Here?

Answer: You probably live in the UK, where planning authorities often require developers to do "evaluation trial trenching" to make sure there are no important archaeological artifacts that might be destroyed by excavation. If the trial trenches turn up anything interesting, a more serious archaeological dig may be required before building can begin.

Image credits: putonurseatbeltz

#33 This Is A Steel Wire Frame With Two Glass Marbles. It Was Found In An Old Garage Among Various Stuff. The Marbles Can Turn Inside The Frame

Answer: It's a razor blade sharpener.

Image credits: samburket2

#34 There Are Two Of These Large Xs On Our West Texas USA Ranch. They Are Next To County Roads. There Are No Other Markings. Someone Came And Put Them In Earlier This Year Without Telling Us. They Are About 4 Feet Square. Thanks!

Answer: Aerial survey targets for photogrametry.

Image credits: little_blue_narwhal

#35 Bunk Beds (?) In A Crawlspace Of A Home From 1959

Answer: Yep, bomb/fallout shelter. For 1959, effectively the same thing.

Image credits: AFThrowaway777

#36 Bought A Purse At An Estate Sale. It Was Filled With These Small Cylindrical Metal Pellets. One End Of A Pellet Is Wider With An Indentation In The Center, And The Other End Is Narrower With A Hole In The Center

Answer: The are primers for shotgun shells, the part that the firing pin hits to set off the charge. All the ones I see are spent (they have a divot in the one side), so they are not dangerous.

Image credits: Shadyschoolgirl

#37 I Was Watching A Remastered Clip Of Netherlands In 1919. What Are These Reflectors On Their Caps?

Answer: They're called 'oorijzers'. Started out as hat pins, became their own bit of pointless fashion.

Image credits: Tod_Lapraik

#38 Came Across This While Hiking Behind An Old Mine In Southwestern Pennsylvania. Several Miles Off Of The Old Access Road. Appears 40 Feet Long, Nothing Written On It, Appears Nothing Is Inside Of It. 25 Feet Or So Off Of The Ground. No Sign Of Life Around It For Miles

Answer: That, my friend, is the daddy of all deer stands.

Image credits: Ok_Olive_6733

#39 My New Neighbors Just Put This Out On Their Back Patio, The Coaxial Connect For The House Is Right Inside The Door. I Am Guessing This Is Some Kind Of WiFi Extender?

Answer: It looks like an RTL SDR antenna. SDR is software defined radio and is used for picking up a wide range of radio frequencies. Sometimes ADSB airline signals an many others.

Image credits: Wallace_of_Hawthorne

#40 What Is This Growth On My Mugs After I Microwave Them?

Answer: Ceramicist here. So clay bodies are porous, depending on the material. Porcelain is dense, and earthware and stoneware is less. Either way liquids can move through fired clay. Glaze that goes on the outside can look solid, but can have hundreds of tiny cracks and holes. When you microwave liquids or just let them sit in a ceramic vessel they can seep through and crystallize in the cracks and holes. This usually only happens with hand made or cheap ceramics.

Image credits: munizfire

#41 What Is This Hatch I've Seen On The Outside Of Houses In The UK?

Answer: It's a boot scraper, for getting the mud off your shoes before going in. They are pretty common.

Image credits: Kattfiskmoo

#42 What Is This Drain In Front Of The Door Of This House? Living In Snowborne Areas, I Never Saw A Drain Like That Anywhere. Anyone Know The Purpose?

Answer: To kick snow off your shoes.

Image credits: bpwoods97

#43 What Is The Red Pointy Plastic Used For? I Can’t Get A Straight Answer

Answer: It's for opening old style, push tab style cans... so you don't cut your finger.

Image credits: PRG013

#44 This Gold Arched Decoration With A Crystal In The Middle. Wife Found It At A Goodwill And I Feel Like It Has Religious Backgrounds

Answer: It's a "New Age" crystal energy piece. The center "pendulum" crystal came from an antique electric table lamp (It is right behind me...I'll post a pic). It's been worked and ground down to have those curves (likely done with a Dremel tool. The rest of it is bits and pieces from candle holders or incense/oil burners.

Image credits: Parisbruv

#45 What Is This Sweet Smelling Brown Stuff Coming Out Of My Basement Wall?

Answer: I’m going to agree with the comments calling this caulk/sealant and marking this as solved! The rest of the cracks and gaps have sealant too, this one just looks like it’s gotten moldy or started to rot. It’s definitely not honey,

Image credits: TimberTheDog

#46 Moved Into Dorm, No Ethernet But Wondering About These Ports

Answer: Token Ring. You need an E connector. Used to have hundreds of them at work before they redid the network.

Image credits: Zachsnack

#47 Small Pointy Curved Metal Attached To Bicycle Frame, Point Facing Front Of Bike

Answer: That is to hold an air pump. There should be another one on the opposite side.

Image credits: Newhousewhodiss

#48 This Piece Of Brass And Possibly Lead Is Embedded In A Piece Of Planed Wood. It Has Been Sitting On A Shelf For Years And I Have No Idea What It May Have Been

Answer: That's a bullet. Someone shot it into a tree and cut it in half. The rough part of the wood is the bullet path.

Image credits: junkcollector1979

#49 What Is This Thing? Someone Is Sticking Them To Walls And Doors Around The Office

Answer: Security check-in. When security roams the floor they use a device to scan the code to indicate they have patrolled the area.

Image credits: bma4843

#50 A House Warming Gift. It's Half Wood, Half Marble, Two Semi Circle Dips, Mini Spoon. What The Heck Is It?

Answer: It's salt & pepper "pinch pot".

Image credits: Lower-Tiger-5129

#51 What Is This Thing? Several Surgical Instruments Were Found Nearby, But It Might Be Not Related To Them At All

Answer: It looks like it was a primitive tool used in the past to assist in birth. Yeouch. A bit of further googling tells me they were used to reduce the size of a babies head if it was too big to deliver, by drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid. Known as destructive delivery. Generally (I hope) for cases where the fetus is already non-living. Frightful.

Image credits: Bright-Antelope4029

#52 Piece Of Silver Found On Mustang Island Right Off Of The Gulf Of Mexico. It Was On The Beach

Answer: Definitely a coin. For a second there, I thought you hit the jackpot, too bad its just a replica.

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Sea_423

#53 Witt I Found A Bunch Of These Small Red Cylinders Under My Couch. They're Filled With Cement Like Material Wrapped In Paper Similar To The Paper Crayons Are Wrapped In

Answer: That is a firecracker my dude! Watch your fingers!!

Image credits: OnlyDansPhilosophy

#54 Blue Glass Thing Found At Goodwill. About 5 Inches High With A Hole In Top

Answer: That is a whale oil lamp. Hand blown glass. Very odd blue color. Not cheap !

Image credits: Red-Bell-Pepper

#55 These Two Things Floated To The Ground Just After A Large Plane Passed Low Over My House. They're Gritty And Rubbery, Almost Like Dried Paint. They Also Have A Strong Overly Sweet Smell

Answer: Reminds me of the flame retardant powder they have big planes fly over fires and drop, maybe a congealed chunk of it.

Image credits: youneednewshoes

#56 What Are These Glass Things Attached To The Ceiling? They're All Over The House By The Windows. House Was Built Between 2010-2015

Answer: It prevents another sprinkler from getting wet, which would prevent its activation.

Image credits: thecowardlylion8

#57 What Is This Thing I've Seen Attached On The Back Of This Toyota? Appears To Have Some Lasers Or Lidar System

Answer: My conclusion is it's a mobile direction-finding system, most likely used by a government or military agency, for locating unlicensed or otherwise problematic radio transmitters.

Image credits: ThisIsLukkas

#58 Friend Found Both Together While Diving At Makaha, Hawaii. Orange/Brown, Hard, And Looks Like They Have Layers

Answer: Mouth plates of some kind of fish, possibly pufferfish!

Image credits: doublecheekedup123

#59 Made Of Metal About 5 Inches Long

Answer: It’s more accurately a cobbler’s shoe anvil for repair. They come in different sizes and fit onto a stand interchangeably.

Image credits: GDscNFA

#60 Plugged In And Secured With A Screw In My Airbnb (USA)

Answer: It is a NoiseAware party detector.

Image credits: undothewinnings

#61 It's Just A Little Cage With A Sphere, 3-4cm. I Don't Know If It's Use To Clean Something Or To Avoid Bubbles In Hot Liquids, Like Milk Or What, Can You Help Me ?

Answer: It goes inside a whisk.

Image credits: Xratu

#62 4m High Funnel With 3 Outlets Near A Playground And A Beer Garden In Germany

Answer: It's a three-way basketball hoop (Balltrichter mit drei Ausgängen). You can score, but you don't know who gets the ball next. My kids school just got one. The kids love it.

Image credits: PietOnTheRoad

#63 Paper-Wrapped Substance Inside Plastic Box Inside 60s Czech Military Bag

Answer: This looks like the soap that was used to prevent a gas mask from fogging up.

Image credits: Skaramuche

#64 What Is This Thing Used For? A Book With Black Blank Pages Alternating With Thin Translucent Pages

Answer: Photo-Album. You stick paper photos on the black pages. The transparent pages are for protection.

Image credits: gahyeonology

#65 Answer: What Are These Chains Under An Ambulance?

They are automatic snow chains for traction control.

Image credits: oslosvinet

#66 Around 1m High Made Of Glass, Probably Originated From A Rafinery Or A Power Plant Before The 90s

Answer: Mercury arc rectifier.

Image credits: woxak

#67 I Just Noticed Some Very Fresh Feeling Marks On My Front Door… I Moved In A Month Ago And I’m 90% Certain They’re New Since Then

Answer: It's def sap or glue being compressed out of the door as it expands/retracts.

Image credits: this-is-me-2018

#68 What Is This Big Round Well-Type Thing In The Middle Of The Women’s Restroom? It’s In An Older Bathroom And It Doesn’t Seem To Have Any Water Running To Or From It… Just A Big Cylinder With A Drain In It

Answer: It's a sink. For washing your hands. You step on the ring to start the water.

Image credits: lilithrebbecca

#69 Found These White Pole Looking Things On A Truck With A Sticker On It While On A Road Trip. What Is This?

Answer: Column lifts.

Image credits: SuperDuper_Bruh

#70 Guy Wearing This Ankle Thing At A Vacation Resort In The Caribbean… What Is This Thing?

Answer: For mosquitoes as a repellent.

Image credits: alllowercaseyouknow

#71 What Is Using This Little Wooden House In My Garden?

Answer: It's for any of the solitary bees, like mason bees.

Image credits: bendog1616

#72 What Are These Small White Boxes Around The Base Of Our Bed At The Excalibur Hotel?

Answer: Bedbug monitors that they monitor remotely.

Image credits: Pineapple_Incident17

#73 The Liquid Rises When You Hold The Bottom. We Don't Know Where It Came From. Supposedly It Measures Blood Pressure But Idk

Answer: It is just a toy or a demonstration of a liquid with a very low boiling point.

Image credits: sciip

#74 What Could This Be? It's Made Of Wood And Contains A Wheel Full Of Sharp Spikes. I'm Thinking A Grinder, But What Could It Grind?

Answer: Cheese grater.

Image credits: pantalonedilimone

#75 What Is This "Brain Sensor" Iga Swiatek Used Before Her Semifinal Match?

Answer: Apparently, her psychologist is an important part of her success. Monitoring her brain and heart activity to guage her stress levels is part of this.

Image credits: CapnFlam

#76 Cage Room Thing On Top Of A Stream In Japan

Answer: After seeing everyone suggesting garbage collection, I am now sure that is it, and this seems like the likely use for the tools and why it’s so big.

Image credits: Rachelcookie123

#77 Robot Drove Itself Down The Sidewalk From The Corner, Then Docked At This House. No Visible Operator, And The House Seems To Have More Units In The Garage

Answer: Solved. I’m just going to give credit here, as this is the closest one. I agree that it seems not to be a commercially available robot and is probably made/developed by the homeowner.

Image credits: bdjorn

#78 Large Gray Plastic Dial With Aa Battery On Top, Worn By Older Man Around Neck Like A Necklace. He Had Normal Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids Which Didn’t Seem Related. Saw Him Turn The Dial ~4 Times Over Couple Of Hours. Didn’t Want To Be Rude & Take A Pic, So There's Just A Masterful Sketch Done By Me

Answer: Check out T loop receivers. They do a wide range of them but a image search may turn it up. In this case likely the sennheiser infrared hearing system?

Image credits: flyingwhyflying

#79 Rusted Metal Sphere Found Buried In Beach In Sligo, Ireland. It Seems To Be Around 2-3 Meters Wide. Nothing Is Written On It, And No Electronics As Far As I Know

Answer: This page identifies it as a marine buoy.

Image credits: CrissCross4850

#80 Found While Cleaning The Couch, No One Knows Where It Came From. Noted It Says “Credit Swish”, Not Swiss. Back Side Is Blank. It’s Metal But *probably* Not Gold

Answer: It's a longshot, but it might be a promotional trinket from Swish, which is a mobile payment system, like Venmo, in Sweden.

Image credits: Mayhem_and_Cheese

#81 Large Sand Table In The Basement Of A House For Sale In Nj. More Than 10 Feet Long, Several Curved Metal Bars Or Tubes Around The Side And A "Bridge" In The Middle. On The Right In The Picture Is A Movable Conveyor Belt Thing. That's All The Info I Have

Answer: They're lights, I was wrong. Water sprayers to keep dust down or maybe to make the sand have a clumpy, dirt-like consistency?

Image credits: brock_lee

#82 Small Red Flippable Plates Outside Windows In Montreal, Canada

Answer: It is exactly a survey prism. They use them to locate exact locations/elevations for upcoming construction projects (i.e. the new wall needs to be exactly 4 feet off of this wall, but the new wall being built is down the street). They can also be used to measure movement over time, if they leave the prism there for a while it is more than likely measuring the building settling (or even moving horizontally).

Image credits: brenex

#83 Bought A Coat Dress From Vintage Store In North Eastern Us And Found Brown Powder Sewn Inside While Letting Out Seams. Haven’t Touched It But It Appears To Be Sewn Into The Entire Garment. Think The Coat Is From The 60s Or 70s

Answer: Some plastic/rubber foam where the polymers have broken down.

Image credits: captainlexan

#84 We Found This Metal Detecting. I Believe It Is Thin Brass, About 3 To Four Inches Long. It Seems Too Thin To Be A Belt Buckle. Definitely Stamped

Answer: If its real, that is the front of a Union belt buckle. Maybe the back is nearby.

Image credits: CommaGuy

#85 Hello, I've Got This T-Shirt As A Gift But I Have No Idea What Those Extremities I've Circled Are For, Or How I Shouldn't Wear Them. They're Too Short To Tie Together

Answer: This is the answer! You thread the thread through the ends of the white flappy bits!

Image credits: Marsailema

#86 At An Airbnb In A Beach Town On East Coast, Us. Kitchen Island Has These “Indents” With A Handle? Seems Like Repurposed Wood But Curious If There Is A Purpose In The Kitchen Or Just A Design?

Answer: It was part of a hatch door, on a barn or a ship.

Image credits: pinkwhitney24

#87 Black Stone Object Found Buried In A Garden In Somerset, UK. Ornate Carving On Front, Uneven Scratch Marks On Back

Answer: The material appears to be “Whitby Jet”, a material that occurs on the Yorkshire coastline. It was made extremely popular by Queen Victoria as mourning jewelery but it has been used and carved by people in the Bronze Age, Roman era, Viking era etc.. to me it looks like a Victorian amateur carved plaque in Whitby Jet but could be an earlier thing. You can tell if it’s jet by rubbing it-it will retain a static charge and attract dust or lint. Edit-just realized how small it is. Probably part of a bracelet or necklace from Victorian era.

Image credits: The_Eret

#88 Little Fence Piece Jutting Out On Bridge, I See These Everywhere In The Midwest

Answer: It's so people can't climb on that side of the fence easily or commit suicide.

Image credits: Faketuxedo

#89 What Is This Black Stuff That Keeps Appearing On All My White Containers?

Answer: Airborne dirt is sticking to the oil from your hands and as a result, your fingerprints are showing up.

Image credits: notstonythetiger

#90 Older House 1960. Chimney But Opening Is On The Outside Not Inside ?

Answer: Looks like a chimney cleanout door.

Image credits: Joshyyboyy

#91 Antenna Like Thing Found In A Back Yard Near A Golf Course?

Answer: That is a ham radio loop antenna made in Italy by Ciro Mazzoni company. It's quite an expensive antenna, around $2000.00 USD. There is an antenna rotator located below the antenna.

Image credits: 7LeggedEmu

#92 What Is This Silver Metal Thing With Narrow Bridge And Spoon Like End?

Answer: Ear cleaners, use them to scoop wax more common in eastern countries. Might be confused for a drug utensil by American police as they imagine people snorting the tiniest cocaine hit ever.

Image credits: Mist4h20

#93 Witt I Found At A Thrift Store? Compass, Clock (?) And Springloaded Slots

Answer: 80s car insert. Compass for use with maps Slots for holding coins for tolls. Ford or mazda is my guess.

Image credits: Toadkalle

#94 Heavy (Brass?) Part. Discovered In The Belongings Of A Wwii Veteran. Can Rotate And Unscrew Parts, As Displayed

Answer: It's an artillery fuze.

Image credits: bermudajoe

#95 Two Wires On Busy Suburban Street, Reappears At Fixed Intervals

Answer: Pneumatic traffic counter.

Image credits: hungrydit

#96 Groove In Granite Countertop Next To Cooktop

Answer: Just searched the very specific "egg groove on countertop" and it is indeed a thing.

Image credits: MaritimeMuse

#97 Found These In A Bin In My Backyard After Doing Some Yard Clean Up. They Are Metal And Round On One Side. Approximately 2” Diameter By 4” Long. On The Flat Side There Are Six Circles

Answer: While these are 40mm practice rounds, they aren’t for the 203 or 320. These are for mk19’s. The length and bases are different. Fun fact, the mk19 practice rounds also don’t disperse chalk.

Image credits: Slow-Number-5860

#98 What Are These Little Ornate Houses Outside Greek Houses? Spotted In Santorini

Answer: I believe that particular one is a shrine to Saint Raphael, patron saint of various things including healing. Raphael was the Abbot of a monastery in Karyes and was martyred by the Ottomans in the 15th century.

Image credits: tardiusmaximus

#99 North Texas - Crossbow Bolt? What Weapon Fires This?

Answer: Looks like a blowgun dart missing the round plastic end.

Image credits: scoonbug

#100 What Is This Dried Black/Grey Ooze Showing Up In A Neighbors Field? Amount Seems To Be Increasing The Past Few Days

Answer: Treated wastewater sludge. Land application is a common method of treatment/disposal.

Image credits: LanikeaDances

#101 Does Anyone Know What This Is? We Found It In Our Airbnb, It Is Heavy, Carpeted, And Has Two Inflexible Wooden Posts

Answer: That is a stool designed to look like a camel saddle. It's a fairly common design motif.

Image credits: jalapenohunnie

#102 Small, Dense Wood-Effect Plastic Piece With X Slightly Off Centre. No Other Marks. Aa Battery For Scale. Potentially A Game Piece?

Answer: It's one of a cheap rune set used for fortune telling. You can buy them in gift shops and "witchy" shops.

Image credits: PeeledHumanGrape

#103 Long Tool With A Metal Dial On The Top That You Can Twist. Possibly Related To Calligraphy Or Type Setting

Answer: It's a drafting pen.

Image credits: ThreesomeAtMcDonalds

#104 Backpack With Pressure Gauges And Tubing Coming Out Of It/On Top Of It

Answer: Air conditioning service manifold those are worth some money.

Image credits: Cowween

#105 Massive Ring Gear On Semi, Maybe 12ft Dia

Answer: That's a ring gear for a rotary dryer.

Image credits: lysolmax

#106 Box With Vent, And Crosshair Symbol Stamped On Side. One Of Two Similar Boxes Offloaded With Luggage On Plane. Didn't Look To Be Particularly Heavy When Lifted By Aeroport Employees

Answer: Reusable crate for machine parts. You send out to new part and the old part is placed in the crate and sent back to be retooled.

Image credits: fitzwillliam

#107 Around 2' 10" Long. Looks Handmade, Entirely Out Of Metal. No Markings And Nothing Found On Google

Answer: Campfire roastery accoutrements; marshmallows, hotdogs, rabbit parts, etc. over open flame.

Image credits: potatotatob

#108 Wooden Block With What Looks Like An Aux Chord Coming Out. Found In My Hotel Room In Rome, There Are Four Of Them In The Room Next To The Beds

Answer: Uncle Jimmy installed a "headphone distribution amplifier" or whatever his jerry-rigged version of one was. The wood hemisphere is just covering the hole for the cable pull. The hook at the top would hold the headphones. Watch TV without disturbing other guests, I guess.

Image credits: ryangh24

#109 What Is This Wooden Contraption Sitting On The Ledge Of A Second Story Apartment Window?

Answer: It's a crow/bird trainer/feeder.

Image credits: ugliestparadefloat

#110 Around Half The Houses On My Street Have These White Posts On The Tip Of Their Roofs, What Do They Signify? (Brampton, Ontario For Reference)

Answer: It’s a roof finial, a decorative thing. Usually seen on colonial style architecture, or in the Far East.

Image credits: SpaceNinja25

#111 Grill Of Rounded Spikes In A Very Small London Park

Answer: Bench of nails.

Image credits: CleanSteel

#112 I Work In Recycling, And Have Found Multiple Objects Like This. It Is Made Of Some Kind Of Silicone, It Has A (Weak) Magnet In It, And It Is Kinda Phallic. What Is This Thing?

Answer: Magnetic bottle holder strap.

Image credits: shape_reality

#113 Almost Looks Like A Fridge With A Seat In It, And An Opening For Your Head?? About 4 Or 5 Feet Tall I Think

Answer: Personal sauna.

Image credits: delphinnee

#114 Aside From It Obviously Being A Hammer, What Is This Extra Bit For?

Answer: Straightening 2x4s during framing.

Image credits: ProjectDirtbikes

#115 What Are These Markings Found In A Field On Google Maps?

Answer: Usually these are surveying trenches used to check if there is anything archeologically significant under a field before developers come in and build houses. If they find something then they dig extra trenches before deciding if it's worth a full dig.

Image credits: robbo_6

#116 My Dishwasher Wasn’t Working And The Repair Person Pulled Out This Substance From The Filters. It Was A Little Soft And Malleable When He First Pulled It Out. Now It’s Getting Hard As It Dries. He Accused Me Of Putting Paper Towels In With My Dirty Dishes Which I Do Not Do

Answer: Labels on items can disintegrate and wind up here. Surprising that he went straight to paper towels.

Image credits: Frosty_Network4799

#117 Small Metal Object, Flattened On End Like It Landed On Concrete At High Speed, Found On Sidewalk

Answer: Definitely a bullet. The grooves from the barrel's rifling give it away. I suspect it's no bigger than a 9 mm.

Image credits: rekniht01

#118 Plastic And Metal Bullets? Some Are In A Chain Together Like In A Machine-Gun Some Are Loose

Answer: That’s plastic blank ammunition, most commonly used in re-enactments.

Image credits: Angusburgerman

#119 My Friend Has Found A Bunch Of These Weird Little Plastic Things While Cleaning Up The Beaches In Maine. We Have No Clue What They Are And We Aren’t Having Much Luck With Google, Does Anyone Know?

Answer: They are Evolution Aqua K1 Filter media. For pond/koi filters.

Image credits: na_na_whats_my_name

#120 ~10” Long, Ball Comes Off, Tool Or Part

Answer: Yep, hip replacement.

Image credits: kenkreie

#121 A Man Stopped Me In A Corner Store Parking Lot To Ask Me What This Thing Is He Found Under His Car Seat. Worried It’s A Mic. Any Ideas?

Answer: That is a condenser microphone connected to a push button momentary switch. If that's all there is, nothing to worry about. Could be someone trying to make something look scarry, or a small part of something broken, like a cheap Bluetooth headset.

Image credits: Otterspice

#122 What Are These Sets Of Seven Dimples On Styrofoam?

Answer: While many plastic objects have little marks on them where the liquid plastic is injected into the mold, expanded polystyrene objects ("Styrofoam") aren't made this way. Instead, small granules of plastic are pre-treated with steam in a large hopper, which causes them to expand into little foam pellets. These foam pellets are poured into the mold, and then additional steam is injected in, causing the pellets to swell even more until they completely fill the mold. The little seven-dot marks are steam injection points.

Image credits: spencerwnelson

#123 Pyrex Globe With Ceramic. Found By A Relative This Morning

Answer: Glass Toilet Tank Float.

Image credits: curious382

#124 At Boston Airport There Are Multiple Half Circle Devices On A Stand Which Are Made From Shiny Sheet Metal. There Are A Bunch Of Random Holes In Most Of The Panels That Look Like A Shotgun Blast

Answer: I'd say it's a practice section of fuselage. The holes are probably from using a fuselage-penetrating fire-fighting system.

Image credits: mattpark-fp

#125 I Have Found Several Of These Small Plastic Caps Around The Parking Lot Of Our Business

Answer: GUM proxabrush covers. It is a small brush used like dental floss.

Image credits: nathanhostetter

#126 What Is The Small White Plastic Tube, It Has A "Lot" Number Stamped On The End And Unscrews To A Smaller White Tube Inside. The Inner Tube Smells Minty But Does Not Open Further

Answer: An "inhaler". It's supposed to smell strongly of mint and menthol or eucalyptus, and open blocked nasal passages.

Image credits: Wild_Wild_Sea_999

#127 Found In Remote Northern Alaska, Machined Metal With Hoses And Wires Running Through The Center

Answer: It's literally a segment of the rocket.

Image credits: _ILLITERATE_

#128 Big Concrete Object With Mysterious Text, 4 Holes And 4 Loops Along The Rim, Has No Bottom

Answer: AN ASSYRIAN STYLE CAST STONE URN: modeled for the restoration of the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, second half 20th century, With sloped sides cast with Assyrian winged deities, inscribed on both sides.

Image credits: irl_rage_quitter

#129 Metal Bars Embedded Into End Of Driveway. I've Never Seen Them Used

Answer: It looks sort of like a bollard mounting point, used if you don't want people parking in your drive when you're away.

Image credits: ambersavampire

#130 A Scissors Like Device I Bought Years Ago On Flee Market

Answer: It’s a vintage umbilical clamp. That’s why it’s shaped like a stork! Eventually this style did evolve into several types of embroidery scissors that the midwives would use while awaiting labor.

Image credits: OffpeakPL