10 Best Portable Travel Bidets 2020

Bidets have been around since the late 17th century, with the French being credited for its invention. Created for the purpose of cleaning oneself after going to the bathroom, bidets are also believed to have been used as a means of contraception before but has since then been proven to be ineffective. There are different kinds of bidets to choose from, depending on your budget and who will be using it. Handheld bidets and portable ones are among the cheapest and simplest to use while toilet seats and combination bidet toilets are on the higher end of the price scale and have a variety of features meant for comfort.

One of the benefits of using a bidet is you can clean yourself more efficiently. This rings true even when you are away from your home thanks to portable bidets that you can bring with you wherever you are. You don’t have to worry anymore about the lack of toilet paper or water wherever you go. Portable bidets are designed to be compact enough to fit in your purse, ready to use whenever and wherever you go to the bathroom. This is especially helpful for those who are going camping or have kids but it’s a big help in maintaining hygiene even if you are just going out. Check out our favorite travel bidet picks at any budget.

Best Portable Travel Bidets

TOTO Travel Handy Washlet – High-End Pick

TOTO Travel Handy Washlet YEW350-WH
TOTO Travel Handy Washlet (Image: Amazon)

TOTO Travel Handy Washlet is a bidet that integrates technology, hygiene, and portability. It is compact for ease of carrying around, has a convenient two-button design, and features two washing modes: regular which sprays three streams of water and soft with five streams of water.

Just fill-up the tank with water, extend the wand, and water comes out of the nozzle. It is also resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents so you can cleanse the bidet without worrying about damaging the unit. The tank has a capacity of 180ml and runs on 1 x AA battery.

Customers who bought the TOTO travel bidet found the tank sufficient for a single wash. It is light enough to carry around although it is bigger than one’s pocket so it will have to be kept in a purse or bag. Some found little to no difference between the two streams but either mode is efficient enough to get yourself cleaned.

Some users found the unit leaks after several months. Customers also had trouble figuring out how to use the bidet as the instructions included with the product were in Japanese.


TUSHY Travel Bidet – Top Pick

TUSHY Travel Bidet
TUSHY Travel Bidet (Image: Tushy)

TUSHY Travel is a portable bidet that is collapsible and expandable so you don’t have to worry about storage. It’s perfect for those who need to poop when they are out and about and comes with a discreet carrying case and a carabiner hook so you can bring it around whether you are going to school, to work, or to the mall. The travel bidet features a hinged nozzle with a 3-point spout for efficient cleaning.

The TUSHY Travel Bidet doesn’t need batteries in order to work. Just fill the bottle with clean water, take your time with your business, and spray when ready to use. You can select the angle that cleans you the best, whether it is front, back, or side-to-side with the help of the adjustable spout. Just squeeze the bottle and water will spray out to aid in cleansing.

Customers who tried the TUSHY bidet loved the unobtrusive design and carrier. It’s easy to use and some have found it better than toilet seat bidets since you can easily adjust the angle of the spray manually. The bottle itself doesn’t make any sounds when squeezed although some users have commented that it feels like the material might break from squeezing. However, there have been no cases of this occurring yet based on customer reviews.


Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet – Runner-up

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet
Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet (Image: Amazon)

Brondell GoSpa is a portable travel bidet that can be carried around in a purse or bag or can be placed in the glove compartment of your car. The plastic bidet reservoir bottle holds up to 400ml of warm or cold water and has a metal airlock at the bottom to ensure easy control of water pressure and for a consistent spray.

It comes with a discreet carrying bag and the easy-store nozzle has an angled spray head for perfect aim and easier cleansing. Just fill the bottle with water, screw on the cap, point the nozzle at the area that needs cleansing, and squeeze the bottle. The GoSpa portable bidet also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Customers who’ve tried the GoSpa bidet found it very easy to use. You just need to squeeze the bottle depending on how hard you want the pressure to be. While some users have problems with the bidet dripping, others have suggested holding it horizontally prior to using it to avoid making a mess. Customers have also found the angle of the nozzle to be spot on when cleansing and the metal airlock works perfectly in making sure the spray pressure remains consistent throughout.


TONELIFE 2-Pack Portable Bidet – Budget Pick

2PCS-Pack Portable Bidet for Toilet - 450ml Travel Bidet - 15oz Handheld Personal Bidet Empty Bottle - Childbirth Cleaner - For Outdoor,Camping,Travling,Driver,Personal Hygiene - with Storage Bag
TONELIFE 2-Pack Portable Bidet (Image: Amazon)

If you aren’t completely sold yet on the idea of using a portable bidet, you might want to check out the TONELIFE portable bidet first. This budget 2-pack bidet will let you try the cleansing benefits of a bidet without spending too much. It comes with a 450ml reservoir bottle for cold or warm water, a detachable 7.5” angled nozzle, and a travel bag. It doesn’t require any batteries and you just need to squeeze the bottle to clean yourself.

To use the bidet, just fill up with water, close the lid, turn the bottle upside down, and squeeze. You can adjust the pressure of the spray by squeezing harder. Cleaning is also a breeze – just fill the bottle with hot water and pour out immediately after.

Those who’ve purchased the portable bidet found it to be value for money. The portable bidet was of good quality despite the cheap price and does what it’s supposed to do. Water pressure is also easy to control and the angled nozzle allows better aim. However, some customers have reported leak problems while others received bidets without the nozzles.


Happy Bottom Portable Washer

Happy Bottom Washer a Portable Bidet - Handheld Portable Bidet & Peri Bottle for Home or Travel. Eco Friendly, Sanitary, and Natural. By The Happy Brand Company (Caribbean Sea Turquoise)
Happy Bottom Portable Washer (Image: Amazon)

Happy Bottom is an eco-friendly portable bidet designed for home or travel use. The slim bottle design is meant for easy handling of the bidet and for better grip for water pressure control. The Happy Bottom portable bidet can be used by kids, adults, and the elderly. The bidet features an extra-long angled nozzle for better reach of areas that need cleansing and gives a wide spray for generous cleaning.

The portable bidet also comes with a travel bag so you can take it with you anywhere you go inconspicuously. When using the bidet, just take care to put one finger over the air valve when inverting the bottle and remove it before squeezing the bottle gently.

According to customer reviews, the Happy Bottom bidet is very helpful for individuals with mobility and flexibility problems. The bottle, while solid enough to hold water, is also soft enough to squeeze even for those with weak grips. Some customers, however, found trouble getting enough pressure from the nozzle.


JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Travel Bidet

JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Travel Bidet
JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Travel Bidet (Image: Amazon)

JP Bathroom Master’s Portable Bidet is made specifically for women who have just given birth but it is also suitable for general hygiene. Made from BPA-Free HDPE plastic, a kind of plastic used for storing milk, shampoo, detergent, and other similar liquids, the bidet is safe to use, toxin-free, and eco-friendly.

The portable bidet bottle provides soothing cleansing for women post-partum and doubles as a travel bidet too. It can hold 12.8oz of water or any cleansing liquid and comes with a long retractable nozzle for hard-to-reach areas. The ergonomic design also allows a better grip on the bottle so you can squeeze with ease when controlling the pressure of the water.

Customers found the portable bidet efficient for cleaning. It is also suitable for personal hygiene, as found out by non-postpartum users. Customers also loved the simplicity and ease of use of the product. While some customers didn’t have any problems with their travel bidet leaking, others had leakage issues and found that water sprayed out from the connection point when the bottle was squeezed.


Vajay Bidet Bottle by Soothe Hers

Vajay Bidet Peri Bottle by Soothe Hers | Postpartum Recovery Peri Bottle Hemorrhoids | Perineal Afterbirth Necessity New Mothers | 7
Vajay Bidet Bottle by Soothe Hers (Image: Amazon)

Vajay Bidet Bottle is also another portable bidet meant for postpartum use. It provides gentle yet effective cleansing after giving birth, assisting with irritation and discomfort commonly experienced during this period. It can also be used as a regular travel bidet.

The bottle holds 450ml of water and comes with a retractable 7-inch angled nozzle, airflow valve, and a drawstring travel bag.

Based on customer reviews, it’s not only an effective cleanser for postpartum mothers but also for those with infections. It also comes highly recommended as a baby shower gift. Some users have had trouble with the bidet leaking and commented that it didn’t even need to be squeezed for the water to come out of the bottle.


Hibbent Portable Electric Bidet

Hibbent Portable Bidet Handy Toilette - Electric Bidet Toilet with USB Charger and USB Cable - Feminine Travel Bidet For Personal Use On the Traveling - Blue Color
Hibbent Portable Electric Bidet (Image: Amazon)

Hibbent Portable Bidet is a rechargeable unit that can hold up to 165ml of water. It is powered by a lithium battery that can be charged via USB. Each charge can power up to 100 cycles and a bottle adapter is also included in the package if you want to connect to a bigger water container.

The electric bidet also comes with two spray modes, low spray with a spray height of 1-2m and high spray with a height of 3-5m. In addition, the Hibbent portable bidet is also waterproof and has a low-noise motor.

Customers were happy with the water pressure the travel bidet gives and the ease of use when operating the unit. Users were also happy with the battery life although some of them had issues with the unit leaking. Some customers also found the amount of water that the bidet can hold to be insufficient but the adapter can be used to attach to a bigger bottle instead.


Peri Bottle Travel Bidet by HOMLEX

Peri Bottle travel bidet for Post Partum Washing Care by Homlex -portable bidet Hygienic Washing For Perineal Recovery After Birth,400ml,elongated nozzle
Peri Bottle Travel Bidet (Image: Amazon)

Peri Bottle Travel Bidet is designed especially for women who have just given birth. Apart from postpartum women, it can also be used by pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those with medical conditions such as genital infections and hemorrhoids.

The 400ml bottle can hold both cold and warm water and comes with an elongated, angled nozzle for easy targeting of areas that need cleaning. The nozzle has a wide spray pattern for better cleansing and you can pop the whole bidet in a travel bag.

Customers found the bidet bottle easy to squeeze and the spray nozzle sturdy enough for regular use. The spray pressure is also efficient for cleansing and works for people of all ages, from babies to seniors. Some users have mentioned that the bidet bottle they received didn’t come with the travel bag though and some experienced leaking from their travel bidet.


Mini Boss Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer

mini boss Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer with 180°Adjustable Nozzle, Handheld Personal Bidet for Disability, Traveling, Outdoors, Postoperative ,White
Mini Boss Portable Travel Electric Bidet Sprayer (Image: Amazon)

Mini Boss is a multipurpose travel bidet that is lightweight and foldable. It’s battery-operated with auto shut-off features after 60 seconds or when the unit runs out of water. The portable bidet is also waterproof, has a low-noise motor, and provides long-term power.

The bidet sprayer comes with a 180-degree adjustable nozzle which can be adjusted manually. It also has two washing modes: L for a gentle was hand H for a stronger water stream and the water reservoir can hold both cold and warm water.

Customers agree that the Mini Boss bidet sprayer does a good job of cleaning and is compact enough to fit inside the pocket. It also holds enough water to get the job done. When compared to manually-operated travel bidets, users found the Mini Boss bidet more efficient. Other users have commented that pressure seems on the low side but according to one customer review, putting in fresher or better batteries should also make the water spray stronger.


Sonny Portable Bidet

Sonny Portable Bidet
Sonny Portable Bidet (Image: Indiegogo)

Sonny is a portable bidet that runs on batteries. With an intuitive interface and environmentally-friendly design, it requires no installation, can run up to 3 weeks on a single charge, has normal and high-spray pressure options, and comes with an antibacterial and interchangeable nozzle head. The casing is made of anodized aluminum tube, not unlike that of an iPod Nano’s.

Designed by Zack Levinson and in partnership with Box Clever, a product design firm, Sonny works by charging the unit, filling it with water, inverting it, and spraying it on the areas that need cleansing. One charge is good for 20 uses per week for a period of 3 weeks and the actual bidet is waterproof for up to a foot of water.

While the Sonny bidet is still in crowdfunding, they have a working demo available for those interested. They also have a pending design patent application for the bidet. We find the Sonny portable bidet quite fascinating and would love to check it out once it is readily available in the market.


Buyer’s Guide

Vajay Bidet Peri Bottle by Soothe Hers | Postpartum Recovery Peri Bottle Hemorrhoids | Perineal Afterbirth Necessity New Mothers | 7
Woman with portable bidet (Image: Amazon)

Use of batteries

Some units require the use of batteries while some are controlled merely by squeezing the water reservoir bottle. Portable bidets that are manually operated are better suited for users who have limited access to electricity and are more reliable since you can readily use it anytime without worrying if it has a charge or not.


Portable bidets are commonly made of plastic. Make sure you go for a bidet that is thick enough to be durable but still soft enough to squeeze when spraying. Airlock vents are a useful feature too if you want the spray to be consistent throughout the cleaning process. It is also advisable to choose BPA-free plastic and medical-grade materials for the bidet bottle so you can ensure that these are toxic-free and environmentally-friendly.


Bidet bottles have different shapes and sizes. Slim-type bottles are easier to hold for kids and might be easier to handle too for individuals with gripping problems.

The volume of water

The size of a bidet will usually be relative to the amount of water it can hold. If you find that you need lots of water for washing, you might want to consider bottles that can hold 400ml of water or more. If you require a smaller bidet though, just note that you will have to compromise on the amount of water too.



Portable bidets are a cheap and effective tool if you want to keep yourself clean when you are outside of your home. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to tissue paper and are also more hygienic. They are easy to clean and easy to use for all ages. Portable bidets are perfect for people who need to go out often and those who need to leave their homes for extended periods of time. Don’t forget to check out our guide on why bidets are more sanitary than you think.


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